2018 Club Championship Results


Novices Cup

Winner Anne Holman
Runner-Up Russel Saunders

Bailey Endeavour

Winner Sue Moss
Runner-Up Richard Brown

Disney Trophy

Winners Richard Boucher and Sylvia Burrows
Runners-Up Anne Holman and Peter Osland


Bailey Cup Chosen Pairs

Winners Sylvia Burrows and Richard Boucher
Runners-Up Richard Brown and Patti Archer

Drawn Pairs

Winners David Weston and Sylvia Burrows
Runners-Up Russel Saunders and Patti Archer


Two Wood Sheild

Winner Leo May
Runner-Up Sylvia Burrows


Mens' Singles Championship

Winner Leo May
Runner-Up Peter Osland


Ladies Singles Championship

Winner Sylvia Burrows
Runner-Up Janet Bettger

Special Thanks to the Umpires: Don Stephens, Sue Barrett, Chris Holman and Sue Moss ..and to the Markers: Cliff Hope, Sue Moss, and Russell Saunders