President's Piece

    Don Stephens

Welcome back! What a pleasure it is to be saying those words again. After the atrocious winter weather we have been experiencing it is lovely to be able to look forward to something better. The weather has created very difficult conditions for preparation of the Green. I am sure however, that by the time you read this the annual miracle will have been wrought. You will be returning to a surprise at the Green. I won't say what, I will just test your observation! Remember that though the Green is virtually sleeping during the winter, work is still being carried out with ongoing maintenance. Once again we shall have new members joining us. I am sure that, as always, you will extend the traditional Headley welcome that we are justifiably proud of. See you on the Green!

Club Captain’s Corner

The new season is almost upon us and as I write these words there is fresh snow lying on the ground. A big thank you to Tony for all the hard work he put into the Captain’s role last season. I am looking forward to being Captain once again this season and hope I can count on all members support in putting their names down for as many friendly matches as possible and being available if selected for external competitions. Hopefully we will have a nice warm summer to make up for the long cold winter and can all enjoy our bowling in nice conditions. Volunteers are once again required to help for the maintenance of the green and surrounding areas so any members able to spare some free time will be welcome.


Treasurer's Report
Club Maintenance

Keeping your club in a reasonable state requires time and effort. Almost all of the work is undertaken by club members, in order to keep costs to a minimum. The Green Committee do sterling work every week. Their work is crucial and means that we have a well prepared and maintained green on which to play. Without them we would be lost.
We have a group of ladies who look after the flower beds. They have been busy preparing for the new season. Just have a look when you come to the Opening of the Green – it’s lovely. Then we have the maintenance guys who have when weather allows been working around the green, paving, painting, weeding and more. There are no end of jobs both outside and in the pavilion. Not all the work is physically demanding, there are plenty of relatively easy going tasks that anyone could do. Please, please devote a little time to help your fellow members make your club a better, smarter place. If you feel you can help, even in a small way, please contact Don re. The Green – Sue Barrett re. Gardening or Chris Holman re. General maintenance.


Secretary’s Scribbles

I Hope you have all survived another winter especially the snow and very cold snap!!! We can all look forward to another season on the green which I hope you will all enjoy. I also hope those who have played indoors have had a good season. At the AGM I agreed to carry on as your Secretary for another year but I really do think this will be my last so please think about taking over I will give all the help that is needed. Bowlswear Direct are visiting the club on April 28th at 10am so remember they will have all your bowling needs and a commission on sales helps club funds. Looking forward to seeing you all on the green!



Internal Competitions Secretary

I don't know about you, but I am looking forward with relish at the bowling season starting up again. I hope the weather is better this year, it played havoc with the Wednesday league, which despite the rain ended up in a tight finish between John Milton's team and Sylvia Burrows' team. We were a little tight on competitors for the mixed two wood last year. It is a lovely little tournament, I do hope more of you enter this year. I invite all new members to join in the competitions. It is a good way of building up friendships and improving your game. The Novices Cup had the least number of entries last year, so if you haven't won a trophy with us yet, your odds of achieving this are increased in this competition.
It was my first year collating the entries for the different competitions, and I wish to thank you for returning your completed forms on time.
Thanks to all those who volunteered to help with umpiring and marking on the "two wood" days, it is always difficult to have enough members available to carry out these tasks. You can continue helping me, by ensuring you complete your rounds by the "cut-off dates" as they are immovable. I would also like to remind you that it is the Challenger (the first named member) who has to arrange the play date. Don't forget to ensure ALL cards are signed by BOTH players, on completion of your game, and put in the appropriate slot in the bowls cupboard so that I can collect and collate the results.
I look forward to seeing you on "draw night" and finding out who are your adversaries and/or doubles partners in competition this year. It just leaves me to wish you all good luck in your games and hope the weather stays fine for your games.


Hospitality Secretary

Hello fellow bowlers! I am so looking forward to seeing you all at the Opening of the Green. I can’t believe we are almost there after what seemed to be an endless winter, but lets hope the sun will be shining for us on the 22nd. Many thanks to all you ladies for your help in sorting the teas rota, which has now been finalised and e-mailed to youall. Youareallsowillingtopitchinandhelpwhenever the need arises, I feel sure we will have another trouble free season on the catering front, and lets hope we enjoy lots of success on the green too.

Sue Moss