Headley Bowling Club
Bits and Bobs Following Don’s request for news items from Members, Enid Saunders sent this interesting story. Thank you Enid. In 1990 we bought a bungalow in Great Sampford, North Essex. It was converted from a wooden built shooting lodge into a brick built bungalow in 1984. The history of this building is that the surrounding land was owned by a Mr. Prior who after the war sold the land to a farmer, Benjamin Chapman but Mr Prior wanted to keep a small amount of the land to build a shooting lodge for him and his family to use as a weekend retreat or holiday.and it was agreed for a peppercorn price of £1 that Mr Prior could build his shooting lodge. I will now move on to a day a few years later when the Lady President's Invitation Day to all secretaries of South and North Essex bowls clubs occurred. I had never attended one of these before because they were always too far away but the venue for this particular invitation was at Great Baddow which was much nearer, so I accepted my invitation. Approximately 132 lady bowlers were there, games were held in relays, my turn came in the last game where the rink and positions to be played were picked out of bags. Jeanette from Loughton B.C. South Essex and myself from Radwinter B.C. North Essex both picked Skip position and both the same rink. We had NEVER met before. During the game, Jeanette had heard that I lived in Great Sampford to which she said that her in- laws had lived there in the farmhouse during the war. She couldn't remember the name of the farm so I named all the farms down Tindon End but none rang a bell with her. She mentioned that there was a triangular shaped bit of grassland with a corrugated iron shed on it. My mind boggled,as the farm right next door had exactly this. I then said 'It wasn't Ivy Todds Farm was it?' Jeanette shouted That's it'. It transpired that her future in-laws with their son Colin, (who much later became Jeanette's husband) came to Great Sampford from East London docklands to escape the raids on London. After the war in 1951 he then sold the farmhouse and land to Benjamin Chapman as mentioned in the first paragraph. Once Jeanette & Colin married, she also used to come to The Lodge for weekends etc., We invited Jeanette & Colin to The Lodge some time later to see the bungalow as it now was, we had had an extension to the side added on by then. We had often tried to picture how the shooting lodge looked, Jeanette & Colin were able to satisfy our curiosity by bringing some photos as it was in 1952 with all the family looking so happy there. I will never be able to fathom the incredulity out of 132 women, that Jeanette and I ended up on the same rink, in the same position, she in South Essex me in North Essex, yet there was this joint connection with The Lodge!!! It was some years later that Jeanette, Colin, Russell and myself met again. They had moved from Loughton to Saffron Walden and joined Turpins Indoor B.C. Saffron Walden, the same club that Russell and I belonged to. What a small world it is!!!! Enid Saunders
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