Headley Bowling Club
Internal Competition Secretary Firstly let me please say a big thank you to David Weston for an excellent job he did as Internal Competitions Secretary over the last few years. I hope you all help me, as I take over from David, in continuing to provide an effective service for all the internal competitions we will do this year. Last year was my first year on entering these competitions which helped me see first hand what enjoyment you all had along the way. It's great to see a competitive edge to the game but also satisfying to observe how everyone got on together, even when competing against each other. As it's my first year collating the entries for the different competitions, I wish to thank you for returning your completed forms on time. Thanks to all those who volunteered to help with umpiring and marking on the "two wood" days, as I understand it is always difficult to have enough members available to carry out these tasks. You can also help me, by ensuring you complete your rounds by the "cut-off dates" as they are immovable. I would also like to remind you that it is the Challenger (the first named member) who has to arrange the play date. Don't forget to ensure ALL cards are signed by BOTH players, on completion of your game, and put in the appropriate slot in the bowls cupboard so that I can collect and collate the results. I look forward to seeing you on "draw night" and finding out who are your adversaries and/or doubles partners in competition this year. It just leaves me to wish you all good luck in your games and hope the weather stays fine for your games. Thanks David Rowlandson Hospitality!   Hi Everyone, I hope by the time you read this I will have spoken to you to agree a date for your Tea Duty. We do not have so many Home fixtures this year as last, so the pressure is not quite so heavy. This is because those Clubs against whom we play only one match – Home one year and Away the next – mostly fell at home last year, and will be away this summer. That still leaves me to arrange catering for 18 games, so I will need to ask some of you to do more than one. I know you will give me your unstinting support, as you always do. I wish you all a happy and successful bowling Sue Moss
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