Headley Bowling Club
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Despite the fact that in the majority of cases matches played by Headley Bowling Club  the team consists of three or four Triples there still appears to be a reluctance by some players to play a positive assertive game when selected to play Second. I freely admit that the task of a Second in a Triple is quite daunting. You should be able to play all the shots, the Draw, the Take out shot, the Yard on, the Positional shot and last but not least the Firing shot (used sparingly) As a Second you need to carry a measure, chalk and wedges. (should you not know when and how to use them then you should attend a practical course for Markers) Those are the easy bits; the less easy bits are these. You must concentrate on all the bowls delivered BEFORE you yourself bowl so you have no need to pester the Skip with unnecessary questions about the position of bowls in the Head. You must play all your bowls as directed by the Skip and when you have done that you have to go to the Head and direct the Skip as to what you would like him to do, AFTER they have delivered their first bowl. You NEVER tell a Skip how to play their first bowl. They will have read the Head and decided what to do probably before you reach the Head. Sometimes the Skip will discuss the options but more often you will be advised as to the intended shot. However after the first bowl, either yours or your opponent’s the Head may well have changed markedly and then it is up to you to read the new position and advise the Skip what in your opinion is the best shot to play. Remember there are always at least two possible shots to play into any Head. Deciding which is the best one is what makes a good Second. Whatever you decide give the Skip clear and precise information as to the shot you wish to be played.
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