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Playing Second in a Triple - part 2
Do not flap about in and out of the Head pointing out which bowl belongs to whom. Ensure that the Skip is aware of the shot position and of any potential dangers, particularly behind the Head where there may be a build up of opponent’s bowls. It is then likely that the Skip would put one amongst them to prevent a big count against you. (I believe the best way to learn to be a good Second is have practical tuition) The Second at the conclusion of every end has to agree with their opponent how many shots have been scored and by whom. You “ask for” or “concede” shots from or to your opponent. If you have definitely won the End you “ask for” a number of shots and your opponent removes any shots they “concede” from the Head or vice versa if they have won the End. Do not concede any to which you have not agreed, beware of the opponent who says “ three shots to you” and promptly kicks the Head in. There were probably four!! Collect the shots in one place so there is no doubt how many have been scored. Do NOT kick scoring bowls out of the Head and if your opponent does it ask them to desist. Other bowls could be moved and an incorrect count result. Always walk round the Head and NOT through it before agreeing any shots. Do not hesitate to measure any doubtful shots; the measure is designed to prevent argument! Do not move any bowl without the agreement of your opponent. Mistakes cannot be rectified afterwards. Should you not be able to agree the score advise your Skip who will either agree with his opponent to measure the disputed bowls or call for an umpire. It is not your responsibility nor are you authorized to call an umpire that lies with your Skip. Remember the Skip is in charge and has the final ‘say’ on all matters but do not forget it is a team game so do not hesitate to give your opinion as to the options available during play. If there is any dispute about any thing during the game fetch the Skip and confer but the Skip is in charge and has to make the final decision. Articles like this can be a real help in understanding the game but when ‘push comes to shove’ you must get out on the Green and Do IT. Hugh Browning  
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