Headley Bowling Club
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Club Spirit! Observing all the maintenance activity at the Club during the winter months set me thinking about how it demonstrates that the spirit that has helped the Club evolve, is still alive and well. You can see from the first photo that we owe the 'work gang' a huge vote of thanks. They have toiled long and hard repairing and replacing those elements of the Green surrounds that have suffered the ravages of successive winters. The success of Chris Holman, Russell Saunders, Bill Jordan and David Rowlandson's efforts will be immediately apparent. So it is a big 'well done boys', you have proved that you are worthy successors to the line of self help that has existed from our Club's formation! While thinking of this, I recalled that amongst my piles of Club bric-a-brac I still had the photos of the occasion when the work was first carried out. It occurred to me that it might be of some interest to print a couple.(Below). Of the characters shown some will be very familiar, some not quite so. Time moves so very quickly! Do you recognise Den Moss, Norman Disney, Alec Brodrick, Fred Burrows, Peter Osland, Mike Bates and of course, the guy holding the camera?. So once again let us thank all those who labour to make our Club the great place that it is! Don A Plea For More Help Sue Barrett has asked for help with the Green Surround garden. A bit of weeding and watering would be much appreciated. Please contact Sue.