Headley Bowling Club
Secretary's Scribbles Another winter gone and hopefully all the wet weather with it so we can enjoy some sunny dry days for our bowling. I hope those of you who have played indoors have had a successful season and have enjoyed it. Please remember Bowlswear Direct are coming to us on the 29th ~April at 10am in the Pavilion, tell as many of your friends that you have at other clubs all money spent raises funds for the clubs. I look forward to seeing many of you at the opening and on the green during the coming months. All during the winter months Chris Holman and his merry gang of volunteers have been busy laying new slabs on the patio and surrounding areas.  We thought we could have some fun and raise funds to cover the cost by having a "sponsor a slab" competition, an empty bottle has been buried under one of the slabs which have been numbered, at the draw evening there will be a chart and if you like to take part you can enter your name on a slab the lucky winner will receive a full bottle of wine. We thought perhaps £2 a go. Looking forward to seeing you on the green. Sylvia Burrows
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