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Posted by Sylvia Burrows 11 January 2020

The first 100 club draw for 2020 took place at the Special AGM and the results were as follows:

  1. No 46 J Rocket
  2. No 58 R Pactat
  3. No 16 M Gadd
  4. No 3 B Jordan

The Hundred Club for January was drawn at the special AGM meeting for those of you who were unable to attend here is the result.

Posted by Sylvia Burrows 14 January 2020

At the AGM last night it was agreed that perhaps we could bring back our annual trip to The Manor House Hotel at Okehampton. The club organised this trip for many years and it was always enjoyed by those who went, it is usually arranged for 5 nights in November and this includes 3 meals a day and many activities to take part in and have fun. If you are interested please email Janet Pactat at:jpactat@hotmail.co.com or telephone on 01428 751620.

Posted by Chris Holman 14 January 2020

The last 100 club draw for 2019 took place at the AGM and the results were as follows:

  1.  No 14   V Robinault
  2.  No 21   A Rawlinson
  3.  No 12   E Saunders
  4.  No 1     J Weston