Badgerswood Surgery Development

Proposed development to build 4 houses on the land adjacent to the Badgerswood Surgery

Thank you to everyone who managed to come to the planning meeting, not an easy task particularly with such short notice.It was difficult for us to get all the information to the councillors, but Paul Burns spoke well for the residents of Headley and Jim Grevatt represented the Parish Council.

Despite a very long debate--about two hours, the majority of Councillors decided to approve the application subject to the results of a survey on the bat and reptile population. So there may still be a glimmer of hope for the beleagured badgers. It is up to us as a community to be very aware of what is happening in this area and to report any suspicious behaviour which may result in harm to the badgers.

So BE ALERT. I would also suggest, if you are a patient at the Badgerswood Surgery, that you write to the Parish Council and ask them to strongly recommend to East Hants District Council, that a pedestrian crossing be put in from the Surgery across Mill Lane, that some of the developer's land be used to put in a pavement around the left-hand corner entry into the Surgery driveway and that any construction vehicles coming onto the site do not come during surgery hours. At least patients may survive if these measures are put in place, even though the badgers may not!
Many thanks to all you who read this.

If you would like any more information about this please phone me on 01428 712561.

17th May 2008

Whitehill and Bordon Development

From Ron Sergeant
Standford, Passfield & Hollywater Community Association.


We have finally managed to arrange a public  meeting  about the development proposals in Bordon/Whitehill with a Planning Representative  available.  This will be on Saturday 26th April at 2.00pm in Conford Village Hall.  We think that we will also have a representative from the HCC department that manages their farms, for questions in relation to Standford Grange Farm.   We hope that attendees might be told why the plans for Bordon appear to be spreading into Headley,




Whitehill and Bordon Opportunity Issues

An extract from EHDC Core Strategy Issues and Options Paper for Spring 2008 says:

At Whitehill/Bordon there is an exciting opportunity to develop a more sustainable town which balances the needs of the community with the need to protect the environment. The opportunity has come about because the Ministry of Defence (MOD) has decided to move most of its training activities from the garrison in Bordon to Wales. This move, which will not happen until 2011 at the earliest, means that over 200 hectares of land is likely to become available. Much of it is brownfield land (land which has been built on in the past) although some greenfield land could be included (open land which lies beyond the existing built up area). The Greenfield land is owned by the MOD and Hampshire County Council. These areas have the potential to provide some of the facilities that people want to improve the quality of life in the town. As well as new homes, the land could be used to create a new town centre, new businesses, community and leisure facilities and improvements to public transport. This is known as the Whitehill/Bordon Opportunity.


The development proposals are on the EHDC website.


Both the Headley Society and Hollywater Society have been gathering information and preparing to make comments. If you wish to contact either organisation, please get in touch
email - or