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Blood Testing

We wish to inform you of a change in the service from Badgerswood Surgery which will probably affect most of you at some time in the future.

The Clinical Commissioning Group, who fund the clinical services for the NHS, have withdrawn funding for phlebotomy (Blood testing) at our surgery and replaced this with a clinic at Chase Hospital. This applies also to all the GP surgeries in Bordon. With effect therefore from 15th January 2018, anyone who needs a blood test will need to go to Chase Hospital to have this done. The clinics will be run from 8.30am-12.00pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

The service is a walk-in clinic based on a maximum of 48 patients per day (this includes Badgerswood Surgery and the Bordon Surgeries patients) and this will be a 'no-appointment' system. People will simply have to turn up and wait their turn. If more than 48 people arrive, the excess will be turned away and have to return the following day. Patients will require a blood request form to accompany them, so will need to request this from the Practice beforehand.
We can foresee problems with this system, especially for patients using the Voluntary Care drivers system. We are also unsure whether there will be enough availability of slots for all the patients needing blood tests.

Any complaints arising because of this service should be addressed to the Commissioners. Sue Hazeldine, Practice Manager at Badgerswood, can provide details to patients if they should experience any issues from this service. Also, we at the PPG would be keen to hear of any problems anyone has with this clinic. Please contact us via our email address


First Aid Training

In 2017 we trained over 100 people in 1st Aid and we are about to start more training sessions this coming year. These classes last approximately 234 hours and we hope to train as many people as possible in resuscitation skills and the use of a defibrillator. We are happy to train anyone, even if you are not registered with our Practice and training sessions are free.

We think we now have located the sites of most of the defibrillators in our region and a map and list of their locations is now on our page on the 'Headley Village' web site.

If you wish to register for 1st Aid training with us please call in to the Surgery reception or contact us at

updated 16 October, 2018