Mayfair Farm and Riding Stables

The past year has positively flown by here at Mayfair Farm and Riding Stables and as each of the seasons has come and gone they have brought with them their own triumphs, trials and successes for staff and customers.
After a wet start to 2009 the riding stables picked up business steadily towards the spring. Following a routine yearly inspection, we were told that the farm had passed with flying colours with the best inspection the team had seen in many years! This is with thanks to the hard work and efforts of all the staff here at Mayfair.

Spring saw the arrival of new residents at Mayfair Farm. We welcomed the following foals: Humbug on April 14th and Didgeridoo on April 29th. Both foals enjoyed a summer of sunshine on their backs and are fit and healthy, enjoying lengthy frolics in the fields, lucky them! As spring merged into summer Mrs Mary Peters, proprietor of Mayfair Farm, set off on her very own adventure to visit her son in New Zealand and see the sights for five weeks! Mayfair became ‘all hands on deck’ to ensure the farm ran smoothly in her absence. The summer trade was, as ever, incredibly busy and many children thoroughly enjoyed the numerous pony days run by the staff daily as well as BBQs and mini gymkhanas. The summer months are truly a magical time at Mayfair and this summer was no exception.

As autumn rolled round many customers enjoyed ‘Ladies Mornings’ during the week, a time to relax and enjoy a therapeutic hour ride, peace and quiet and a cup of coffee. With such a mild September and October trade continued to soar. In October we were able to celebrate the success of a dear friend and ex member of staff, Vanessa Cottrell. Nessa rode and taught at Mayfair for many years before qualifying to be a teacher four years ago. Her school’s Year 6 SATs results were deemed the highest in the county and, as she happens to be the Year 6 teacher, we can only reflect that perhaps all those challenging and tough days spent teaching and riding at Mayfair may have helped her on her way to becoming the outstanding teacher that she is! We are all very proud of her!

Autumn melted into winter, literally, with the most snow we have seen for many years. Staff battled to ensure that animals were fed and watered during ‘the big freeze’ and although snow can be so much fun we were all relieved to witness its departure and with it the return of our customers. 2010 stretches ahead of us and we look forward to the many challenges and chances it will bring. Who knows what might be round the corner. But if you enjoy the countryside, would like to escape for a few hours, or would simply like to visit to see the many animals we have here at Mayfair Farm and Riding Stables then you are most warmly welcome! We look forward to seeing you.

For all bookings and enquiries please call 01428 712264 seven days a week 8:30am – 6:30pm.