What a year we have had since I last made my contribution to this report!
We started the season with dry weather which was soon followed by a hosepipe ban making life particularly difficult for those plot holders with greenhouses or poly tunnels. That, however, was only the beginning of our problems. When the water board read the meter it became obvious that we had a major leak somewhere in the system because, despite the ban, we were using much more water than in a normal season. Fortunately the Parish Council made a quick decision to renew a large section of the underground pipe work and the water was back on at around the same time as the ban was lifted. Ever since then it has rained!

I have been gardening for around 50 years and cannot remember a wetter season than the one we have just had. Never mind, this year will be better. I mentioned in last year's report that we had been fortunate in having some drainage work carried out and, whilst we have still had some flooding, once we have a few dry days, the water does now seem to drain away much more quickly. Despite these problems we are, generally speaking, quite a happy band and help each other out when needed.

If you wish to join us to 'grow your own' we are fortunate in having one of the shortest waiting lists in the area and doubly fortunate that our rents are very reasonable. One of the main requirements is to remember that there are over 70 people on the site trying to grow things and if your plot is allowed to get out of hand we all suffer. Weed seeds can drift a long way on the wind and once on the soil some can survive for years. I remember my grandfather telling me that one years weed seeds equals seven years weeds!!

If you would like to join the waiting list for a plot then please contact Martin Potter 01428 714163, or speak to Tanya Hampshire the Assistant Clerk in the Parish Office or 01428 713132 who will be able to give you the latest update on the length of the waiting list.

We look forward to seeing you.
Malcolm Roffe (01428 713776)