2012 was a busy year in the UK and because of the Jubilee and the Olympics it was felt that a trip to Corné would not be viable in May as usual and so it was hoped that October would be a suitable alternative. In the end it didn't, despite some glorious weather there – so there was no visit there this year.

Our Annual Burns' Night Supper was once again a great success with a fantastic display of Scottish dancing by a group from Guildford who inspired many to take to the dance floor after a really fantastic meal once again. Later in the year our annual Barn Dance was not as well attended as usual but the quality of dancing was very high. We have begun to learn the steps at last and a very enjoyable evening was had by everyone.

We will be returning to Corné during the last weekend in May 2013 and we would like to see a good show from Headley to celebrate our 25th Anniversary. When the Twinning started it attracted a lot of people, if for no other reason than it was at the time, quite an adventure. Sadly now, with the ease of travelling, our numbers have declined. However this year we did have a few visitors from Corné, including a teenager who stayed for a few weeks with a family. There are quite a few teenagers looking to come over and stay with Headley families and good friendships have been made from the very early years, so the twinning can be good for children on both sides of the Channel as well as for the parents. It is a truly family event.

Anyone interested should contact James Hadfield on 717427 as it promises to be a very good weekend.

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