Brief Notices and a listing of Events taking place around the village in the next two months.
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Thu 01 Oct : The Arts Society OnLine

Thu 01 Oct : 14:00
The Arts Society OnLine: An On Line Lecture (The GPO Film Unit : Howard Smith)

This is the entertaining story of how documentary films started from the French and Edwardian days of silent movies.

Thu 01 Oct : POSTPONED Headley Society
Sun 04 Oct : Monthly Walk
Fri 09 Oct : POSTPONED 'The Wedding Reception' - a Murder Mystery
Sat 10 Oct : POSTPONED 'The Wedding Reception' - a Murder Mystery
Thu 15 Oct : CANCELLED Horticultural Society
Sun 01 Nov : Monthly Walk
Thu 05 Nov : The Arts Society

Thu 05 Nov : 14:00
The Arts Society: Grayshott Village Hall (Joaquin Sorolla: Painter of Light : Jacqueline Cockburn)

One of the most extraordinary Spanish artists from Valencia; Joaquin Sorolla has become better known more recently. He lived from 1863 to 1923 and created a world full of light and colour which delights the senses.

Thu 05 Nov : POSTPONED Headley Society
Thu 19 Nov : Horticultural Society
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