Sun 02 Oct : Monthly Walk
Tue 04 Oct : Stitch Club

Tue 04 Oct : 13:00
Stitch Club: Holly Bush

Wed 05 Oct : PPG AGM
Thu 06 Oct : The Arts Society

Thu 06 Oct : 14:00
The Arts Society : Pieter Bruegel the Elder and his Sons by Clare Ford-Wille

Pieter Bruegel died so young, at about forty-four, but he left a lasting legacy of outstanding designs for prints and innovative paintings full of new ideas, which had great influence on his contemporaries and successors.

Thu 06 Oct : Headley Society
Sat 15 Oct : Folk Club
Mon 17 Oct : PCSO Beat Surgery
Tue 01 Nov : Stitch Club

Tue 01 Nov : 13:00
Stitch Club: Holly Bush

Thu 03 Nov : The Arts Society

Thu 03 Nov : 14:00
The Arts Society : The Borgias, the Most Infamous Family in History by Sarah Dunant

Murder, Poison, corruption and incest: all perfect ingredients for sensational popular culture. But in an age known for its brutality and church corruption, were the Borgias really so bad?.

Thu 03 Nov : Headley Society
Sun 06 Nov : Monthly Walk

Sun 06 Nov : 11:00
Monthly Walk: From the Village Hall Four Bridges

Walk 1 : 6½ miles

Sat 12 Nov : Folk Club
Mon 21 Nov : PCSO Beat Surgery
Fri 25 Nov : Skittles Evening
Thu 01 Dec : The Arts Society

Thu 01 Dec : 14:00
The Arts Society : Who is Santa Claus? Art from St Nicholas to Father Christmas by Christopher Bradley

Nicholas was the Greek Bishop of Myra, a 4th century port in Anatolia. Following his death, his legendary generosity established him as the principle gift-giving saint. Also the patron saint of seafarers, his body was stolen by Italian sailors to protect their own ports. Over the centuries the image of St Nicholas changed constantly until the Dutch re-invented him as Sinterklass.

Fri 02 Dec : Headley Society
Sun 04 Dec : Monthly Walk
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