Brief Notices and a listing of Events taking place around the village in the next two months.
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Thu 03 Sep : The Arts Society

Thu 03 Sep : 14:00
The Arts Society: Grayshott Village Hall (The Queen of Instruments : Adam Busiakiewicz )

The lute holds a special place in the history of art: painters of the Italian Renaissance depicted golden-haired angels plucking its delicate strings, evoking celestial harmony...

Thu 03 Sep : Headley Society
Sun 06 Sep : Monthly Walk
Sat 12 Sep : Horticultural Society
Sun 13 Sep : Dramatic Walk on Hindhead
Tue 15 Sep : POSTPONED Day Trip to Lacock Abbey and village. Tickets £15
Thu 17 Sep : Horticultural Society
Sat 19 Sep : POSTPONED Village Fête

Sat 19 Sep : 12:30
POSTPONED Village Fête: Village Green

The procession starts at 12:30 and local groups will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of the end of WW2. There will be arena events and local singers and bands will entertain with live music throughout the afternoon, while you enjoy refreshment at the beer tent. There will also be plenty of stalls, sideshows and refreshments.

Thu 01 Oct : The Arts Society

Thu 01 Oct : 14:00
The Arts Society: Grayshott Village Hall (The GPO Film Unit : Howard Smith)

This is the entertaining story of how documentary films started from the French and Edwardian days of silent movies.

Thu 01 Oct : Headley Society
Sun 04 Oct : Monthly Walk
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