Thursday 19th January19:30Solving Problems in the Garden - Geoff Peach  Village Hall
Thursday 16th February19:30Rhododendrons - David Millais  Village Hall
Sunday 19th March19:30Herbs and their uses, Culinary and Medicinal - Belinda Allen  Village Hall
Saturday 1st April14:30Spring Show  Village Hall
Tuesday 9th May10:30Millais Nursery and Garden  Own Car
Saturday 20th May10:00Plant Sale  Village Hall
Saturday 8th July14:30Summer Show  Village Hall
Saturday 9th September14:30Autumn Show  Village Hall
Thursday 21st September19:30Fruit Trees - Jim Arbury  Village Hall
Thursday 19th October19:30The History of Squires Garden Centres - Sarah Squire  Village Hall
Thursday 16th November19:30AGM  Village Hall
Thursday 18th January19:30Bees - Ian Jenkins  Village Hall
Thursday 15th February19:30Ludshott Photographic Society - Kathleen Bird  Village Hall