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Extract from the listings published in the Parish Magazine
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DateNameHome Town
15th Mar 2020Vincent John BRIDGLAND
15th Mar 2020Tobias John William ELING
12th Feb 2020Alfie Andrew THAYRE
2nd Feb 2020Joshua James BROWN
1st Dec 2019Alfred Steven MACE
24th Nov 2019Ivo Florian Aeneas GORMAN
20th Oct 2019Joni Elizabeth WHITTLE
29th Sep 2019Eve Megan HISCOCK
8th Sep 2019Chester Victor William THOROUGHGOOD
1st Sep 2019Madison Gemma MOFFAT
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Funerals and Burials
DateName Age
20th May 2020Muriel SALMONHeadley90
19th May 2020Jean WOODGERHeadley90
13th May 2020Yvonne NICHOLSONHeadley88
24th Apr 2020Clifford PITMANBordon59
16th Apr 2020Jennifer Margaret (Jenny) LEEHeadley72
14th Apr 2020Olive LAMPORTHeadley97
19th Mar 2020Richard Johnstone Ledlie HEWSONHeadley75
18th Mar 2020Doreen FLOWERSBordon77
12th Mar 2020Doris May MATTHEWSLiss96
1st Mar 2020Derek McCallum JOHNSONHeadley81
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Marriages and Blessings
31st Aug 2019Dominic TURNER and Becky RAY
20th Jul 2019Oliver RAWLES and Bethany ARNOTT
13th Jul 2019Hugh WOOSTER and Elizabeth KILBURN
22nd Jun 2019Carl JOHNSON and Emma BELL
26th May 2019Jason TOOVEY and Amie CHURCHER
24th Sep 2018Christopher COPAS and Lucyann CARVER
26th Aug 2018Craig ELING and Jade MANDEVILLE
8th Aug 2018Joshua BROWN and Lauren EADE
4th Aug 2018Crister DALEN and Emily SUMMERHAYS
1st Aug 2018Sam OLIVER and Leah HATHAWAY
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Extract from the listings published in the Parish Magazine : Headley Register Listing run: Wednesday July 15, 2020