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Extract from the listings published in the Parish Magazine
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DateNameHome Town
8th Jan 2023Faith May Rose ELING
11th Dec 2022Grace Iris FRANCIS
6th Nov 2022Freya Grace BARROW
6th Nov 2022Jack Alexander Malcolm HUGHES
9th Oct 2022Evy-Rai Patsy BRIDGLAND
9th Oct 2022Barnie Arthur Eling
9th Oct 2022Frankie John Eling
9th Oct 2022Iyla Faye NASH
4th Sep 2022Olive Grace LAMPORT
12th Jun 2022Hugo-James Phillip BARR
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Funerals and Burials
DateName Age
11th Oct 2023Betty Jane GILBERTHeadley101
25th Sep 2023Corrine LAPWORTH
25th Jan 2023Freda Ann SMALLHeadley96
23rd Jan 2023Graham CORBETT89
18th Jan 2023Christopher John COLLINSHeadley53
5th Jan 2023Brian James SILVESTERHeadley88
6th Dec 2022Barbara Janice WOODGERLiphook87
28th Oct 2022George & Ivy SPARKES (ashes)
7th Oct 2022Rosemary Clare KITSONHeadley Down85
15th Sep 2022Cathy KERR (ashes)Headley64
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Marriages and Blessings
14th Oct 2023James David ARNOTT and Samantha Adele GIBBONS
30th Jul 2022Daniel MURPHY and Isabel Rachel Mary PORTER
23rd Jul 2022Lee MARKER and Sian Rebecca LEWIS
23rd Jul 2022Joseph Dennis ROOKE and Jordan Ellen Rose OAKLEY
18th Jun 2022Liam George BARNES and Imogen Rose LANDERS
4th Jun 2022Joe Bradley ROBERTS and Isobella Paris SMITH
1st May 2022Benedict Hugo William ROTHSCHILD and Katie Alice BETTIN
26th Apr 2022William Grant ALEXANDER and Emily Victoria WOOLER
30th Oct 2021Martin HUMPHREYS and Caroline LANDERS
23rd Oct 2021Alexander HAYWARD and Holly ROWLAND
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Extract from the listings published in the Parish Magazine : Headley Register Listing run: Tuesday November 28, 2023