Headley Quiz Answers

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10th May 2020 Quiz 1

Best answer from: Someone who prefers to be "Anon"..

Answer: This is the gable end of Crown Cottage - now part of The Crown in Arford.  The technique is called galleting and is seen in the mortar of the oldest houses. Pieces of iron were pressed into the soft mortar - perhaps to decorate or strengthen the structure, or as others would have it, to ward off the devil.

17th May 2020



Quiz 2

"One of the barely decipherable spellings of Headley round the chestnut tree!"

The best answer was from Jo Smith!

On the grass triangle outside The Holly Bush  in the High Street there is a chestnut tree, planted in 1891 on the site of the old stocks. Around its base is a circular metal seat, and on this are inscribed six of the old ways of spelling Headley.

24th May 2020


Quiz Week 3


Sadly no-one came up with the answer for this.

There were two options: 

  • The Village signpost has been replaced with a refurbished - cleaner - version (twice!)
  • The Holly Bush Sign on the wall is missing some letters