Parish Magazines Index 1872-1954

All Saints' Headley Parish Magazines – Index 1872-1954

More recent Magazines (since 2014) can be seen here.

Many of the earlier Magazines are not complete. Details of Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths/Burials are included.

The magazines below may be viewed from the Headley Archive on request from The Headley Society.

There are four white ring-binders on the shelf:—

  1. 1872–1900
  2. 1901–1915
  3. 1916–1935
  4. 1936–1954

and 4 Boxes of Headley Parish Magazines 1995–2005

Nov 1872 - First publication of Headley Parish Monthly Illustrated Journal.
North Chancel Window Installed. Churchyard Planted with Shrubs.
Perambulation of Parish Begun. Provident and Shoe Club Begun.
May 1873 Cricket Club - Opening Match.

Title Changed to All Saints Headley Parish Magazine
Jan Old folk treated at the Rectory to Xmas Dinner. Provident and Shoe Club.
May Headley National School - Alteration of Fees.
Aug The Registrar of Births and Deaths attends at Mr Rogers.
Jan Epitaphs in the Churchyard of All Saints Church.
Feb Epitaphs in the Churchyard of All Saints Church.
Oct Winter Evening Entertainment.
Dec The Registrar of Births and Deaths attends at The Holly Bush Inn.
Dec Successful Entertainments - full details in the Southern Gazette.
Sep Allotments for Field Gardens.
Handwritten 1878-1880
Feb Entertainment, Details in the Alton and Petersfield Observer.
Mar Scarlatina and Measles.
Apr Fire - Standford Paper Mill.
May Allotment Ground.
Jul Allotments Published in Petersfield Express.
Nov Churchyard Extension. Allotment Gardens.
Jan Present of Groceries to all Old People and Widows in the Parish.
American Organ placed in Church on Xmas Day.
Undated single sheets 1880
Apr Perambulation of the Bounds of the Parish.
Jan Entertainment Headley Schoolroom.
May School Attendances.
Jul Loan of 2 palls.
Sep School Attendances.
Nov Churchwarden Accounts.
Dec Miscellaneous Accounts. Entertainment Schoolroom 10th Dec.
Jan Entertainment Mon Feb 11th.
Feb Blankets (65 in all) have been Distributed.
Jan Entertainment Headley Schoolroom Mon 26th Jan.
Apr Cottages Show in the Schoolroom Tue July 7th.
Aug Subscription to Headley Flower Show.
Nov Entertainment in Headley Schoolroom Mon Nov 23rd.
Jan Entertainment in Headley Schoolroom Mon Jan 18th.
Feb Entertainment in Headley Schoolroom Mon Feb 15th.
Apr Testimonial to Mr. Fillmore.
May The Horticultural Show and Industrial Exhibition.
Nov Entertainment.
Jan Third Annual Show Jul 19th.
Feb Entertainment Mon 7th Feb.
Nov Church Decoration Accounts.
Jun Flower Show.
Feb Entertainment in Headley Schoolroom Sat Feb 9th.
Jul Flower Show.
Oct Advertisements Books for Home Reading.
Dec Entertainment in Headley Schoolroom Sat Dec 27th.
Jan Attorney's Bill Reparation of Huntingford Bridge.
May Flower Show Accounts.
Jun Church Spire Burnt 1836.
Jul Memo - Places Mentioned in Early Registers.
Oct Grant for Rebuilding Church 1858.
Nov Note on Headley Church by the Late Archdeacon Norris.
Jan Prayer Book Presented by Miss Loe.
Apr Perambulations of the Bounds.
Aug 11th Annual Show to be Held 13th Aug.
Dec Parish Registers Indexed.
Jan Entertainment in Headley Schoolroom.
Mar New Parish Council.
Jun Diamond Jubilee Fete Sat Jun 19th.
May Survey of Inhabited Houses 515.
Aug 14th Annual Show.
Feb War. Hampshire and other Reservists called up.
Apr Fullick Pedigree.
May Fullick Pedigree.
Aug 16th Annual Show.
Oct Harris Pedigree.
Nov Harris Pedigree.
May Survey of Inhabited Houses.
Mar Grayshott Separate Civil Parish.
Apr Deferred - Grayshott Civil Parish till Sep 30th.
Jun Memorial Window Mr. Edward Hubbuck.
Oct Grayshott Parish Council.
Feb Pedigree of Burrows Family.
Mar Pedigree of Burrows Family.
Apr Pedigree of Burrows Family.
May Pedigree of Burrows Family.
Aug 19th Annual Show.
Sep Note on Headley Church.
Oct Note on Headley Church.
Aug Hollywater Evening School.
Oct Evening Classes Headley and Hollywater.
Jun Survey of Inhabited Houses. Headley Fete Jul 8th Military Tournament.
Jul Headley Summer Fete.
Aug Miscellaneous Accounts till Lady Day 1905.
Sep Burials in Headley Churchyard. Notes of Arrangements.
Oct Pedigree of Glaysher Family.
Nov Pedigree of Glaysher Family.
Dec Pedigree of Glaysher Family.
Jan Pedigree of Glaysher Family.
Feb Pedigree of Glaysher Family Concluded.
Mar Marriages in Headley under the Commonwealth.
Apr Baptism of Francys Huntyngford 11th Nov 1567 Living at Bordon Lodge.
May Burying in Woollen.
Jun Burying in Woollen continued.
Jul Work Scarce.
Aug Bounds of Headley Perambulation in 1906 Hollywater to Frensham Pond.
Sep Pedigree of Holden of North Chapel.
Oct Pedigree of Holden of North Chapel.
Nov Pedigree of Holden of North Chapel.
Dec Pedigree of Holden of North Chapel.
Jan Pedigree of Holden of North Chapel Concluded.
Feb Pedigree of White of Woodbourne, Ontario (and Headley).
Mar Pedigree of White of Woodbourne Concluded.
Apr Pedigree of Belton.
May Pedigree of Belton.
Jun Pedigree of Belton. (copy lost?)
Jul Pedigree of Belton. (copy lost?)
Aug Pedigree of Belton Concluded.
Dec Churchyard Extension. (Subscriptions).
Feb Concert in Schoolroom.
Mar Workman's Compensation.
Jul Miscellaneous Accounts.
Oct Old Age Pensions.
Aug New Churchyard Consecrated 8th Jul.
Oct Pedigree of Cane (Cain).
Nov Pedigree of Cane (Cain) Concluded.
Dec Pedigree of Cover.
Jan Pedigree of Cover.
Feb Pedigree of Cover Concluded.
Mar Pond Fullers Bottom.
Apr Repair of Organ.
Dec Evening Classes held in The Holme School.
Nov Panelling Decoration in the Chancel.
Dec The Holme School. Certificate of Excellence from RSPB.
Jan Repair of the 200 yards road at Beech Hill.
Mar Repair of the 200 yards road at Beech Hill.
May The Former Owners of Arford House - Ewsters.
Jun New Lamps in the Church.
Sep Registration of Births and Deaths.
Oct Monument Nearest to the Pulpit - Wm. Huggins Esq.
Nov Monument Centre of North Side of Church - Catherine Holmes.
Dec The Holme School Gained a Prize.
Feb Pond Fullers Bottom.
Sep Reservists and Territorials Called up.
Oct Killed in Action.
Nov Killed in Action.
Dec Killed in Action.
Jan The Holme School Certificate from RSPB.
Oct 6th Hants Regt. To Persian Gulf.
Dec The Holme School Highly Commended by RSPB.
Aug Miscellaneous Accounts.
Jul The Holme School Certificate of Excellence from RSPB.
Dec Miscellaneous Accounts to Sep 1918.
Jun Beating the Bounds.
Jul Survey of Inhabited Houses.
Aug Marble Tablet in Church - List of Names - Killed In Action.
Jan Miscellaneous Accounts.
Jan The Holme School.
Jun The Holme School.
Jul Church Funds.
Aug Church Funds.
Oct Pedigree of Matthews.
Nov Pedigree of Matthews Concluded.
Nov The Marble Tablet in Church Unveiled.
Dec The Marble Tablet.
Feb The Holme School RSPB Awards.
Mar Church Hut on Stone Hill.
Jun Bath Chair Bought.
Jul Survey of Inhabited Houses.
Oct Fullers Vale Pond.
Dec Miscellaneous Accounts.
Jun Fullers Vale Pond.
Jul Rev Laverty's Golden Anniversary.
Aug The Holme School.
Oct Fullers Vale Pond.
Nov The Division of the Diocese.
Dec Gift of Village Hall.
Aug Prosecuting Felons - 1806.
Sep The Organ.
Oct The Organ.
Jan The Organ .
Mar Houses in Parish - Survey.
Sep Houses in Parish - Survey.
Jul Houses in Parish - Survey.
Dec Miscellaneous Accounts.
Jan Burial Wallis Hay Laverty.
Jul Minister - Michael Ridley - Letter.
Oct Minister - Laurence H. James - Letter.
Nov Mr Ridley at the Rectory.
Dec Rector's Letter - Electoral Roll. Advertisements.
Jan Church Funds. Advertisements Appear.
Feb Violent Storm Sun Jan 12th. Revision of Allotted Seats Church.
Mar Increase in Price of Magazines from 1 pence to 2 pence. Revision of Allotted Seats Church.
Apr Church Fund.
May Church Fund.
Jun Dedication of Tablet to the Late Rector.
Jul Lambeth Conference for 400 Bishops. Church Fund.
Sep Church Fund.
Nov Confirmation in Headley.
Dec Electric Light in Village Soon.
Feb Church Electric Lighting.
Mar Church Electric Lighting.
Apr Church Electric Lighting.
May Church Fund. Help for School Leavers.
Jul Electric Lighting of Church Dedicated 14th Jun.
Aug Choir and Sunday School Outings. Improvement to Altar.
Sep Disastrous Summer - Harvest Ruined.
Oct Sanctuary Improvements in Use.
Dec Church Fund. Church Electoral.
Jan Help of Ladies in Choir. Seating Arrangements. Electoral Roll.
Apr Death of Bishop of Winchester - Theodore Woods.
May Financial Year. Assistant Curate Appointed - Mr. LS Nicholls.
Jun Seats Allotted to Regular Worshippers.
Aug Church Outings.
Sep Confirmation Choir Boys.
Oct Anonymous Donation for Provision of Church Room.
Nov Church Room. Little Church Headley Down. Advertisements.
Jan Electoral Roll.
Feb Building of Church Room Begun.
Mar Specialist Repair to Church Clock. Allocation of Church Seats.
Apr Church Room. Choir at Crystal Palace.
May Church Fund.
Jun Ordination - Mr Nicholls. Church Room. Choir Festival - Crystal Palace.
Jul Opening of Church Room. Gift. Silver Cross and Pair of Candle Sticks.
Aug Crystal Palace Event.
Sep Sunday School Outing.
Nov Church Room.
Jan Rector (Ridley) Leaving.
Feb Curate (Nicholls) Leaving. Road to Church Room.
Mar Last Letter Mr Ridley.
May Last Letter Mr Nicholls.
Jun Arrival Rev Tudor Jones.
Aug The Rectors Induction - from "The Hampshire Telegraph".
Sep New Curate. Mr E W Alexander.
Nov Revival of Brownie Pack.
Jan New Format of Parish Magazine. Offer of 8 Bells - Mr G McAndrew.
Feb Repairs to Tower. "Covernant" Scheme.
Mar Levelling of Some Old Graves.
Apr Tower and Bells.
May Silver Jubilee Celebrations. Brownies. Guides. Gift of Flags.
Jun Headley and The Jubilee. Tower and Bells.
Jul The Jubilee Pageant.
Aug Scouts. Sunday School Outing. International Situation.
Oct Scouts.
Nov Guides.
Feb Rector's Address at The Memorial Service for King George V, 26th Jan.
Mar Guides.
Apr Tithe Bill.
May Beating The Bounds.
Jun Fire in the Church. 12th May 1836. Perambulation of the Bounds.
Jul List of Rectors from 1314.
Aug List of Rectors from 1314.
Sep The Church Room.
Oct The Church Room.
Dec Tithe. The Kay Memorial Fund. The Cinema.

Jan 1937 The Cinema.
Feb 1937 Headley Church Films.
Mar 1937 Church Room.
Apr 1937 The Church Films. Trottsford.
May 1937 Coronation Programme. Easter Offerings.
Jun 1937 Rectors Address - Coronation Sunday.
Jul 1937 New Guildford Cathedral. Million Shilling Fund.
Aug 1937 Guildford Cathedral.
Sep 1937 Oak Altar Rails and Pews.
Oct 1937 Oak Altar Rails and Pews
Nov 1937 Dedication Altar Rails and Pews.
Dec 1937 Dedication Altar Rails and Pews.
Jan 1938 Church Pews Subscriptions.
Feb 1938 Church Pews Subscriptions.
Apr 1938 Completion of Reseating in the Church. New Cushions.
May 1938 Church at Headley Down. Reseating.
Jun 1938 Headley Down Church.
Jul 1938 Church Chancel Roof Retiled.
Oct 1938 New Cushions in the Church.
Nov 1938 Churchyard.
Feb 1939 Kay Memorial Fund.
Nov 1939 Youth Fellowship.
Sep 1940 The Churchyard.
Jan 1943 Headley Roll of Honour.
Jun 1951 The Pageant.
Jul 1951 The Pageant.
Oct 1951 The John Heather Memorial Fund.
Apr 1952 John Heather Memorial Gate.
Aug 1952 Service of Blessing New Estate.
Nov 1952 Secretary of Magazine. Miss Sergeaunt.
Nov 1953 Purchase of Ground for Extension to Churchyard. Headley's Coronation Commemoration.
Mar 1954 Garden Fete at Wodehouse.
Apr 1954 Headley's Coronation Commemoration.
May 1954 Dedication of the Lych Gate 30th May.
Aug 1954 The Lych Gate.

This list was compiled by Ann and Philip Viney