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Headley Twinning Association, as with most of our local societies, has been unable to hold its usual meetings and social activities. We were unable to have our visitors over from Corné last May. As soon as the situation improves we plan to resume our activities, perhaps starting with a Quiz, and hopefully next year will be a better year.
We wanted to give you an update of our latest news from Corné. Franck, the President of the Corné Twinning, tells us that they are well, but that it is very quiet there. They too have social restrictions but are not so badly affected as in the big cities. The Jumelage in Corné holds an annual Christmas Lottery which is their main fundraising event of the year, but this has been cancelled. A positive note from them is that there is now an English person living just outside of the town who is giving English conversation classes. We are told that these are going well. My own experience is that most of our friends in France speak very good English.

We will keep you updated with any news that we hear from our friends in Corné and any developments in Headley Twinning.


and from Corné...