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22nd February 2023

The Frances Lee sampler - 1799

This sampler has 'surfaced' three times previously in the 'Pump' and Michael Tobias - who is  in possession of it now - would be very interested to hear of any links or suggestions as to the origins of the piece and Frances Lee.

The image here is a clearer version of the work.

Frances Lee  - Sampler from 1799 :  Private Collection. Photo Courtesy of Michael Charles Tobias
Private Collection. Photo Courtesy of Michael Charles Tobias

The first time we saw this was in 2011 here, then in new ownership in 2012 here, and then with Michael in 2014 here.

1st February 2023

More on the Penryn connection (link here)

I've just come across this page as I'm starting my family tree. Yes there was Colin the oldest, Raleigh and Pamela but cant remember number 4.

Knew Jenny Lambert mainly from infant/junior school.

Dave Courtnage

wedding party at Benifold

1st December 2022

Benifold - an update


Came across your query: this was my grandparents’ photo of their house, Benifold, which they bought it the ‘30s when it was called Pinehurst.

My grandfather, apparently, changed the name making it up from the phrase ‘manifold benefits’. I have loads of photos of the house plus original purchase and sales documents, and the original architectural drawings. Sadly the family sold the house in the 60s My parents got married from there in 1955.

Best wishes

Barbara Squire

9th September 2022

Chisnall ... updates to the item in April 2017 

Hi Edward,
I believe your photograph shows Albert, Dorothy, Violet and if that is Arthur, those missing are George, Harry and Jim
Their parents Edward and his wife Elizabeth lived in Albert Cottage, Headley and not at Myrtle Cottage which is in Wilsons road at Headley Down and is where (my uncle) Jim Chisnall and Dorothy (Stenning) lived after they married.
If I am right your father is my cousin Edward and your Aunts are my cousins Marie and Jean.

In 1931, Albert Chisnall was the housing officer in Scotland at the time his brother George (my father) retired after 28years service and took charge of Victoria Barracks in Ballater, Aberdeenshire which houses the Queens Guard when the Royal Household is at Balmoral for their summer hols. He retired in 1954 back to Hants.
Having myself worn the Khaki for 47 years I have a fair record of the family history including my Grandfathers handwritten written diary from his service in the Boer War. When visiting Marie in Glasgow I tried with her assistance to get sight of the family bible which she said her father Albert, being the family scribe, had passed on to her daughter Claire, but had no joy!

Regretfully I never met my Grandad in Headley and first visited that part of the world in 1954, but now live only a few miles away. I am a great believer in maintaining family history so will be happy to pass on any family info that I have to a genuine family member

Arthur Chisnall


Who Does He Think He Is?

Aaron Harding of Selborne was transported to Australia for his part in the sacking of Headley workhouse (now Headley Grange) in the riot of November 1830. A widower leaving nine children in England, he married in Australia and started another family.

Now we are told that the BBC programme "Who Do You Think You Are?" has a celebrity lined up for their next series who is related to one of Aaron's English children - they have already been to Australia and interviewed people there (who, frustratingly, know who the celebrity is but won't tell us!) and they were filming in Selborne in May.

So, when the line-up is finally announced it will be interesting to guess which of them is 'our' celebrity - but we won't know for sure until the programme is screened.

Watch this space.

28th August 2022

I am doing family research and have been asked by a cousin to reach out to anyone that may have had a Canadian male relative who was sent here during the war as a solider. I don't have a name but the story told is that he married a local lady from Grayshott and moved back to Canada with their two children. It was reported the lady and the two children returned upon the gentleman's death in a car accident. Does this ring any bells?

If so, please do get in touch ...
Many thanks


Band on the Bus
The only photographs I have 

20 August 2022

Band on the Bus

I emigrated to Australia in the 60s and was living in Mosman on Sydney's north shore where I met Richard King and the Band on the bus.

The bus was parked on the road out side my house with a power cable strung from the bus to my bedroom! 
I enjoyed a fantastic 21st birthday party organised by the band which I shall never forget. 
My best wishes to them all. 

Peter Margrave


Note - The Band on the Bus relates to the round the world trip made from Liphook on the bus which now 'lives' in Headley  and which is often seen at events.










22 July 2022

Carol Fyfield

An old family friend has recently lost his wife, and is trying to inform an old friend of their passing but they've been out of touch for a number of years. Could anyone help?

A message from him -

Are you, or do you know Carol Fyfield (maiden name) who worked at R.F.D in Godalming and got married/lived in Headley Down - Pond Road?
During the 1960s. She was the daughter of a local builder at the time ... Fyfields?

Any information would be greatly appreciated. 

Kind regards
Kathryn O'Toole

Re:Belton/Burrows (below)

Hi Dee

The younger sister was Pamela Joseph. Adora left penryn at the age of 17yrs, she had schizophrenia and had been in a special home in Cromer in Norfolk.

Kind regards Amie

9th April 2022

Ref Belton /Burrows 

Kate Gerogena Belton 1855-1897 had 3 children before she married Luke Burrows

  • Levi John Arthur Belton 1873-1941 (M Ellen Augusta Penny) Also NOTE Kate had a brother called Levi Belton.
  • William Belton 1875-1952.     ( M Florence Amelia Souter) 
  • Thirza Anne Belton 6/2/1878 - 1962 (M Luke Burrows)

Kate then married Luke Burrows14/7/1878 in Headley Church.
Kate & Luke then had the following children :-

  • Lucy Caroline Burrows 1880-1954 (M William Henry Le Feuvre)
  • Kate Eliza Burrows 1881-1966.   (M Robert Cole)
  • James Luke Burrows 1886-1959 (M Kate Harris)
  • Alfred George Burrows 1887-1958 Canada (M Dorothy Maybel Keene) 
  • Herbert Samuel Burrows 1889-1956 (M Matilda Smith)
  • Felicia Betsy Burrows 1892-1926.  (M Frank Fyfield) 
  • Maurice Percy Burrows 1894-1959 (M Martha Ann Doddimeade)
  • Christopher Howard Burrows 1896-1968  (M Grace Nellie Wells) 

Kate then died in 1897 (not surprising she was constantly pregnant).  I believe all the children were all Luke’s as the names are constantly in the family.

The also confusing issues of Belton/Burrows is also compounded due to the fact that Luke’s farther George Burrows died young ( as did Luke’s Brother Mark Burrows my Great Grandfather) and Luke’s Mother Eliza Burrows née Courtnage then married James Belton. 

Luke Burrows emigrated in 1914 to Canada with 2 of his sons, one came back to visit but unfortunately became ill & died here in the uk, it’s believed Luke died 3/12/1923 in Winnipeg Canada as there is no record at all here to say he died here. 

More than happy to help further, hope that makes it a bit clearer on the names.

Dee Hyde  (née Cornwall).

9th April 2022


Interesting reading about Penryn at Headley Down I was friends with a group of  children called “Joseph” staying there, there was 4 of them Dora/Adora Joseph was my age we went to Guides with Jenny Lambert from Land of Nod & we were in several Plays in the Headley Village Hall & I think there was a Colin Joseph, Ralph/ Raleigh Joseph & one more younger sister who’s name escapes me at this time. Dora disappeared & never did know what happened to her , perhaps she went back home or died her siblings remained at Penryn.

Dee Hyde   (née Cornwall).

8th April 2022

Callaghan connections

I saw a post about someone looking for information about Kit, Dawn Callaghan and her sister Kathleen (linked here, and here)
This is my Nan, my mum and my aunt.

Nicola Stevens

10th March 2022

The Manor House

I'm researching my family tree and I have my great-great-grandfather in the 1939 register as a gamekeeper living in the Keeper Bungalow, The Manor House. Anyone know where I can find out more info?

Thanks, Adrian

14th December 2021

Kemps of Headley Grange

I am the great granddaughter of Jess Kemp who was Thomas Kemp's daughter - he who bought Headley Grange and I'm looking for any connections from the Kemp family to add to my family tree. I'm also very curious to why Jess passed away at 29 years old so far I can not find any information as to why.

Thank you, I look forward to hearing from anyone that has any information or background.



More on 39a Anstey Road (link here)


I came across the Pump trying to find the birthplace of Gerald Yates Tweddell, son of Sarah Ann Tweddell.
Gerald's birth address was also 39A  Anstey Road, Alton in 1935. Sarah also worked at the Binsted Holy Cross Vicarage as a domestic servant. The father is not identified.

We have no records of either Gerald or Sarah from 1935 to 1939. Was 39A a workhouse hospital?  Does anyone know any information, who were the doctors there or midwives, and does anyone knows a L or J Heathcote who is also mentioned at the time of the birth?

Appreciate any information.

Many thanks

Marie Green

4th June 2021

Brambletye - demolished (responding to the item below)

Hello, The cottage was pulled down in 1972 , and a large split level house was built. The builder was Fyfield and North.



24th April 2021



I wonder if anyone remembers a poultry and flower farm in Headley owned by a Colonel Muriel in the 1950's.?

My father worked for him and our family lived in a cottage on the estate called "Brambletye Cottage". I think that the farm / house could also have been named "Brambletye" but I'm not sure. 

We moved away in 1962 and cannot find the location of the house on the map. I would love to know what became of the farm. 

Many thanks 
Patricia Prendergast

25th February 2021

Re: Jimmy Stennings (below)

Is that the family that had a shop/garage in Arford ?

Brian Dean

24th February 2021

Jimmy Stennings

Does anyone remember or know if Jimmy Stennings is still alive? He would have been born in the 1930s and was good friends with my Dad and uncles (the Snells)

Jonathan Snell

25th January 2021

O'Brien and McAndrew

Good afternoon, I am wondering if any of your members might know more of the O'Brien's of Crabtree House or the McAndrews of Headley Park circa 1935, whom I am researching at the moment?

Turtle Bunbury

[Ed.  We've had responses from JO Smith, Abigail Moran and Julie North ... any more offers??]

5th December 2020


Dear Village Pump,
I wonder if you can help me. Apparently when I was very small I was sent to a ‘special’ school in Headley Down - the year would be perhaps 1946/7 and I would have been 3 or 4.  I believe that the establishment may have been “Penryn”. 
Are there any records pertaining to those housed at Penryn ?
I’d be very grateful for any information which you may have or know to exist. 

Kind regards and best wishes,
Keith Bettles
Melbourne, Australia

(There are several references to Penryn in earlier notes.. Ed)

25th November 2020


Mary Landy

I have been trying desperately to find my grandma's mother, Mary.

Mary Landy married Harold Wallace Brown in the Register Office in Alton. On their marriage certificate it stated that Mary was a parlour maid and her residence was Crabtree.  However, they were married in Jan 1927 and I cannot find any records anywhere.
Harold Brown lived at Wheatley House Binsted and was a Private in the Royal Sussex Brigade.

Mary died mid 1930 and Harold married another lady.  My nan was called Margaret Bernadette Brown and she was evacuated to Falmouth during the war.

I just want to know what happened to Mary. Does anyone have anything? 

Thanks and kind regards,

Natasha James

6th September 2020


We're a young(ish) pair of first time buyers, who are looking for a home to love for many years in an area with a great community. Therefore, we are looking for properties in your village and thought we'd try the direct approach - we hope you don't mind.

If you cast your mind back to a time before Covid-19 - well, that's when we started our search. But despite market and mortgage rollercoasters (and having just been beaten to a dream home by a last minute cash buyer from London), we're still here - with a determined glint in our eyes, and grasping one of the few remaining first time buyer mortgage offers on the planet.

If you've been considering selling your home, or know someone in your road (or nearby) who might be, then we'd love to hear from you. Here's what we're looking for:

  • Semi-detached or detached
  • Away from a main road
  • Minimum of 3 bedrooms
  • Off-street parking
  • A garden (we’d like to grow fruit and veg)
  • Some character/period features, and we don't mind if it needs a little bit of work to spruce it up again (i.e. redecoration and/or a new bathroom etc)
  • Our budget is in the region of £410k (don’t laugh, blame current mortgage rates)

We have a conveyancer and deposit ready to go and are, of course, chain-free.

Many thanks for your time.

Howard and Amanda 


5th June 2020

Ron Rising

Not much help maybe but I remember that my father had a customer on his milk round called Mrs Rising who lived in a bungalow in Windsor road, Lindford.

Denis Payne

7th January 2020

I went to Mill Chase Secondary school between 1965 and 1970. I would love to hear from anyone who was there then. Or anyone who remembers me!

Carol Scarfe.

Carol has had a few responses to this note - ed. - April 2020

5th November 2019

Ron Rising answered...

The Ormesby Hall website says the Corfe Castle layout was donated by Ron Rising who died in 2006 aged 84.

"Many of the buildings or locations on the layout had a sentimental connection with Ron; for example, the Church on the layout was where he was christened in 1922 and the pond by the side of the mill was where he learnt to swim. "

This must be his birth in the Alton Registration District. Headley falls within this district.

Births Sep 1922 
Rising  Ronald J  Crowe  Alton  2c 333

In 1939, he was living with his mother and father in a house named Saint Neots in Lindford. This looks to be close to where Elm Villas is today.

Crista Kayser

29th October 2019

Ron Rising and the Railway Model Mystery

A note from Jo Smith ... Fay Foster tells me that on a visit to Ormesby Hall near Middlesbrough recently she saw a model railway layout “with miniature replicas of real buildings close to which the trains passed. Lo and behold I recognised two – All Saints Church and Headley Mill! Little plaques confirmed that they were indeed of Headley.

The Ormesby Hall website doesn’t mention this, but I wondered if anyone around here might know of the Ron Rising mentioned on the site, or any connection Headley might have with the layout.

JO Smith

18th October 2019

Caroline Buck (response to the question below)

She was Paul Bucks's cousin daughter of Harry Buck, Frank Bucks's brother and partner in the famed bakery business. He lived in Grayshott on the edge of the cricket field.
Hope this answers the query.

Kenny Sharman

17th October 2019

Bakery Connection

Does anyone remember Caroline Buck daughter of Bucks the Bakers, lived in Grayshott 1958 ?

Robin Haigh


(ed: Bucks was a bakery in Grayshott and Liphook  - mentioned in a note from Kenny Sharman on 27th November 2015)

30th August 2019Misses Donald

Another update on the Misses Donald (below)

I also rode for many years with the Donalds and helped them with the horses when one of them fell ill.
They were much loved by me and I would love to know more about them - there were so many leather suitcases full of ‘stuff’ from India, not to mention tiger skins and the like. They also used to talk about seeing yetis in the Himalayas.

A relation of theirs cleared out Tignals after their deaths and gave me a silver ring box and I think this photo as a thank you. I would be fascinated to hear more about them.

Lucy James

25th July 2019


Benifold from the air

Does anyone have an original or good copy of this overhead view of Benifold  which we understand may have been originally a postcard?






11th July 2019

More on the Misses Donald (below)

I also went riding with the Misses Donalds when they lived in Lindford. When they were living at Tignals I visited  them to see if my daughter  could ride their horses. They could often be seen riding the lanes around  Pickets Hill with their little dogs following

Marian Plummer

30th June 2019

Responding to Tilly Wilcox, March 2017 (click here)

My name is Abigail Moran nee Buck and I lived at Picketts Hill House. I knew the Misses Donald very well and they taught me to ride. They moved to Tignals Cottage from Hendon in about 1952. An account of their farm in Kulu is written in a book by Penelope Chetwode called Kulu - The End of the Habitable World

Abigail Moran

27th June 2019

Roger Fullick

Good morning, my name is Clifford Fullick, I am trying to find out information on my father Roger William George Fullick born and played football for Southampton and England under 20s. He was born 19/4/46 - any information would be appreciated ...cheers

Clifford Fullick


16th June 2019

In response to ,"Found in New York" (October 2011 - click here)

I bought the same sampler at a craft fair at our local High School. It has been hanging on the mudroom wall for 6 years ! I thought it was a sampler of Amelia County ,Virginia in America. My grandfather owned and ran a Flour Mill called Beaver Pond Roller Mills and Tabernacle church looks a lot like the church in the sampler. This whole time I'm thinking a local had made this handmade embroidered picture . Something made me stop, look at it harder and look up Headley Village. Wow ! I am also very curious as to the background and worth. I'd appreciate any information out there , but it looks like it might be a dead end .

Headley Sampler
Headley Sampler

Thank you kindly.😊 M. Mills

10th March 2019

In response to the note about Malcolm Gunn below

Hello - I remember Gunner Coombes who lived at Fullers Vale and also Lucy Coombes who had a daughter Rosemary who lived on Headley Down.

Marian Plummer

3rd March 2019

Family research :  Gunn, Pattison, Wilkinson, Robinson

I'm helping my husband and sister in law research their family.

Their father was Malcolm D Gunn born 1946, on his birth certificate he was born at 2 Ivy Cottages, Fullers Vale, Headley.  His mother was Clare/Clara Irene Gunn.

Does anyone know anything about her. The story we have is that she was living with foster parents named Robinson when she gave birth to Malcolm.
Malcolm's birth father was an American GI whom we have managed to trace. In 1947 Clare married Jack Coombes, son of Herbert and Lucy Coombes and they had a son called Kevin. Malcolm and Kevin spent some time in care homes in various locations. 

We are desperately looking to find out any information on Clare. We believe she was born in 1930 so she would only have been 15/16 when she had Malcolm. We think her mother was called Irene and think the surname was Wilkinson. We believe Clare was adopted and have names Wilkinson, Pattison, Gunn, and Robinson but with all variations cannot find a birth for Clare.

Irene possibly lived in Aldershot and rumour is that her husband was in the military but he was not the father of Clare and refused to raise another man's child. Any information no matter how small would be greatly appreciated as all those named have passed away.

Wendy Coombes

20th February 2019

Javier Gutierrez

My name is Javier Gutierrez and I'm from Spain.  In 1992 I was living with a family in Headley Down for two weeks.  I wish to contact them, but I don't remember their surname.  

The name of the mother is Felicity and she was nurse. They have two children, Frankie and Niki. I remember the father was pharmacist.  When I see the photos of this trip, I remember them, and I only want to know if they are all right.

If you can contact  them, please give them my email.

Javier Gutierrez
Amposta Tarragona Spain

21st January 2019

Ray Chiverton

Those who'll remember Ray Chiverton (known as Chivvy to his friends) will be saddened to learn that Ray has died. He passed away a few weeks ago at his home in Ash.
Ray lived in Headley during the war years and for a short time thereafter. He attended the Holme School on the Village Green and left full time education in 1948 and embarked on a career in civil engineering.  He had a small business in the Ash area where he lived.
The funeral has taken place and was well supported by friends and work colleagues.

Ken Sharman

20th January 2019

Mike Nicolai has been in touch responding to Pat O'loughlin's note of November 2017

 He says that he "visited Tony in May of '18 along with my sister Gloria. Also had lunch at The Crown with John Owen Smith, who is a great source of information about Headley's past.  He has authored a great series of books on Headley. "

4th January 2019


I have seen this 2014 item (linked here) regarding Henry Fullick tracking back to Valentine Fullick. He is within my  ancestral line. My gt grandmother was Frances Fullick 1849 who married Eli Bridger in Headley. Frances' father was James Fullick born 1821.

Brenda Purves

6th December 2018

War Brides

The Headley Down Nature Reserve Trust is hoping to find a photograph of a 'War Bride' from Headley who married a Canadian soldier during the Second World War. The photo, if possible taken at or near the time of the marriage, would be included on our Heritage Information Boards. If anyone can help, we'd much appreciate it.  The Headley Down Nature Reserve website is at

Angela Jackson

12th November 2018


Hi , My name is Katie.

I'm looking to see if anyone remembers, has info or photos of my great-great grandparents. Their names are William Herbert Woodsford and Gertrude Alice Woodsford ( maiden name James).

I know they lived/owned the Royal Oak at Hollywater - I have documents that confirm they were living at royal oak in 1939, and they were definitely there between 1953 – 57 (both in their early 60s). They are both buried at Headley Church. They had at least one child - Gertrude Mary Woodsford - who had a son Edward ( my dad).
Edward believes that he and his mum lived with his grandparents at the Royal Oak during that time. I have a couple of photos that are believed to be William but not 100% certain now as I cannot find any documents to confirm that he was in the army.


<Katie Tanner 01


<Katie Tanner 02



Katie Tanner


29th September 2018
Coombes Family

linked to earlier entries...

I  came across Headley Village Pump by accident this evening. Apparently my Grandparents came from Headley - their name is Coombes ! !  My Grandad was Arthur John Coombes and he was married to Kate who was 15 years his senior.  They only had one child (my Dad) Arthur Edward Coombes.  My Grandad had brothers, William (Bill) who emigrated to Canada, but not sure of the other ones names or how many others there were.  I have attached an old family photo which my Brother has of Richard Coombes and his family and a photo of Jim Coombes who is in Ontario and is a descendant of William (Bill) Coombes who emigrated.  I think he is his Grandson.

Coombes Family 1896


Jim Coombes
Marilyn Froud (née Coombes)

27th August 2018

Response to 'baby at Bowcot (below)

39a Anstey Road in Alton appears to be next door to what was the old Workhouse.  I have noticed while looking for my family that several people buried in Selborne died at this address,  including one of my ancestors who died in 1921.  His wife had died the previous year and her place of death was the Alton Workhouse Infirmary!  The Curtis Museum in Alton may be able to confirm this for you and I believe that the Hampshire Records Office holds many of the records for the workhouse, although these may well be subject to 100 years closure.

Hope this helps

Joe Graham (Mrs)

5th August 2018

Information about a baby at Bowcot

I've recently found out I have an auntie that was given up at birth. She was born at 39a Anstey Road in Alton, which is now a health centre. Does anyone know if this was a hospital or similar in1938 ?

Also my Grandmother was living at Bowcot , Headley, ( name of Bandon at the time of the birth ) was this a mother and baby unit or something similar as she was from Yorkshire and went to the address named while pregnant.

Any information would be greatfully received and i thank tou for your time.

Many Thanks


6th June 2018

William Bennett

Hi there, I live in Melbourne but grew up not that far from Headley. My Dad went to Headley School 1937/40 and l am trying to track down any school photos than anyone might have.
Would mean the world to me.

His name is William Henry Bennett (16/7/32)

Thanku for yr time

Julie Hatton

5th June 2018

Huron Camp

The Liphook Heritage Centre are researching Huron Camp Bramshott after 1947 when it became Woman’s Royal Army School of Instruction and are seeking local information. Also we wish to have any information about Cannaught hospital. 

If anyone has any information about these two places, or who knows of anyone who worked or trained there please get in touch with Joan Finney. Many thanks.

Joan Finney


Cricket Fixture List

25th May 2018

Headley Cricket Club

Denis Payne came across the 1955 fixture card which may bring back some memories.

10th April 2018

Annie White
Annie White

Annie White - in response to the note from Iris - click here

I grew up in Fullers Vale and my family knew Annie and Percy White  well as we lived right across from her… us children all called her ‘Auntie’ White. My parents are still in Fullers Vale.

Annie was a lovely lady, always happy and smiling and as children we went on walks with her a lot – often collecting pine cones as kindling for her old black stove. She did all of her cooking on the Victorian stove and kept the old heavy iron on it to do the ironing. The stove was always spotlessly clean and blacked every day. Her house was very old fashioned with a copper in the kitchen that she used for washing and I remember my dad installing hot water and a bath for her which was a real luxury.
We really thought of her as one of our family and she stayed with us for a while after she had a fall one Christmas. She lived in 1 Ferndale and told us stories of moving from London and her life there. Percy kept rabbits and he died  before her and she was a widow for a long time after.
She was so much fun and I can remember my brother taking her for a ride on the back of his motorbike – she must have been 90 odd then? She was a very spritely lady right to the end and when she did finally go into hospital I visited and took her out for a drive – we stopped at a pub in Selbourne and she had a glass of stout which was a favorite.

Many fond memories of a lady who gave so much to us as kids. Here is one pic I just found of Auntie White – Annie – there are more... this would have been about 1977/8.

Julie North


8th April 2018

Saskatchewan Regiment

Responding to the photograph (click here)

I think this photograph was taken in Hartley Wintney.
My family lived there in the war (and still do), and Canadians were billeted on the commons. My mum said the ones outside their house were the South Saskatchewan Regiment. They kept in touch with some of the soldiers after the war. I have a letter dated 1969 from a Canadian who had visited them in Hartley Wintney then went on to Headley to look for some locations he remembered.
The oak trees in HW are exactly like these, planted in rows with open space between.

John Childs

8th March 2018

Hi , I am trying to udate the WW2 Roll of Honour for The Friends of Newark Cemetery. Can anybody give us some more imformation or better still a photo on this man please.

Rank: Leading Aircraftsman
Service No: 1195564
Date of Death: 24/05/1943
Age: 36
Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Memorial: Newark Cemetery
Additional Information: From The Bungalow , Headley Bordon Hants. Died after accidentally falling in front of a lorry and being run over on the Fosse Road Winthorpe. Died at Newark Hospital from multiple injuries the main cause being a fractured skull. Stationed at RAF Winthorpe.
Many thanks

Shaun Noble.

Update Note - we have provided Shaun with the information found about the family in Laverty's Notebooks at page 1006, but any further information would be welcome!

14th February 2018

Wendy Buckingham

Hello again.

I have been looking through old posts and found one for 5th April 2005. from Wendy Buckingham. (click here)
She gives a great vision into life in the village, which was around Ferndale Terrace, Fullers Vale ( the same address that my Annie White lived). Not sure if Wendy was referring to the same Coombes as I know of or not, as Betty Habberley was a "Coombe" before marriage, but had been living in Bordon, so not sure.


12th February 2018

Betty Margaret Habberley

I am trying to find anyone who knew of Betty Margaret Habberley.
Betty was the niece, by marriage, of Annie Ellen White, new Irwin. Annie was the wife of Percy White, of Alton. Hants.

Annie was the sister of my grandmother.
I have researched my family tree for a number of years, but unfortunately I have nothing much for Annie.
I know that since moving to Hampshire she had a son, Ronnie, who went under the Irwin surname.

If anyone knows anything of of either Betty or Annie, I would love to hear from you. Annie was living in Ferndale Terrace, Fullers Vale, Headley, at the time of her death, in 1979.
Betty died in 2006, I believe, she lived at The Chase, Borden.

I would be very grateful if anyone has information on either of these two ladies, eg memories, photos, to add to my tree.

I have been fortunate enough to accumulate a lot of information on all of Annie's siblings, and have indeed actually met up with their grandchildren, but can't even find anything for the ladies, in order that I can add to my tree.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much



23rd December 2017

Molly Richards

With regret I report the news that Molly Richards, a long term Headley Parish Councillor, and member of the Headley Residents’ Association, passed away at her home in France on 18 December.
Molly was a “character” of the old school and had firm views for what was in the best interests of the Parish – whatever higher authorities considered appropriate. She will be missed by all who knew her and worked with her.

Anthony Williams

10th December 2017

Responding to the Weyford School football team (below)

I have just visited this site and seen the picture of the football team. Quite a shock as I was in the same class as these chaps and this is my memory of them as we changed schools that year and we went our separate ways.

Sally Laker (nee Dean)

20th November 2017

Name for the Picture (below.. click here)

Denis Payne has responded to the challenge of naming players - '2nd player from left back row (3rd man) is Fred Green, worked for the gas company, lived later in Whitehill.'

Denis Payne

11th November 2017

Pat O'Loughlin

Hi my name is Pat O'Loughlin. Now that I am retiring I fell onto this site - I lived in Headley  from 1946 to 1966. My brother still lives in the village; there was  Shirley, Bob, Tony, myself, Peter, Kevin and Wendy.
Scrolling through the pages it was like strolling down memory lane seeing the name of family and old friends. I am now living in Andover  and I am sure I will be visiting the site again. If anyone wishes to contact me can now do so via the village pump.


9th November 2017

"Headley Football 1931/2

My husband found this photo of Headley Football 2nd Team dated 1931/32.  He thinks it belonged to his Father John Kemp. 
The family had connections to Headley.
Can anyone name the players?

Football 1932
Headley Second XI 1931/2

Mary and Richard Kemp


29th October 2017

Goat List
British Goat Society

Responding to 'information about Miss Verner'

You probably don't want to know this, but Miss Verner kept goats when living at Crabtree Farm. The following are extracts from the British Goat Society herd books of the time.

Bob and Ros Featherstone


1st October 2017


My grandparents told me about the tunnels under the Royal Anchor Liphook and the bank which I thought was rubbish until I was proved wrong. They also said there was tunnels going from Headley to Farnham is this true? Any information?

Rob Hempsall


30th September 2017

Ruth Agnes Negus

I have found a medical card in the name of Ruth Agnes Negus, and dated May 1942. According to the information from this card she was registered with Dr Crowther Smith.
She lived in Sunnyside, Standford, Bordon, so if anyone can help me with any information it would be gratefully appreciated.

Regards Pam Collier

3rd September 2017

Looking for information about the Vane-Hunt brothers

My name is David Soames and whilst researching my family tree I have come to a dead end concerning two of my 1st cousins once removed, Edward Seamus Gordon Vane-Hunt (28/8/1918-3/9/1992) and Ilan Diamuid O’Callaghan Vane-Hunt (26/9/1919-23/11/1991).

Edward and Ilan lived in Headley at The Square House, Long Cross Hill from 1948 until their deaths, memorial plaque in All Saints Church, Headley (Brothers in life/Brothers in death). As far as I can tell they never married. I would be most interested if anyone could throw some light on their lives in Headley.

I have extensive information regarding their mother, Eveline Muriel Constance Vane-Hunt (Nee Soames) and the Soames family if this is of any interest.

Thank you for any information that you might be able to provide.

David Soames


28th August 2017

Chisnall Link (linked to Alex Blair's note of April 2015 here)

My name is  Aileen Putze from NZ.  My gg grandad was George Edward Chisnall.  Could we be related in history?

Aileen Putze

26th June 2017

Coombes Family

We have a question. This September a great number of our family will gather for the third get together. We are trying to locate on behalf of our late brother a Mr Johnny Spears if any one has any contact could you let us know.

J V Coombes

3rd May 2017

Richard Coombes

I am trying to confirm some information I have regarding Richard Coombes, Coombs or Combes as there seem to be various spelling for the family.
Richard was born in Headley 1797, he married Harriet White but my mystery surrounds him being sentenced to 7 years transportation for larceny in 1830.
I thought I had him on the Czar, a Richard Coombes arrived in Launceston, Tasmania from Sydney Australia in the March of 1831.
The Tasmanian state library says there was no criminals on that brig only passengers.
The story I have is that he went away, assumed transported, and whilst away Harriet has another man who she asked the church to allow her to divorce Richard so she could marry him but was refused. Richard returned and they settled down with each other again. She supposedly had 2 daughters by the other man and then more children with Richard.
Does anyone have any information that might clarify the truth behind all this?
I am told  by the Tasmanian library that unless he served his sentence on a Hulk ship it was improbable that he could have returned to England as they were usually given some land and made a new life in Australia or Tasmania.

Thanks any help you may give.
Debbie Read (Coombes)

PS... Debbie has provided a picture of Richard below, and also has available an extensive family 'tree' for the Coombes.


Richard Coombes
The photo is of Richard Coombes born to James and Sarah 1848. He is sitting and at his left shoulder his son Richard James and right his grandson Walter and the child is Raymond his eldest great grandson.


24th April 2017


My name is Dr Edward Henry Chisnall. I am trying to research Headley with a view to writing a monograph about the Chisnall family. I know that my late father Capt Albert Edward Chisnall rasc.  grew up in Myrtle cottage no 73. I would like to trace the arrival/ moving from or sale of Myrtle Cottage as there is a fascinating military connection dating back to the Civil War. 

I remember from childhood days how Headley was part of my father's being, stretching back in his case to the halcyon days before the First World War. I believe his brother Arthur lost his life in the battle of the Falklands (see the link here to the War Memorial records). Albert Edward (my dad) was a true English gentleman, courteous to ladies, brave in defence of his country, winning the Mons Star and decorated many times. It seems to me that a village like Headley had a lot to do with giving him the manners and strength of character that was Captain Albert Edward Chisnall.

L to R. Albert, Dorothy, Unknown, Arthur.


Any help or information will be gratefully acknowledged and naturally any copy relating to Headley itself, run by the Parish Council before publication.

Edward Henry Chisnall.


18th April 2017

RE The posting of the picture of Headley CC on April 10 of 2014 (below) I recognize only 2. One of course is Gandy. The other, on the right of the umpire, and apparently the youngest, is Horace Courtenage. He I and were fast friends about the time we were 13 years old.
We called him "hoss" or Sammy. I have no idea where the Sammy came from. He lived across from what is now Old World Cottages, where my grandmother Thirza Smith lived.

M. (Rooney) Nicolai

23rd March 2017

I was so excited to read the contribution in August 2016, (why did I only just find it while searching for other information?) from Cynthia Bryan now known as Cyndy Maurer? What a delight it was to walk down memory lane with this wonderful women, once delightful companion and childhood friend. I should so love to be in touch with her again.

Yes Cynthia ... I do so remember leaving our cottage in Curtis Lane late at night on a Saturday to hang knickers on the Buttery sign to alarm the churchgoers on Sunday morning. I also remember riding our bicycles to the local council estate to dig up flowers and replant them in adjoining gardens - hearing snoring from the occupants all the while!

Our childhood was poor and deprived yet we had many happy times together. The Burrows family, from the local council estate, in particular were so supportive during this sad and difficult time - and I fondly remember Rita's mother giving us Saturday night baths - using Daz or Omo to lighten the water before we all fell into a joint bed, (Rita, her mother and I), after a night out at a local youth club. She was a gem!

I now have lived in London for over fifty years, with my second husband and have four children plus one adopted son, and three grandchildren. We travel extensively each year, mostly to visit our families who live in NZ. My only surviving brother, Noel, still lives in Bordon, with his own family and I visit often with great nostalgia for the area. Last month I even drove around the area and was so surprised that it seemed so very small now seen with adult eyes!

I remember so many/much of you ... Dr Williamson the next door neighbour, The Clarks, The Burrows, The Bryans, The Naylors, The Reads, the village shops and schools, the pubs - The Holly Bush, the dreadful bus service, the village green and school, the village fairs and the church - (my own niece was married there recently), the bakers, the bank, the butchers, the hair dresser and the doctor's surgery and even the cinema in Bordon, (the charming flea pit), and most importantly the local telephone box where many romantic calls took place! What a wonderful site.

I was originally Ann Robinson of Belmont Cottage, Curtis Lane and lived there from 1946 until approximately 1962

Ann Postance-Bell

17th March 2017

The Donalds at Tignals Cottage

I am an academic researcher at Bath Spa University and I investigating the impacts of historical weather, climate and floods on commercial fruit orchards at Dobhi in the Kullu Valley. This follows a visit to the Kullu Valley last year, which fascinated me

As the Banon family have been central to horticulture in the Kullu Valley for many generations, I wondered if you could possibly provide some assistance, or alternatively direct me to someone else who you think might be able to assist?

I am particularly interested in the Donald family, specifically Hilary and Barbra Donald who came back to the UK in 1952 and lived in Tignals Cottage, near Bordon Hampshire. Would you be able to recommend contacts or know any information about these sisters or perhaps records which may have been deposited about the Orchards within India. Are you able to assist me to find out a date when then sold on their house?

Any help you are able to give me is greatly appreciated and will help contribute to the ongoing research in the Kullu Valley.

Tilly Wilcock


30th December 2016

Headley Mill Farm

I've been reading my late Father's recollections of his life. In 1944 as a schoolboy he was sent to Headley Mill Farm where he stayed in a tent and worked for a farmer called Mr Moss, to help with the harvest. Have I got the right place and does anyone remember Mr Moss? I am happy to upload what my father wrote (about a page) if there is any interest.

John Mann

29th September 2016

Headley Characters

I'm finally getting round to compiling the book 'Characters of Headley's Past', which I've been promising to do since I first published 'Headley's Past in Pictures' back in 1999. I already have many photos that I can use, some from contributors to the Village Pump, for which many thanks - but if you have any good ones of Headley people, or people with Headley connections, which you'd like to be included, please let me have them.
I'm looking for pictures of people rather than places, and with information about who they are. And they need to be of high enough resolution to look good in a printed book. All contributions used will be acknowledged in the book.

Many thanks.

Jo Smith

3rd September 2016

Aged Agenda

Another relic from my late father’s papers; an agenda for a Headley Parish Council meeting in October 1939, six weeks after the outbreak of WW2. Interesting to note that the last item refers to Local A.R.P. (Air Raid Precautions) Organisation. The Clerk is Rev F W Funnell ,who was the minister of the congregational Chapel on Longcross Hill, later Dr Williamson’s surgery, and I think long since demolished, and Chairman Percy Snow, a fine cricketer, was captain of the Headley Cricket Club in the early 1950s when he was in his late 60s and could still bowl at a fair pace.


Headley Parish Council



Denis Payne


22nd August 2016

Stonehill Automotives

Hi, my name is Paul Harvey and I am the owner of Stonehill Automotives in Stonehill Road, Headley. I’m really keen to find any info about the Old Workshop prior to us and Russell Woods.
We are developing a website and would love to include a section of the history of the garage/workshop. Can anyone help???

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the above and look forward to meeting you and your vehicles soon.

Kind regards
Paul Harvey

3rd August 2016

In response to Jan van Liedekerke’s entry of 19 January 2016

Your question, Jan, led me to doing a little researching and thanks to Mr John Owen Smith’s excellent website I discovered that a Miss Halliday had a convalescent home called Woodbine Cottage in Headley. Here is the link. The pertinent entry is listed under “Commercial”.

As my father pointed out, Woodbine is another name for honeysuckle. I had forgotten!

Best wishes

Cindy Maurer

3rd August 2016

In response to Ann Postance-Bell, Bob Miller, Peter Reid, and other souvenirs ...

My cousin, Kenneth Clark, told me of the Pump’s website and of Ann Postance-Bell’s entry of the 25 June 2015, for which I thank him. I am Cynthia Maurer née Bryan. I have spent hours browsing through everyone’s contributions and was delighted to see Ann’s entry (25 June 2015).

I left England in 1976 to come to work in Geneva and am now living just over the border in France with my husband. We have two children and, at the time of writing, a seven-month old grandson.

My parents were married in Headley Church and my brother and I were christened and confirmed there by the Reverend Tudor-Jones. Rick (Richard), my brother, sang in the Church Choir (at the same time as Raymond Read) and went to Headley School, as did Ken and his brothers. My maternal grandparents, mother, uncle and aunt rest in All Saints’ churchyard.

My father lived in Passfield for 67 years and only two years ago moved into a flat in Liphook. I come back to England three or four times a year to visit my father and always take the opportunity to walk to Headley.

Some Sundays, as a youngster, I would go with my mother to the Sunday evening service at Headley and I particularly recall the winter months! How cold the Church was back then and how long Reverend Tudor-Jones’ sermons seemed to be when, not entirely devoutly, I wished that they would soon draw to a close so we could make our way home.

Ann, do you remember when, in the early hours of a Sunday morning, we crept out of your house to hang a pair of knickers on the Buttery ensign to shock the Sunday Matins church goers?

Does anyone remember going to the doctor? Getting to the surgery early to be first in the queue (outside) until Dr Williamson arrived to unlock the door for us to proceed into the waiting room. Brhhh in the winter!

Referring back to Bob Miller’s entry of August 2007. I believe I am correct in saying that David’s family name is spelt Mowby (and he now lives in Liphook I understand from Ken). Mrs Mowby still lives in the same house that Bob knew. David’s sisters and I used to play in the big barn burrowing our way through, and sliding down, the well-stacked hay bales. This would have preceded Bob’s cow-rounding up activities. Perhaps Bob fished in the river at Passfield with David as I believe the nearest ford to be in Stanford, but the river in Passfield is only five minutes’ walk from where David lived.

Who remembers Headley Fair, an annual occasion which we always enjoyed – coconut shies, the big wheel etc.

I refer to Peter Reid’s message of 5th July 2014 and Kenny Sharman’s reply of 11 July 2014. I have a copy of the All Saints’ Headley Parish Magazine dated March 1947 where I see an advertisement for The Tuck Shop, High Street, Headley. They did ‘teas and snacks’. Could this and “Cissies” café be one and the same I wonder? The proprietor (at that time) was A.R. Winter, which doesn’t tie in with Peter’s grandparents surname so perhaps this is irrelevant but I mention it out of interest. Could there have been two cafés in Headley High Street?

Hello to you Clive (Stevens)! I remember the many miles we cycled together with my brother Rick and others around the lanes – out to Frensham on one occasion I recall. No traffic, or little, in those days. I hope you are well.

The Pump website certainly takes one down memory lane – thank you to those that make it possible.

Best wishes

Cindy Maurer

30th July 2016

Bob, Cyril and John Willis (Lookout - see below)

I knew Bob, Cyril and John Willis. Cyril was my dart match partner at the Passfield Club. John was in the Navy on the destroyer the Blackmore Hunt. John was a good friend of mine; he was a plasterer and plastered the extension to my house in Passfield together with Gerald Kemp

Clive Stevens' entry reminded me that Mrs Warner was a friend of my wife. Clive was a childhood friend of my son Rick and my nephew Ken Clark.

George Bryan



22nd Aprl 2016

Lookout (below)

I believe that Ted Warner was also a lookout in the tower - his wife was the church organist.


Clive Stevens

6th April 2016

Weyford School

The Weyford school football team of 1963/64 ready to play the Holme school at Headley playing fields.

Weyford FC
Back Row .. ?, Ian McCauley, David Cook, Michael Kemp, David Knight, John Frankish, Timothy Atkins.
Front Row .. Michael Travers, Maurice Butcher, Stephen Tkaczynski, James Cane, William Twaites.
Teacher .. Mr Normington.


Michael da Cruz


23rd March 2016

Re- Lookout (below)

Yes I remember Bob Willis, a bit older than me. His brother Cyril (also deceased) was my age and we were both members of the Headley youth club. I think Bob worked at one time for Major Casey on his fruit farm at High Hurlands, between Headley and Bramshott.

Denis Payne

19th March 2016

Lookout on All Saints

Refers to Denis Payne's note from August 2006 - click here)

To the gentleman that was someone who manned the lookout at the top of Headley Church.
A chap I used to bowl with told me he also used to be a lookout up there. His name was Bob Willis. He sadly died a couple of years ago but you might remember his name.

Paul Berry

17th March 2016

re John Heather (in response to a note in October 2014 - click here)

John Heather I believe was my mum's cousin Victoria Smith.
She romanticized the loss of his leg. Said it happened in the war. That's the total of my recollection I was very small and thought I should go to the graveyard to keep him company so he wouldn't be lonely. I remember so many of the names here. I left for the States when I was ten. Jacky and Pauline Bellinger were the center of my world.
We would get our once a week bag of sweets and walk to Bordon to the movies. Only fond memories remain; I came back and walked around the village - it was very emotional.

Gloria Rudisill

19th February 2016


Note that this is an advertisement for a commercial enterprise.

Hi Everyone. The Choir Company is a new choir in Headley that meets every Tuesday from 7:30-9pm at the Holme Primary School. We sing everything from Motown to modern and pop to rock in a fun, friendly and hassle free environment. There is no need to have sung before and no ability to read music is necessary. Our choir leaders are hand picked from the professional worlds of music, theatre and TV and will have you singing like a pro in no time at all. We'd love to see you for a free trial session. Details in the business directory.

Gary Jordan

11th February 2016

Plotlands (below)

There have been a couple of notes passed on to Georgia - and this from Kenny Sharman:

The Chalet bungalows : my ageing memory tells me of one chalet bungalow, it belonged to the late Mr Stanley a hairdresser who had his business on the "Down". Apart from that there is still a wooden bungalow in Ethylene Road. If you go past Russell Woods garage - the old John Eames place (now Stonehill Automotives at The Old Workshop, 27 Stonehill Rd, Headley Down, GU35 8HF) - then turn left and it's a small road/track on your right. I always address my mail to a friend as such.
Hope this helps as myself I am lost on the seemingly over developed "Down” it was so pretty before all those houses were built.

My recollection of the "Down" in the late thirties and throughout the war years are that their were very few houses, mostly large ones, well spread out and the remainder was just scrub land with few paths running though it.
I hope that this helps.

Kenny Sharman

27th January 2016



I am an MA Architecture student currently writing a thesis on Plotland settlements in England. The term ‘plotlands’ was coined by local authorities as they fought to prevent the spread of unplanned and uncontrolled self build holiday dwellings across the English countryside. Land was subdivided into small plots before being sold to individuals at a low enough cost to avoid the need for a mortgage. The individual purchasers may have chosen to self build, creating a dwelling with their own labor or to employ a local contractor to build to order.

I am using Headley Down as a case study and am hoping that some of you may be able to help with my research.

There little information about the Plotland settlement at Headley Down and most of the original plotlands housing has over time either been demolished, replaced or modified to become a 'normal' house.

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? Does anyone remember any wooden chalet style housing?

Many thanks,


19th January 2016


My name is Jan Van Liedekerke from Affligem, Flanders, Belgium.

I'm looking for information on the soldiers of my village who took part in the Great War. One of those soldiers, Amandus Josephus Van Vaerenbergh, was sent off to Woodbine Convalescent Home in Headley, Hants.
Does anyone have more information about this home ? I can not find anything about this home.

I hope you can help me.

thank you very much !

Jan van Liedekerke
Affligem, Belgium

2nd December 2015

Closure of the Post Office

Following the sudden announcement of the closure of the Post Office at Headley Down, Headley Society is writing a letter to the Parish Council urging them to support a move for a new Post Office facility to be instated – perhaps at the One Stop Shop in Heatherlands Parade.

They would encourage others in the village to support this request and write to the Parish Council to express concern at the loss of the facility and encouraging their support in making such a request to the Post Office management.



28th November 2015

Another good friend of the past, and a member of the Church Youth Fellowship in the early 1950s. In those days he was the only one in the club with a car, a pre war Ford 8, and I had the “privilege” of driving it once to transport members to a youth function locally. He was unable to join us on that occasion and very generously allowed us to use his vehicle. He said to me, “Be careful with it.....all my worldly wealth is bound up in that car.” Great memories, sad news.

Denis Payne


27th November 2015

I was saddened to learn this week from Ken Parfect that his brother in law Paul Buck had passed away.

Paul and his immediate family lived in a cottage on Pickets Hill, Pauls father Frank was a partner in the local successful Bucks Bakery business in Liphook and Grayshott.

Paul was prominent in lots of Headley functions and was well loved by all who knew him.
He married Hazel Parfect the only daughter of Fred Parfect from Hern another well loved Hesdley character. The funeral will be in Alton Paul's home town.

Kenny Sharman

26th November 2015

Very sorry to hear of the death of Ken Ridgway. Played cricket with him many times in the 1940s and 50s. Good all rounder. He was a nice guy, R.I.P Ken.

Denis Payne.


23rd November 2015

Kenneth 'Ken' Ridgway passed away suddenly on November 5th 2015, aged 94yrs. Ken had gained his Hampshire county badge as a young bowler in Headley and then after having a break to enjoy a successful cricketing career. Ken moved to Sussex in 1979 and joined Lancing Bowls Club.
The funeral will be held on Tuesday November 24th at 11.40am in the Kingswood Chapel, Worthing Crematorium (BN14 0RG).

Brian Dean


20th November 2015

Toni Pull (previously owned Arford House) responded to the item below.

There has always been talk of the Chesapeake Figurehead on a summerhouse but sadly it has never been found. The grounds to the house are now part of Arford Lodge and unless it has been unearthed very recently I fear it is elsewhere or never existed.


12th November 2015

Figurehead of the Frigate Chesapeake at Arford House

At The Internationales Maritimes Museum in Hamburg, Germany there is a beautiful whale bone ship model of the frigate Chesapeake that has has an eagle figurehead. It is identified as the USS Chesapeake. I believe it is of the HMS Chesapeake, the repaired USF frigate Chesapeake that was captured by HMS Shannon and put into Royal Navy service based on the entry in Hampshire Treasures stated that "The figurehead of the Chesapeake...was formerly on a summer house at the top of the garden (at Arford House) - it was a bird, perhaps an eagle, and a portion of it was said to be part of a lamp bracket at the house."

The best information that I've found indicates that the Chesapeake did not have a figurehead while flying American colors. If there are any photographs, drawings, or sketches of the Chesapeake figurehead that was at Alford House, it would help prove that the model is HMS Chesapeake. It would also be very interesting to know if the figurehead still exists and would help prove the model is of HMS Chesapeake.

Hunt Lewis


25th October 2015

Just wonder if any body knew Jane and Vickey Cotton from Vine Cottage


Derek Smith (son of Jane)

12th September 2015

Responding to Paul Allan's note from June 2015 (click here)

Hello Paul So sorry to hear about Lance who was one of my childhood heroes. He was an avid angler and I caught that disease from him. I haven’t wandered into the pump for some time but in doing so I was pleased to see the names of so many that I remember: Lance, your sister Elsie (who also worked at the Holme school), my aunt Edith Skidmore, Rodney Cameron, Mr. Amos (from whom I had the dubious honor of receiving my only caning at school), Miss Stenning, the Chisnell family. I recognize so many family names. I left, with my parents and my sister Gloria, for the US in ’52 and it all seems so long ago and so remote from the concerns we all have today that I sometimes wonder if it happened at all.

My mother was Victoria Smith and married a British army soldier (Bill Rooney). So my name back then was Mickey Rooney. They were divorced and she remarried a RAOC Staff Sergeant Leo Nicolai. When we moved my name was changed to Michael Nicolai. I think you know my Sister Gloria (Ginger).
I have been back twice over the years and would love to make the trip again. What a wonderful place it was to grow up.

Mike Nicolai

16th August 2015

Help Tracing Old Pupils of Jeff Predeth, East Hants School of Motoring

I wonder if anyone can remember learning to drive with Jeff Predeth, East Hants School of Motoring during the 70's and 80's ? We are putting together a "This is your life" for him and any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.

Joe Crowe

27th June 2015

June Robinson

Reading the account by Ann Robinson, I think the sister "June" may be the person who was in the Headley youth fellowship during my time there. She is named in the attached photo (not a good picture as it is from a newspaper) and is seated at the right end. She was older than me and would have now been in her mid/late 80s, but I remember her well.


Denis Payne

Headley Youth Fellowship


27th June 2015

...continuing the conversation...

I recall the Robinson family in Belmont cottage, the father was very strict both with his children and others who strayed in Belmont House gardens. Raymond I remember best as he was in my class at school, sadly through his father he rarely took part in any after school pranks.
He left school and joined the guards as a boy entrant, sadly I rarely saw him much after that apart from an instance some years later when I was workshop manager in a Knaphill garage and Ray came into reception to book his car in for a service. I recognized the name and we sat reminiscing about our school days.
He took me to a couple of Sgts mess functions associated with boxing, he sported a beard and I learned that he was the Pioneer Sergeant of his battalion, he epitomised a real guardsman, immaculately turned out both in his mannerisms and his dress. He lived with his family in Knaphill and shortly before I left the company I learned sadly that Ray had died.

June was another member of the family, a very pretty girl I remember, and and she married a man known locally as "Acker" He was a coach driver at the long since gone LLoyds bank training centre in Hindhead, a thoroughly likable chap.
I often bump into the younger brother Noel who lives in Lindford, though there is quite a difference in our age.

My best wishes to all at the Pump.

Kenny Sharman


26th June 2015

Gordon's response to Ann - below

Hello Ann. Thanks for your message. Regret to admit I only have a hazy recollection of yourself and Noel.
I think we once or twice communicated in the stable building between our two houses (looking at a recent aerial photo it appears Belmont Cottage and Belmont House stables have been demolished to make way for an infestation of modern bungalows). Or maybe we had a quick shout over the garden fence. Anyway, good to hear from you and sorry about your not so good memories of your early days in Headley.

Your messages have got me thinking further of names from our schooldays at the Holme school. A name that springs to mind is Dennis Ayres. Did a bit of research and I think there's a Dennis Ayres in Bordon working as a motorcycle mechanic. I presume it's the same chap.
Another name is Pauline(?) Brown whose father I remember as a big man who graced the boxing ring when the village fair arrived on the green by The Holme school. I think anyone who lasted longer than a minute or two in the ring with him won a goldfish, cuddly toy or a free taxi ride to hospital.

Another chap I remember joined our class late on when we were about ten. He was big and tall (another giant like Rodney Cameron) and lived on a small farmstead somewhere opposite the Led Zeppelin house. I remember helping him churn butter with his mum before we went off fishing for rainbow trout about a mile further up that lane. Sadly I can't recall his name. Other vague memories include a horsemeat lorry that came around once a week(?) and a dentistry lorry that parked in the school playground in which I seem to recall the smell of a rubber gasmask and a fleeting dream of colourful fish (I presume I had a tooth extraction, but can't really remember).

Anyway Ann, thanks again for your message. Good to hear from you.

Gordon Thompson

25th June 2015

The Bakery, Arford

Responding to any earlier question. I do so remember the Bakery. I used to walk daily from Headley to the bakery - down the hill - along the funny little pathway and down the steps to collect bread daily for my Father. I would often eat the crusts on the way home and when I had any money, (rarely,) would buy a tiny ice lolly made by the bakers wife in a tiny round metal container. It was a strong lemon flavour - orange also available, (probably Robinsons lemon/orange barley water directly from the bottle), and oh! so good. How wonderful to live in such a pretty spot. I now live in London - no pretty spots here. I lived in the village from 1946-1962 and used the bakery daily.

Ann Postance-Bell, (nee Ann Robinson from Belmont Cottage)

25th June 2015

In response to Gordon Thompson (Note from February 2009 - CLICK HERE) .

I was Ann Robinson and lived next door to you at Belmont Cottage, from 1946 until 1962. Sadly, I do not remember you at all. My brother, Noel, and I lived there alone with my Father Harry Robinson who also was/had been a soldier and worked in the Bordon Barracks as a barrack warden - and accountant. He was a well known local character - usually drunk and we two children were very neglected. My older siblings all left home soon after my Mother died in 1949. (They were June - decd, Raymond - decd, Peter, Kenneth - decd, Alma - decd, Penelope - decd, Ann - me...and Noel.)

The people you mention are all known to me - Barry and Raymond Read lived along the lane, Jonny Burrows came from a local family living on the council estate nearby, and he and his sister Rita and their mother were always kind and generous to us although they had little themselves. Harvey Naylor and Rodney Cameron attended The Holme School, Headley at the same time as us, (Rodneys large frame and brash ways scared the wits out of me - and I remember with horror Harvey Naylor having a motor bike accident in the lane beside our cottage), and they later went on to school at Mill Chase, Bordon along with my brother. I went to school in Petersfield along with a lovely local girl from Passfield called Cynthia Bryant whom I should love to be in touch with again. She and Rita Burrows were such nice girls and we all attended the Church Youth Club together.

I was a bad girl, in with the wrong crowd, always in trouble, but luckily escaped to live a decent life in London along with my second husband, (and four children and three grandchildren). I have few happy memories of Headley due to our unfortunate home situation but do remember some kindnesses from Stan and his lady friend Gladys from Church Fields, who frequently fed us, The Reads also from Church Fields, and John Skidmore's Mother, (the school cook), who realised we really did need feeding!

My brother, Noel, still lives nearby in Mill Lane, Bordon, (married with two children and three grandchildren), and I often visit the area and hear from him how many of the local folk are faring. My two neices have both worked as teachers at Mill Chase School along with their Mother who has since retired. A few years ago I met Rodney Cameron and also Harry North a local character. I should love to hear from anyone who remembers me and my family.

Ann Postance-Bell

14th June 2015


I just stumbled upon Kenny Sharman's post on the pump regarding the Allan (Alan) family (click here), in particular Lance, who left us earlier this year. Lance was actually one of 6. Sister Elsie had health issues so spent most of her childhood with the Grandparents at Parish Houses, now Old World Cottages.

Best wishes

Paul Allan

14th June 2015

responding to Helen Stacey's note of 11thMay 2014 (click here)

Hello The Pump, yes I remember the headmaster Vivian Arthur Amos, he was headmaster for most of my time at the Holme School 1939/47.
He was an excellent painter and school teacher, though very strict, to the extreme. He ran the school with a rod of iron and woe betide anyone who stepped out of line, pupils or teachers.

Whilst I say that, he taught in a very stressful time with most of his pupils having their father away fighting in the war, so he was both teacher and parent. He disliked the Canadians intensely, as sadly his wife was knocked over on her cycle by a Canadian driver and subsequently died from her injuries. His rule was girls and boys were segregated both in the classroom and the playgrounds, though they managed to "mix" in the summer when pupils used Headley green as a communal playground
I seem to recall that he retired from teaching at about the time that I left school and continued to live in his small tinned roof cottage on Mill Lane.

Kenny Sharman

11th June 2015

Jim and Dorothy Chisnell

I "found" Dorothy and Jim whilst on a nostalgic visit to Headley some twenty years ago, we kept in regular touch for a long time by letters and cards, sadly Dorothy passed away followed quickly by Jim just a few months later. They are buried together in the Whitehill cemetery which I visit regularly to see my parents grave site, I often clean up the Chisnell grave and stone and place crosses at Christmas.

Dorothy the original Miss Stenning kept the small grocers shop in Arford during the way. Dorothy was good to the customers being extremely generous.

Kenny Sharman


I'm trying to find information on my grandfather, Captain Albert Edward Chisnall... I was told that he owned a cottage called Albert Cottage, in the village of Headley. His brother, Jim Chisnall, and his wife Dorothy Chisnall, definitely lived in a cottage called Myrtle Cottage... I remember visiting as a child, a long time ago.

I'd be very grateful if you could give me any information.

Kind regards
Mrs Miriam Alexandra Blair (Alex, for short)


27th February 2015

I attach a photograph I took in early 1950s when the Headley Youth Fellowship held an "Any Questions" evening in the village hall. The rector managed to assemble an impressive team of celebrities.

Any Questions
(L to R) Freddie Grisewood, BBC presenter and newsreader, Lady Wolfit, wife of Sir Donald Wolfit the Shakespearian actor, Reg Thackeray as questionmaster, Molly Hide, captain of the England ladies cricket team, and L.A.G. Strong, author historian and poet.


I'm not sure about Lady Wolfit but all the others were living in the area at the time. Of course this was over 60 years ago and so in some respects it may have little appeal, but some of the oldies like me may be interested.
Kind Regards

Denis Payne


19th December 2014

John Heather - in response to Kenny Sharman's notes (click here)

I was at Churchers with John. He was a mate of mine at school as well the Youth Club, and I played football with him at Grayshott as well as cricket for the Youth Club. I also played for the Headley I'Anson cup winning team in 1962.
John suffered a kick at football which started the problem with his leg. My wife Sally (Tilbury) was also very friendly with the family.

With reference the Nissen Huts in the Rectory Fields; we lived in them until they we demolished and we moved to the Churchfields. I know the Burrows lived in one of the huts.

Regarding Ray Harris; we went around together with Cyril Willis (who has died), Brian Warner, and Paul Buck .

I hope this fill in a few blanks - my sister still lives at 3 Churchfields but I have lived here in Cheltenham for for past 50 years (a long time!)

Ron Cowie

2nd December 2014

White House Dairy

Hi, I lived in Headley and went to the village school in the early 50's, my father Doug worked for the dairy and we lived in the White House in the middle of the village.

I remember looking out the front windows of the house with my mother watching the weddings in the local church, I also remember the maypole in the school playground, watching the dancing on May Day. I would love to make contact with the family who now live in the house. I am now 68 years old and live in Northampton, my family live in Farnham and Aldershot, my father is no longer with us but my mother Vera is.

I would welcome any contact.

Kind regards,

Carol Edwards (nee Bridger)

28th November 2014

Responding to Headley Nurseries below

Hi Suzanne, I remember him well, he passed away some years ago, the nursery has gone and a house has been built on the site and there are possibly more to be built.

Marian Plummer

26th November 2014

Headley Nurseries, Glayshers Hill, Headley Down

Does anyone remember Mr Onsdenk who ran Headley Nurseries, Glayshers Hill, Headley Down?
I believe he was a market gardener and also grew produce from the site of the old Thirlestane Hotel.


26th November 2014

Sunnyside Stables - in response to Siobhan Watts (click here)

Lucy (Lucinda) married Trefor Allgood. You can find him on Facebook.
Jerry (Jerome) still lives in Headley and can be found in directory pages


24th November 2014

Melissa Jones

I am looking for my birth mother Karen Melissa Jones wht goes by Melissa. She is 47 now, she lived in Headley Down around my birth in 1989-2001 when she moved to Scotland, and I'm looking for anyone that my have known her.

Thank You

Becky Walland

10th November 2014

Headley WW1 War Dead

Very interesting to see the information already uploaded. I have visited the majority of the graves of these men and can upload photos if required. I also have a spreadsheet showing all the burial/memorials which I have been researching for a number of years.

Lynne Rapson

Note: The information referred to is part of a Headley Society project making available information of the people whose names appear on the War Memorial, their families, and thier lives. This is at and from links to Rev Laverty's notebook (click here)

8th November 2014

My Grandad Edward Hyde

I am looking for information for my family tree. My Mother Florence Beatrice Hyde was born in Bordon Camp on the 27th March 1906. Her father (my Grandfather) was Edward Hyde and her mother Sarah Hyde. My Grandfather was a Private in 58th Foot Regiment. They had other children with them in Borden Camp. Edward (My Grandfather) was born in 1867. The children they had with them were Arthur born in 1897. Albert born in 1900. Gladys born in 1905. If anyone has any information on the family I would be very grateful.

Many thanks Jeanette.

20th October 2014

Sunnyside Stables and Lucy Truelove

I was wondering if anyone know of what happened to Sunnyside Stables? I started riding there when i was about 10 so roughly 1979/1980.
Also, i went to Mill Chase Comp from about 81 to 82/83 and my best friend was Lucy Truelove from Headley.

If I remember correctly her father was called Jerry; would anyone know if the family is still in the area? Thank you for your time.

Siobhan Watts

2nd October 2014

John Heather

I've been searching through mine and various Headley "chums" memories for information about a late and very talented village lad who passed away in the late "forties" John Heather. John lived with his family in a small cottage just off of Honeysuckle lane, on Headley Down.
John was exceptionally talented both academically and on the sports fields, so much so, I understand that the then Headmaster Mr Amos " fast tracked" John into Churchers college in Petersfield.
During his all too short a time there he had an accident on the sports field and subsequently lost a leg, soon to be followed by the remaining one. Sadly John didn't survive and passed away quite quickly, Headley school held a commemorative service for John and this was followed by a dedication of small gate into then new sports field. This gate given by the college and was dedicated by the then headmaster of Churchers a Mr G T Schofield.
John played cricket in the 1st eleven simply because of his skill at spin bowling, he was an enthusiastic member of the village youth club and took a big part in most of the clubs activities.

Kenny Sharman

29th September 2014

Bentley Car YP7661 - Formerly owned by Miss V. Verner

I have owned for fifty years a 1927 Bentley 3 Litre car that originally belonged to Miss Violet Verner who I understand lived at Crab Tree Farm in Headley.
Can anyone tell me anything about Miss Verner or her ownership of this car.

David Baldock

23rd September 2014

The Sampler - click here

I just acquired this needle point in a small village in Nova Scotia - Frances Lee, 1799, the exact same. It is magnificent and deeply affecting. Does ANYBODY have any information about it? We have this exact piece though it is in much better condition than the photograph suggests. We have no idea who Francis Lee was or whether this has any value but we purchased it for virtually nothing in a little antique store in Canada. It's definitely the real McCoy.

Michael Tobias

12th September 2014


I remember the huts, just over the hedge from the road between the Holly Bush and the Green, particularly as I had a schoolboy crush on a girl who lived in one, I only remember her as Daphne! The cricket pavilion mentioned by Kenny was a fine structure in its day but had a limited life and has since been replaced by a more substantial building. I attach a photograph taken by me shortly after it was built, and was indeed known as the Thackeray Pavilion.

Denis Payne

Thakeray Pavilion
Thackeray Pavilion.


11th September 2014

The Nissan huts in the Rectory field- continued (below)

I spent some time trying to get more info on the Rectory Fields Nissen huts. It was agreed that there were upwards of six huts, the Hedgecocks did live in one hut and the only other name I can get is the "Samson" family, one son was a close friend of Harry North at school.

I'm certain the huts were taken down soon after the end on the war as the field was used by Headley cricket club and the football users, the school and the village team. Cricket resumed soon after hostilities ended, as my father was playing for the team in1946, when he retired from the services. Then the very generous Major Thackery gave the village the present sports field together with a wooden pavillion.

My best wishes. Kenny Sharman

7th September 2014

Peter Read - responding to the notes below (click here)

Hi, my name is Pauline Bishop and I now live in Portugal, and Peter Read (Bashem) was my dad.
In the late 60's we lived at 16 Openfields, and dad's brother Percy lived at 4 Openfields. Sadly all 11 of the Read children have now passed away, Renee being the oldest and the last only this year.

Peter was a builder and worked with Ted Woodford as Read and Woodford builders and Percy was a painter and decorator.
I still remember Ted and Ciss Chesham. They lived at church lane the other side of the Holme school in Openfields.

I love this site, so many names of families known years ago come flashing back!

Pauline Bishop

6th September 2014

The Nissan huts in the Rectory field (below)

Yes I remember them they were on the left hand side of the field looking towards the church from the Holme school
The first family of 'Squatters' as they were called then, moved into those huts and I recall them still being there when I left school in 1948.

Again I seem to remember the Hedgecock family lived in one of them before going up to Erie camp, the old prison compound for Canadian soldiers.
I have a reliable source of info and I'll take this up with him next week.

Kenny Sharman

1st September 2014


This photograph of the Rev J S Tudor Jones, former rector of Headley was taken during a Youth Fellowship holiday in Scotland in 1950 and may be of interest. I don't know if he had any direct Scottish ancestry or if he just wanted to impress the locals!


Denis Payne

Tudor Jones
Rev JS Tudor Jones - 1950

30th August 2014

Rectory Field Huts (a note from the Parish Magazine)

Can you remember the Army huts on the Rectory Field behind the Holly Bush during and after the Second World War? David Hardy lived in No.ll and would be interested to see any pictures or other mementoes which you may have.


20th August 2014

Mabel Reeve

I have just received from England the 'entry of birth' for my grandmother: Mabel Reeve born 16 March 1911 in Bordon Camp Headley R.D.

I would love to know more about the area she was born in and perhaps anyone who has any records of the names of her parents: father-Robert William Reeve (413 or H13 Corporal RFA), mother-Margaret Reeve (formerly Maher). She came to South Africa as a child and stayed here until her death.



7th August 2014

Ray (Pudding) Harris

This came through today, another long forgotten Headley lad, happily I understand he's still with us. His name is Raymond Harris - why he was called "Pudding" Harris I don't know.

Kenny Sharman

Ray HArris


5th August 2014

The Alan Family.

Since I arrived back in Hampshire I often wondered about the Alan family; they lived opposite the Holly Bush. The family was made up of the mother, a son and three daughters, Lance, Joan, Phylis, and Jean.

Lance is now about 79-80 and as young school boy was an exceptionally good swimmer. One of his claims to fame was that he swam right across Frensham ponds, from the hotel across to the Farnham/ Hindhead road, no mean feat! His sisters Joan, Phylis, and Jean all attended Headley school, being taught by the legendary Mr Amos.
Sadly they are all gone, but Lance is still with us and resides in one of the many nursing homes in Rake, sadly he suffers from dementia. I visited him last week along with Marion - a niece of the all time great Headley cricketer Frank Kenward. She is a registered visitor.
Whilst Lance didn't recognise me, he remembered my name and many other names from the school days, names like Gandy, Woodgers, Gates, North, White and lots of others, they all bring a smile to his tired face.

My best wishes to all at the Pump and to the many readers and followers.

Kenny Sharman


23rd July 2014

Hannants - in response to Jaqui Lever's note from February 2009 (click here)

I saw your response to Debbie O’Connor’s request regarding the Hannant family.
I am researching my family tree and have found that my Grandmother was a half sister to Leonora Gertrude Hannant nee Parker.Her Father ( my Great Grandfather) was Daniel T Parker.
Leonora was married to David Robert Hannant possibly had 3 children. I hope you can help
Regards Julie

Julie Bragg

12th July 2014

Marian Plummer has added a note to the conversation about Cissies below.

Hello Peter & Ken,
How i remember the get togethers in Cisses cafe back in the fifties. I remember all the people you mention but sadly most are gone; I still see Pat Passingham (nee Hack), she is married to Jim and lives in Bordon. Just like to say the Headley pump is great for bring back memories of yesteryear

Marian Plummer

11th July 2014

In response to Peter Reid (click here)

Hello Peter, reading your recent contribution to The Pump, two Reid's come to light; Peter and Percy, they had nick names - Peter being Bash'em and Percy was " Biggy".

Peter lived in number four Open Fields before moving to live on Headley Down, I can't recall where Percy lived at all but they were both in the building industry, sadly they are both deceased, I can offer no marital connection between the Reids and the Hacks, if there was one I just cannot say! There were two families of Hacks, both lived on Wilsons Road on Headley Down. One had a son Leonard who, if he had lived would be in his eighty first year. He was in my class at Headley school and later in life moved to Liverpool and then to Ireland where he passed away.

The other Hacks, their children were Hazel, "Buster" Angela ( who worked in Bellingers shop in Arford) then Lorraine and lastly Patricia. Hazel and Angela are deceased.

The " Cisses" cafe in the High Street was a regular meeting place for us lads on a Sunday morning ( much to the annoyance of Rev Tudor Jones). This cafe was still open at the end of the sixties, but has now gone and in it's place is a very busy newsagents.

My name is Kenneth Sharman and I lived on Beech Hill with my parents Harry and Jean. My sister is Lillian, I left the village in the mid sixties, first to Haslemere and then to Devon and I now live in Petersfield. Hope this is some use to you.

Best wishes Kenny Sharman

5th July 2014

This in response to Lynda Ross' note in March 2010 (click here)

My name is Peter Reid. I also live in Australia now but am originally from Headley.

My Grandfather (by marriage) was Edward Frank Chesham, Art’s son. My Grandmother Ciss (Cicely) ran the cafe next door (where the newsagents and row of shops are). I would be interested to find out the name of this cafe or if anyone can tell me any more about my family beyond Cicely & Edward Chesham into the Burrows/Hack name.

Peter, QLD, Australia

8th June 2014

the Fullick family - in response to Marion Spicer (Click Here)

Hi, my 3x great grandfather was Henry's father George who was transported on the Norfolk in 1829. There were 6 Fullick convicts and 22 convicts from Headley

Jenny Crawford


5th June 2014

D Day Anniversary

Hard to believe it is 10 years since I added a few memories to the "pump" of that day in 1944. (Click here to see the note from Denis in 2004)
Still as clear in my memory as ever it was, and I guess always will be as long as I remain of sound mind. With continuing thankfulness that the sacrifices made by so many on that and subsequent days have made a world of difference for me and millions of others.

Denis Payne

You may also be interested to look at some stories of Headley's part in the war - Click Here

2nd June 2014

Old photos of army barracks

I am looking for old photos of the army barracks around 1911 as my great grandfather Edward Kenna from Dublin served some of his time there as a soldier, hope this is the correct area, (Alton Headley East Hampshire


Alan Ward

17th May 2014

In response to Kenny Sharman's note from 18th June last year (Click Here)

My name is Steve, and I’m the manager of Martin McColls in High Street Headley. I can confirm Reg Brooker & Tony Gates are still going strong and shop in my store every day.

The Whittle family (Jim in the post office & Simon in the butcher’s) work in the family Londis store in Eddy’s Lane, Headley Down.

11th May 2014

George Leslie Stacey

My father George Leslie Stacey was boy captain 1929-1930 at the Home School Headley. I have a book presented to him by Vivian Arthur Amos, Headmaster
Does any one remember him ? I wouldn't think so but who can tell.

Helen Stacey

14th April 2014

Help with the Fullick family

Like so many other people I am tracing my Family Tree which brings me to Headley.
My 2nd Great Grandmother was Emma Fullick, and her Father my 3rd Great Grandfather was Henry Fullick who unfortunately was a convict, as were so many from this family.
I have researched back to my 11th Great Grandfather Valentine Fullick. I have been able to trace some convict records, but would love any help with any further information on this family.

Thanking you

Marion Spicer

Note - Jo Smith has already been in touch with Marion .. any other information most welcome

11th April 2014

Rita Wakeford

Hi everyone.

I was privileged to be at dear Rita Bevan's (née Wakeford) funeral today and bumped into some very interesting folk from Manchester who had been evacuated into the village during World War Two.
Sadly I couldn't remember the chaps myself but maybe some of you "pumpers" out there might be able to help.

Michael Ridley was the father who married Betty Mosely around 1930 children three of Claire, Simon and Adam. The children attended the Holme school under Mr Amos
The other family was Dunne Paul & Mavis, they returned to their homeland in Manchester around 1945. Again they went to Headley school and were familiar with Mr. Amos.

I have written and asked for more details and will update when I get them. They lived as evacuees with the Wakefords in Passfield
Any replies would be greatly appreciated.

Kenny Sharman

10th April 2014

Another photo of Headley C.C. This is the 1st X1 that played in the I'Anson competition in the mid 50s. A few different faces here.

Headley CC

Denis Payne

7th April 2014

Cricket team photo (click here)

Could anyone please tell me the name of the umpire in the photo, I think it is Alec Courtnage from Lindford.

Barry Gale

NOTE: Denis Payne has confirmed this and also supplied the names of the players, added to the picture below.

5th April 2014

Carol Wilshire

I'm trying to make contact with a relative of mine, Carol Wilshire who lived in Headley and married Bryan Buck.
Until recently they lived in Headley Down but have now moved. Does anyone know how I can contact her?

Frank(Chick) Mirwald


31st March 2014

Hollywater, Headley

Just in finishing stages of writing a book about Hollywater, near Standford. If you have any memories of living, working or visiting Hollywater I would love to hear about them. I already have some lovely memories about Riverside Cottage, the Bridge, Hollywater Clump and various local characters but would love to hear some more.

Lucy Rodd


23rd March 2014

The Gandys (below and here)

I lived and went to school in Headley in 1933 and I knew the Gandys, can you tell what be came of Richard? I sat with him all through my schooling until I left to be an electrician, until I joined the army in August 1944.

John Marshall

9th March 2014

Responding to Alan "Ginger" Gandy (click here)

I played cricket with Ginger Gandy many times in the late 40s and early 50s. He was indeed a good cricketer and a great chap to know.
I have a photograph of him that I took coming in from batting to the old Thackeray pavilion at Headley. Will look it out and send it (now below). Sorry to hear he has passed away but when one gets to our age it is unfortunately to be expected.
Another cricketer for Headley and a great friend of mine, Jim Clark also died last May.

Headley CC
Headley CC mid 1950s
Alan Gandy front centre
Back row Lto`asddR: Oakley, Ridgway, Gates, Blanchard, Walsh, White, Alec Courtnage .
Front LtoR: Chesham, Kenward, Gandy, Lee, Geering






Alan Gandy
Alan 'Ginger Gandy' 1954/5



Denis Payne

9th March 2014

In Response to Wendy Buckinham (click here)

I have just read about your visit two years ago. My mother lived there, she is now in her 70s and she said she would like to go back. Her name then was Jane Cotton
and lived at Vine House in Headley Down. We live in Carterton 18 miles away from you.

Derek Smith.

6th March 2014

Alan "Ginger" Gandy

I have been a follower of the Pump for about six years now and am surprised that no mention has ever been made of that immensely popular Liverpudlian Alan ( Ginger) Gandy. The family - a mother and two lads - arrived in the village about the start of the 2nd world war. He and his elder brother Ritchie quickly integrated in our village way of life, Alan was a great sportsman and kept goal for the school and latterly the village team. He excelled at cricket and kept wicket in matches at both levels, the I'anson and Miller leagues.

He served as an NCO with the Royal Artillery during his two years national sevice and sadly he returned to Headley for an all too short a time before moving back to his beloved Liverpool. I managed to find his home address from Miss Stennings just before she passed away and we exchanged messages and pictures most weeks. He always wanted to know about Headley and " the boys"
Harry North and I arranged to visit Alan and made all the preparations for that long trip "up country" but sadly fate was to have a hand in our arrangements, sadly Ålan died just weeks before our departure date.
He really was a delightful chap to know and to be with.

Kenny Sharman



3rd March 2014

Two particular Canadians in Headley during the war

During the war my family lived in a stone cottage on what was Beech Hill, and behind us were the Canadian troops assembling around Windridge for the invasion of the European mainland.
As a small child about twelve then, we got to know the Canadians very well and two names have stuck In my mind ever since. A Sgt Roald Pitt and Walter James Booth. During the fiftieth anniversary I managed through various Canadian veterans organisation to locate Sgt Pitt. Happily he got through the war and returned to his homeland; he married, raised a family and regretfully had died just weeks before my search, but his wife contacted me and we exchanged a few letters.

That left Jim Booth, and during my long awaited visit to the "D day" beaches - an eightieth birthday present from my children - I searched the Canadian cemeteries, and after about two days we came across Jim's grave, my search was over. On my return to the UK I "punched in" Jim's details into my computer and found to my horror and disgust that he had been captured by the SS on the first day, tortured and murdered.
I intend going over again this coming July to place a wreath and message on Jim's grave.

Best wishes to all my old friends in the Village

Kenny Sharman


19th February 2014

I am wondering whether anyone might be able to help me.

I am trying to find various information about places in Headley/Headley Down that will eventually enable me to find someone who lived in Headley Down in the early 1990s.

Firstly, I am trying to find the names and addresses of any private childrens homes in the area as the person I seek was raised in the home from the age of 2, probably leaving the home around 1983 when she would have been aged 16. I do know that the home was closed before 1990.

I am also trying to find out the name and address of a home in the area that cared for physically & mentally handicapped children and was in existence in 1990/91 as the person I'm looking for worked in one as a Care Assistant.

I live quite a way from Headley so any help that I can get would be greatly appreciated.

Avril Ross-Wright

23rd February 2014

Penryn- response to Brenda Jacobs' note in July 2013 (Click Here)

I have just seen your post. My parents took over running Penryn in 1952. They provided a home for children until about 1965 when my mother Grace retired. My father Reg died in 1962.

When my parents took over most of the children stayed for a short time. They mainly came from London local authorities who paid for their stay. They were mainly, if not all, "TB Contacts". I had always assumed that they were the children of parents being treated because they had contracted TB. It was of course a serious and frequent illness then.

On the history of Penryn, when my parents took over it was in very poor structural condition and they repaired the house. They sold the land on either side and I think five bungalows were built in about 1958.

I had no idea that Penryn burnt down. I thought it was demolished in about 1980 and the site redeveloped for housing.

Between 1952 and 1965 a large number of children, some very deprived, enjoyed the loving care of my parents and were welcomed into the Headley Down community. Many local people, mainly young women, worked at Penryn over the years.

The site is now Penryn Drive, GU35 HJZ, which you can find on Google Maps.

With reference to previous posts, Olive was a nurse there about 1960. Gunner Coombes helped my father with the building work and Eddie, Mrs Edwards I think, from Headley Down assisted my mother for many years. In about 1965 Mr and Mrs Hamilton, with a substantial number of dogs, took over running the home.

Ken Reed


25th December 2013

Headley - the name

Being a Headley born in the U.S. I have traced my ancestors back to that general area.

However until now stumbling upon this site I have never heard of this place. Can someone kindly give me some back story on who founded Headley village and possibly take some pictures? It would be greatly appreciated. My 9th generation Great Grandfather was Leonard Headley and he came from the UK to later found Headley Town, New Jersey in the U.S. Years later Headley Town was taken over by the English and the name was change to Elizabeth Town, New Jersey.
My grandmother has the Headley Family Bible which may shed more light on this but I find it very interesting to find a Headley Village from the place my ancestors came from so many generations before me.

Carl Joshua Headley III

24th December 2013

Laundry at Broxhead : Re Sally Laker's note.  (below)

I remember the laundry at Broxhead Common. My aunt Nell worked there, and it was still active in the 1950s as we used to take our trolleys to the top of the hill then come flying down.i think it closed in the late 50s.early 60s.


Barry Gale (Jimmy)


15th December 2013

Evelyn Clasby has been in touch and is now in contact with Ivor Harrison (Click here) aboutr their time in Superior Camp



11th December 2013

Laundry at Broxhead : Re Sally Laker's note.  (below)

The laundry on the left going up over Broxhead common was a complex of several large Nissen huts built by the army in WW2 for military use. On one occasion at least it received attention from Hitler's bombers.

Denis Payne


8th December 2013

Laundry at Lindford

in response to Helen Mirwald, August 2013

From my childhood memories,the laundry was on the left hand side of the road as you go over the common towards Sleaford, i.e. turn right in front of Broxhead Motors; not on the road towards Bordon. Before all the trees grew, you could see a large concrete base and I'm pretty sure that my father said that the laundry was there.

Sally Laker (nee Dean)

6th November 2013

Richard George Waller, Photographer, Bordon

Dear all,
I am writing to enquire as to any photographs that you may have of my Great Great Uncle, Richard George Waller who was a photographer working from Chalet Studio, Bordon (Deadwater). 
He and his wife and two children lived at Whitehill Villas, Whitehill.
I have been trying to locate a photograph of him ahead of next years 100th commemorations for the First World War.
Sadly, he lost his life in France in July 1918. Because of his marriage to a German lady, no members of my family would have anything to do with him or talk about him when I was a child. It is only now, after CWGC added his name to the Debt of Roll Of Honour at Maindenhead in 2010, that I have been able to find out his service number and obtain a copy of his service record.
In doing so I have learnt that he was tragically lost and his body never recovered. CWGC plan to place a memorial out in France next year, to honour him, and others like him, that up until now have never been remembered on a war memorial in France (or UK) other than perhaps that done by their local village / church.
CWGC intend to notify those relatives with a date as soon as it is confirmed. With this in mind, I would like to be able to go to France and place a memorial cross at the same time accompanied by a photograph.

Richard lived at Deadwater in 1911 according to census records.
His wife was Marie Holmes and they had two children - Margaret Helen Waller, born 16 July 1911 (registered at Headley according to some records, Alton on another) and Peter Donald Waller, born 18 August 1913 (registered at Headley according to some records, Alton on another)

My own immedite family lived and worked on Blackmoor Estate for three generations and my Grandfather was Ernest William Waller, married to Josephine Dorothy May Cousins. They lived at Woolmer Cottages, Blackmoor and also at Hogmoor Road, Whitehill for some time.

My father was David Ernest Waller and married to Margaret Anne North (Known as Peggy). Lived at 16 Ivy Cottages, Blackmoor.

I also remember a Fred Waller and wife Rose that lived at Albury Farm, Blackoor but cannot remember if they were Great Uncle/Aunt or Great, great.
Probably the latter.

If you could possibly assist me with this matter, I would be extremely greatful. If anyone also has any details on Fred and Rose that would be great too.
Kind regards
Liz Waller


29th August 2013

A house near Lindford Bridge

I'm trying to find out more about what was a laundry used by the Lushington sisters who founded Ockham School in Kingsley in 1876. The Laverty diaries refer to the "Lushingtons' laundry at Lindford" - and I'm wondering if it is the old building (now in a pretty dilapidated state) that is on the B3002, Lindford Road, just past and opposite Broxhead Motors, on the left going towards Bordon. You used to be able to see it from the road - but it's now pretty much hidden by trees and undergrowth.
Even if it has nothing to do with the laundry I'd love to know a bit more about it. 

Helen Mirwald

19th August 2013

Trying to find information on The Haven, Headley, Bordon, Hants as this may have been the place of work for Miss L Pugh who was the fiancee of Henry Townsend soldier killed 23/4/1915, who had been stationed at Blackdown prior to WW1.

Any info greatly appreciated 

Glenn Townsend

26th July 2013

Hello, Many thanks for helping me get in touch with Kenny Sharman, I have heard from Kenny and it was quite a thrill to hear from my old home town . thank you again.   Greetings from Canada.   Any more old pals from Headley?

Peggie Kruyssen  (was Wilkson)

25th July 2013

Penryn Nursery Home

Just been looking at your site.  I have been going through some of my Mother's, now deceased, papers that l have had years and not gone through until now, and l have found a card with my name on it from Penryn Nursery Home and the date 7th March 1949. 

I was wondering what sort of home it was, and why was l there.  Can anyone tell me any information, l was born in August 1944 so was very young.

Many thanks
Brenda Jacobs (nee Gentry)

Note Penryn is also mentioned earlier - click here

19th June 2013

Re: Lane End Drive (Jane Davies note from September 2011 - click here)

I have good memories of the house. As a lad I often worked during the apple season picking season. Often we would peep though gaps in the curtains at the home cinema, wondering just what it was.
Inside the room was Jim Kentish's collection of racing bikes, a 7 R AJS and two Manx Nortons.
Jim was a regular competitor in the Isle of Man tourist trophy races and  followed his successes in the motorcycling magazines. He usually finished quite well in the races. He has also competed in Grass track racing, though at that time I didn't follow that branch of motorcycling sport.

I met Jim on the AMC stand at the motorcycle show in Earls Court twice and later he came to my workplace as a sales rep for the company. He was always very amused that as a boy I had actually picked apples for his mother, what a claim to fame!

Rita Bevan - nee Wakeford - often spoke in later life of her many invitations from Jim to go to Lane End and watch films. I understand that Jim lived to a ripe old age and that he died during 2006?

I haven't been down that lane for over sixty years and I understand it now has a different name,perhaps during my next trip to Headley I might well have a look.
I found the village pump quite by accident, I was looking for houses for sale for my daughter in Headley and clicked onto the wrong heading and I'm so glad that it did. Finding the "Pump" has uncovered so many happy days of my life some sixty to seventy years ago, all the names from my school days, happily on my part never forgotten , I look forward to rekindling many forgotten friendship.

Best wishes to all Kenny Sharman a lifetime "Headley Boy"

NOTE: Kenny and Peggie Kruyssen (née Wilkinson) have been in touch as a result of these messages.

18th June 2013

Headley and the surrounding area - two notes from Kenny Sharman

I lived in Headley from about1933 untill my marriage in 1956. I lived in a small cottage on Beech Hill - my sister was Lillian, my father Harry and mother "Ginny"

Dad was an officer in the royal artillery during the war, my headmaster my Amos, I remember Tudor Jones and Mrs Joyce Stevens  I was at Headly the Holme school and was amongst the first fifteen year old school leavers. Len Adams took the final class; he was an ex  physical training NCO in the army and was a first class teacher.

He had two sons but their names escape me. I remember just about everyone in Open Fields and regularly visit Tony Gates, Kenneth White, BobWorman, Ken Parfect, the Whiitle family, Ray Holloway, Reg Brooker, Mary Woodger I have loads of news about the village, please reply if you remember me,one clue I rode motorcycles recklessly

Best wishes Kenny Sharman eighty

and in response to various notes from Jon Coombes (Click here)

Hello Jonny, course I remember you, a dapper little chap who lived in OpenFields next door to Tom White's family - the number escapes me now. You left school at fourteen, started work at the then Lindford garage -now gone - and when your time came for National Service you were lucky enough to get into the Royal Navy, and how smart you looked in your Bell Bottoms.
When I started work I went up to Haslemere and that's about the time I lost touch with you, heck that's a long time ago.  Joined up as  a Military Policeman and went to Germany for about four years on my returning met Jean my one and only wife, fifty seven years now. she's a Hampshire girl from Bishops Waltham near Fareham.
... ...
Most of the Headley boys that you might remember are long since gone, though there are still about six from my class whom I visit often. The whole area has changed so much, though Open Fields houses remain much the same. Headley school has moved into the field opposite the houses, where we had the bonfires, the old school is now a bed shop amongst things.there is so much to tell you, I will do it if you reply.


Best wishes to you all


Kenny Sharman

13th May 2013

Hello - I am James, a current employee of the Headley Park Hotel, and since working in this amazing old building I have had a deep interest in its history particularly round the two wars, and also of the actual building as I have noticed many quirky features in the beer cellar and from outside. I was wondering if you had any more information on these matters
Many thanks

James Fryer


20th April 2013

Grayshott school and Superior Camp

I read with great interest the article about life in Superior Camp after the war when it was taken over by Petersfield Rural District Council to form temporary housing. As a child I lived in the camp at 13 Superior Road with my parents Alfred and Dora Stubbs, my sister Edith brother Richard and I attended Grayshott School and Miss (rod of iron) and Miss Fanny Foster were at times my class teacher. I remember the school was short of class rooms and Miss Foster’s class was held in Grayshott Village Hall.
We left Grayshott and moved to Liss in 1951. I left home in Liss in 1955 to join thje Army Apprentices School Arborfield and although I visit both Liss and Grayshott and Waggoners Wells once or twice a year I never returned to either village to live. After living and working overseas and East Sussex finally settled in the North East Billingham.
Although 74 next birthday my memories of my  living in Superior Camp as fresh as if it were yesterday. 
I would love to hear from any one else who lived in “The Camp” all those years ago  

Alfred Stubbs


26th March 2013

Responding to the sampler found in New York (below)

The style of the sampler is not at all consistent with the late 18th century date. The lettering does not look to be from that period, and 'by my hand' sounds deliberately archaic.

Whether or not it is Headley Hampshire, this item looks very much later than the date on it. My guess would be 20th century. Also worth noting that the church in this picture looks very American.

Miles Wynn Cato
(dealer in 17th -19th century art)


10th March 2013

Jo Smith has a Canadian puzzle concerning WW2.

Mavis Walmsley from Alberta, Canada sent me this photo of her father-in-law Pat who died 10 years ago.  She says it has written on the back : "Headley, UK."

I don't recognise the location, but I think it refers to this Headley because he was in the 22 Saskatchewan Light Horse Regiment, which came here in Summer 1943 according to another correspondent (see p.22 in 'All Tanked Up')

Mavis plans to visit Headley later this year and wonders if anyone can give her any more information about her father-in-law's regiment in Headley, and the location of the photo.



4th March 2013

Wives staying at Headley, September 1915

I have been told that wives of soldiers of the 36th (Ulster) Division travelled from Ireland to places like Headley in September 1915 to stay in boarding houses and with families, so they could be near to and spend the last few days with their husbands, before they left for the Western Front. The men had been training at Bordon & Bramshott but many never returned home from war. I wondered if anyone had any recollection of this in Headley.


6th February 2013

Ref S.Willis at 3 Openfields (below)

My wife Dorothy (nee White) recalls that the Willis family were her Uncle Stan and Aunt Lizzie, six sons Stan, John, Bob, David, Cyril and a daughter Maisie. The eldest three boys were in the Army, Navy and Airforce during the war, and as Uncle Stan would have been 40 at the outbreak, the one sought would most probably be Cousin Stan or maybe Cousin Sid.
Of these I believe Bob is the only one living.

George Robins

21st January 2013

S Willis of Open Fields, Headley

I am wondering if anyone has any knowledge of a Mr S Willis who was living at 3, Open Fields, Headley in the late 1940s/early 1950s?
He served in the RAF during WWII and I believe that he may have been a Warrant Officer and may have been aircrew.

Mark Instone


12th January 2013

In response to 'Messingham' (click here)

There was a George Knight living in Standford in the 1930s/40s/50s/60s; not sure of his wife’s christian names. They had 2 sons,  George (known as little George) and Leslie.  this may not be the ones as there were (are) a lot of Knights in the area.

Denis Payne


8th January 2013

A solider based at Erie camp in 1948/49

Hi, I am looking for some information about a solider based at Erie camp around 1948/49, his name is possibly Don Johnson?

He dated a girl called Ollie Etherington, if anyone has any information on him or anyone named Don who was in this camp at this time I would appreciate it, many thanks.

Nicholette Morgan


5th January 2013

(in response to David Davey's note in September 2012 - click here)

Hi David Davey

I was at Penryn when you were there! (I think your nickname was Shrimp!) Penryn burned down and has now three new builds on the site in Headley Down. I was there from 1960 - 1968.

Dan Knight


15th December 2012


I am doing family tree history research and my great grandma is Mary Ann Messingham.

I would like to get the right birth certificate for this person, she married George Knight.

Any useful information would be most grateful.

Penny Gibbon

17th November 2012

The Headley Needlepoint sampler 1799 by Frances Lee *(here) is now in my possession, at least I am presuming it is the same.

I am wondering what the person who listed it found out about it, as I bought it quite inexpesively. It looks real. 


Jon Connolly


29th September 2012

in response to Dave West (March 2011 - click here)

Strange to read this. I bumped into Peter's brother in Tesco Bordon. His name was Alan; I lived next door to the Cains in no. 29

Irene Horlock

... praise for J S Arials, Lindford.

Just like to recommend John for our local aerial and satellite sky installer, we had a lighting strike, he came round 7pm fixed the amplifier for my mum under the arch top of Barley Mow Hill. Next day came round and installed sky and free view in my entire home. John is highly recommended; he is on 01420 472669

Kenton Mann

18th September 2012

Cathy Callaghan

I used to work with a Cathy Callaghan many years ago who lived at Erie Camp and married an Eric Stevens as I am no longer living near Headley I wondered if it is her.

Suzanne Titcomb Singh

5th September 2012

Penryn Childrens Home
In response to David Davy (below)

Hello David
Were you there when Olive was nurse? She used to bring some of the children to my house in the afternoons  and we would all go for walks to the local swing park.



30th August 2012

Penryn Childrens Home

Hi all, looking for any info on Penryn Childrens Home.
Resided there from1965-69 and would love to hear from anyone who was staying there, or anybody who knew the boys and girls, about nine of us.

David Gordon Davy

4th August 2012

Visiting Headley Down

What a lovely 60th birthday suprise I had last week. A mystery tour from home in Oxford down to Hampshire. We travelled down the leafy lanes heading towards Headley without me having a clue as to where we were going. That is until we passed the Headley sign post. I was thrilled to the point of tears as wonderful memories of my grandparents and their lovely home in Ferndale Terrace (now known as Fullers Cottages) came flooding back.

It was great to discover that little had changed in all those years. We stopped off to see the pond where we used to plonk stones as tiny children and visited the lovely cottage on Pond Road which we used to call Siddells Cottage, mostly unchanged but no Mrs Siddell of course.
We started off with the church, through the lynch gate that our grandfather helped erect in search of our great-grandparents grave, followed by a quick lunchtime drink in the village pub. It was lovely to see the iron seat still running round the big old tree in the centre that my sister and I used to clamber on while grandmother shopped.

The drive on the terrace has been tarmaced since, and the short grassy steps down to the vale has disappeared along with grandfather's shed and garage. The allotment plot opposite the cottage where they grew fresh vegetables is now a car port. The mossy bank at the back appears to have been bricked.

Otherwise all remains as beautiful as it was 60 years ago.

Wendy Buckingham (nee Nash)

8th May 2012

Captain G E Malcolm

I have recently bought a spirit kettle which was "presented to Captain G E Malcolm M.C. the Gordon Highlanders on the occasion of his marriage by the members of the Sgt's Mess 4th Gordon Highlanders 12th February 1924".
I know that he led the 1st Battalion King's Own Scottish Borderers on Saturday 1st July 1916 at the battle of the Somme. I have also found an entry for him in the Headley Down phone book at a later date living at Birchmont, Headley Down. Can anyone else tell me more about him and his family?

Many thanks

Lesley Speak


18th April 2012

Just spent a "Happy Hour" reading the Headley Report 2012. I guess there are few villages that can boast such a comprehensive website; Congratulations to the producer(s). The highlight of the report for me was the cover photograph of the ford and footbridge, bringing back so many memories of a happy childhood in Standford.

Denis Payne


Lynda Ross

I am a friend of Lynda Ross nee Coombes(58) she went to live in Australia, much formerly of Church Fields. Sadly Lynda died on 27/12/11 after a long illness. She returned last year and enjoyed a trip round old haunts to reminisce, sad news for those of us who knew and loved her.

Anita Austin


13th November 2011

Tryphena Thomas and Mary Ewsters

Hello Headley, I have found that my ancestors Mary Ewsters and Tryphena Thomas are both buried in All Saints Churchyard, mary in 1855 and Tryphena in 1825. Tryphena's husband was John, a doctor, and Mary's husband was William, a successful brazier and metal worker in the East End. He built Arford House and retired to Headley but how Tryphena ended there I do not know, as she too was from the East End originally. The maiden name of both women was Dale. Please contact me

Ros Boon

13th November 2011

in response to the sampler found in New York (below)

Do your Lees include anyone named Edith or Sarah, dates of birth c1770, or Anne who married John Lee c 1740? If so, please email

Ros Boon

24th October 2011

'Found in New York'.

Calling the historians! - Jo Smith has been sent a puzzle...

I've received this image of what appears to be a sampler of Headley made in 1799.

It was sent to me by Steven L. Fialkowski who said: "I recently came across a needlepoint done by the hand of someone by the name of Frances Lee. It depicts the Headley Village in 1799. I am trying to learn more about the piece itself and also of Frances Lee. I would also like to determine what the value of such a piece would be. I could not find any information on the name. Any help that you can give me with trying to learn more would be greatly appreciated."

The heading on his message says 'Found in New York'.

Although the Lee family was around in Headley in 1799 (there are several of their gravestones in the churchyard and the sundial of 1784 was dedicated to "John LEE and William LEE, Churchwardens") I can't find mention of a Frances Lee in our records.

I suggested to him that we put it up on the Pump to see if anyone has any ideas about it.  It certainly has a water mill, and the church has a spire as ours did in those days - but I don't recognise anything else.


Could it have been childhood memories of Headley from someone then living in America?


8th August 2011

Jo Smith has passed in some information ... and the Coombes family links information grows...

Andrew Thorburn-Ruse put a note on the Pump in March (click here), but today I met him and his wife in the flesh.  Hers is an interesting story  - see this article reproduced from the Columbia Valley Pioneer for details - and it has a Headley connection as her mother was a Headley girl, Alice Wilkinson née Coombes.

Here is a picture of Alice taken near where the Holme school is now in about 1938/39 - you'll recognise the houses - Alice is on the left and her sister Nell is on the right.  The man in the middle we think is a Jack Cooper.


Alice Coombes Jack Cooper (?) Nell Coombes


They would like to know if anyone in Headley recognises Jack Cooper, or even better, knows who took the photo!

For info see also the post from Jon Coombes to the Pump (click here) - he is the younger brother of these ladies, but apparently can't help in answering the question.


2nd August 2011

responding to Lynda Ross last March (cick here), Sarah Watson writes...

I remember you Lynda, I lived across the fence at no. 58 Churchfields with mum dad and my four brothers and little sister.

I remember your mum catching several friends and I climbing on the school roof one Sunday. She recognised us and called us down, we were given the choice of being reported to Mr. Lee or our parents. As I knew I would get a thrashing from my dad I opted for Mr. Lee. He paraded us around the school and referred to us as "monkeys,".

Sarah Watson

14th July 2011

Pan's Field  Headley

I am looking for information about a place called Pan's Field in Headley, I do not have the address.  However, my great aunt, Mrs Kate Grice, died there on the 29th. December 1914, Mrs. Josephine Brown being present at her death. The death was certified by Dr.S F Crowther Smith

Does anyone know whether Pan's Field was a private residence or a nursing home?  Another strange fact was that the death was not registered until six months after it had occurred.  Perhaps there was a coroner's enquiry or inquest?
Can anyone suggest a local paper that might have an account of any inquest that may have taken place?  The death was registered on 28th. June 1915.

I live in Lincolnshire, and am getting on a bit myself, so cannot make the journey down to search, but would appreciate any help or information that can be provided.

Thank you    Nan Overton  (Mrs)

13th July 2011

Debby Ions asked in March 2010 (click here) what the school in Honeysuckle Lane was called.

I attended the school, run by a Mrs Betty Ford, from age 2 and a half to 5 and a half, when I moved to the Holme School.  I always thought of it as Mrs Ford's, but having just looked out my reports from the school from the early 1960's, I find it was actually called Carrick House School.

Lynn Crabtree (Harris)

2nd April 2011

Once again I have the pleasure to help the Pump...
Alice Wilkinson nee Coombes was my sister. She passed away after emigrating to Canada. She lost her husband in the battle of Singapore and later re married here in Canada
Alice was the first of our family to emigrate; my sisters Ellen (Nell), Florence, and Kathleen came out as war brides . My brother Ron my sister Marina (Rena) and myself John came later. I have lived here now since1974 and was the last to arrive.

Most of us settled in Alberta where Marina, Ron and I still live. As one would expect we have grown to a large Canadian family and this year 2011 plan to hold a reunion bringing in relatives from the UK, Australia and New Zealand. I was born in 1930 and I was 7 in a family of 10

If I can be of further help please contact me - I just love the Pump

Jon Coombes Alberta Canada

22nd March 2011

Headley Village 1931 to 1940

I am making enquiries into Persons who lived in Headley between the above dates. In particular to a lady called Alice Coombes (later Wilkinson).

She was married in the Parish Church on 2nd July 1932. Her address is given as Chestnut Cottage, Arford, Headley. Her employment at that time is unknown. She later worked for a Mrs. Kentish at Lane End, Headley, possibly as late as 1938/early 1939.

Any information known about Alice Coombes, the people she is believed to have worked for, the addresses she lived at, who the Parish Minister was in 1932, and was the same minister in office in 1939 will be greatly appreciated.

If anyone has knowledge of any person, possibly not now living in Headley, who lived in the Village at that time. I would very much like to meet and talk with them.

Thanks Very Much
Andrew Thorburn-Ruse

12th March 2011

...responding to Michael Spear's Erie Camp note (Click Here)

Our family (the West family) lived in Erie Camp at number 56 (I think).  I do remember you even though I was a young boy back then, and you would have known my eldest brother, Terry.  There was also Derek, David (me!), Peter, and Michael.  In front of our house lived Kenny Armstrong with his parents, and behind us lived the Ayres family.
We did move down to Churchfields in the early 60's. One of my best mates back then was Peter Cain - do you know of his whereabouts by any chance?  
Most of the family live in Devon now.  My oldest brother, Terry, died over 20 years ago.
I vaguely remember you back in the 50's and 60's and agree with you that they were the good old days!!
Dave West



9th March 2011

Lane End .. Jane Davies responds to a note from Andrew Thorburn ( click here)

I came across your enquiry purely by chance. We are the current owners of Lane End in Headley Fields. We recently did some house history research into our house and so we know that Mrs Kentish lived here.

We know that Cicely Kentish lived at Lane End around the time you  are concerned with. She was the widow of Captain Kentish who was killed in 1918.  We believe that she built  what was previously a Cinema Room on to the house around this time which we had been told was built for the use of her son. It became Headley's cinema and locals would come down to watch films.

We also have some information from John Owen Smith (which I can email you with later). It contains part of a letter form Mr Frederick Dean talking of joining the cubs which met at Lane End and mentions Mrs Kentish as being Akela

The previous occupants of Lane End were the Willis Family and may well remember a bit more about her as they bought the house in the mid 1950's.

We would  also be interested to know if you found any other information about Mrs Kentish as we are keen to know as much as possible about  any previous residents of the house.

Jane Davies

9th March 2011

Kit Callaghan & daughters  Phyllis Dawn ( Pearce ) & Kathleen(Stevens) : 24 Erie Camp

I am trying to find photos and info on Kit's daughters Phyllis Dawn Callaghan (Pearce) and Kathleen.

It is Dawn's 70th birthday August 30th and we are giving her a suprise party but we have no photos of either daughters when growing up on Erie camp and beyond. If anybody has any, or remembers them please contact me.

Rgds Guy Stevens


4th March 2011

Emma Kate Smedley

My Grandfather Charles Robertson McLeod and Emma Kate Smedley were married in the parish Church in April 1924. Emma's address is listed as Headley Mill Farm. I believe she had a sister Ivy Elizabeth too. Her father Alfred is listed as a canteen manager.
Does anyone have any information on how I can also access Bordon Camp records to search and Charles was in the forces.


24th February 2011

I originally wrote to the Pump asking for information, ( July 2008 - click here) that I was incorrect with what I had, and was delighted to be put right.

Since that time I have been pursuing a family tale about Richard Coombs (the spelling changing in later years to Coombes) that he was transported for a crime and returned.
I have indeed found out about his crime and have information regarding his sentence and his time in Tasmania. Anyone who would like to have this information I can scan the details I have received from the Tasmanian Government and the Hampshire records office.
It was a fascinating story about Richard and his wife Harriet White.

Deborah Read (nee Coombes)

24th January 2011

Commenting on Harry Ellis' information (below - click here) Denis Payne ...

That's interesting. I used to see them when walking past the mill on my way to Bordon Council School, but didn't know that they were building a shed. I used to hurry by because although I knew they were prisoners of war, to my young and over fertile mind they were still dangerous!

Denis Payne

23rd January 2011

In response to Lynda Barnes 15/09/09 post regarding Belton (click here); I was told that my Grandmother Thirza was born Burrows and became Smith on marriage.

The 1881 census, (see Jo Smith's historical part of the Headley website - click here), suggests that she was born Belton and became Burrows when her mother, Kate Georgina, married. She was raised in Churt. The attached picture from 1891 is of Thirza with her mother and baby brother Samuel. As a kid I used to hear my mother mention lots of the names in the list; including "Uncle Levy". Seems a big coincidence that there is a Levy Burrows listed in the census but our family remember him as Belton.


The census also links the name Belton to Bitton. Any ideas?

Paul Allan




19th January 2011

In response to the items about German POWs (March 2009... click here), Harry Ellis writes

My late father John Ellis told me that a brick shed (always referred to as the Rat Barn!) in the yard at Headley Mill was built by German prisoners of war.

Harry Ellis

30th November 2010

Alan Knight

Any news about Alan Knight , lived in The White House, High Street ?

Brian Dean


24th November 2010

Erie Camp Headley

We moved to Erie Camp 1951 it would be good to hear from anyone - they were the good old days.

Michael Spear

1st October 2010

Miss Verner's Bentley

I am currently researching the history of my neighbour's vintage Bentley, which was purchased new in 1926 by a Miss Violet Verner. The car was a 2-seater sports model registered YP 7661, and it seems likely that the first owner was the 'Miss Violet Verner' of Crab Tree Farm (now Yeoman's Place) in Headley. If any readers can confirm this, or have any local photographs of the period showing such a car, I would be delighted to hear from them.

Mike North 

12th May 2010

William Bundy

I was born in the school house on the green, I am now living in Manchester area and am 85 years old,  I married here and lost my wife to asthma eight years ago.
Thanks to all of the contribitors to the pump, I love to read them all, I left Headley at 11 years old but still return at times to visit my family graves at church gate.

love to all, Bill.

9th May 2010


VE Day 1945 was a day of national celebration, and Standford  Green was the site for a bonfire on a magnificent scale. 

My father ( much to my surprise ) allowed me to use our horse and cart to bring boxes, crates and anything combustible from Passfield Mill (which at that time was used by Sainsburys as a distribution depot) to the green.  Large wooden cheese crates were laid out and crushed by running the cart wheels over them. Many young hands helped with  the collection of rubbish, much of which I’m sure would be recycled today!  

My recollection of the event  was that it was all done with very little help or guidance from any grown ups!! Apart from myself , others taking part included Pat, Bernard and Tony Nash, Pam Kemp and Dolly Putman, all from Robin Hood Cottages; Les Knight,  George and Elsie Bullock, Gwennie and Lindy Goss (and maybe their brother Ron,)  John and Pat Leggatt were there too I’m sure.  There were also children from Passfield, Hollywater and Lindford.   I’m a bit hazy about the actual day on which this event was held as there was a party for all the Bordon school kids in the camp and  I have a feeling that  took place on the actual day so maybe the Standford “do” was a day or two later. 

Many Canadian  soldiers from Bordon Camp came down for the evening  as the  “Robin Hood” pub at the side of the green was a favourite watering hole for servicemen throughout the war

Denis Payne

2nd April 2010

In response to Anne Kaye below, Rose was able to find William living in Whitehill in 1901 with wife Florence. Anne was able to confirm this was the correct family and is in further correspondence.

14th March 2010

William May

My maternal great grandfather was William May who lived at Pine Cottage Hogmore Road, Bordon Hants with his wife and family. He was a plumber and worked at some time on the refurbishment of Lord Mayor Treloar Hospital. Any info gratefully welcome.

Anne Kaye


11th March 2010

Honeysuckle Lane

Would anyone remember the name of the school (maybe a nursery school) that was in Honeysuckle Lane around 1960?

Debby Ions

3rd March 2010

A very dear friend of mine, who lives in Honeysuckle lane, passed on the Headley village pump to me, isn't it great.
I was born in Headley in 1953, and went to to Holme school, my mum Brenda Coombes was the caretaker there for years. I read the message from Bob Miller, what a memory he has, fancy someone living in Liphook road, going out with a girl from the council estate.

I was one of "Skippers" girl guides, and still to this day use her tips and advice.  What a wonderful lady she was.   I saw that my cousin Gail Cam, and my uncle John both from Canada have been in touch.  It's a very small world.
Somewhere here I have an old school photo, I shall try and send it to you. 

Mum and dad lived on the village green in tin huts after the war.  Also my grandparents are buried in the village church yard.  Grandad Coombes was one of the last broom squires in the village.  My aunty 'Art, ran the Holly Bush pub for years, I think my dad was her best customer.  He used to tell mum he was helping her to bottle up, but we knew different!!.

Keep up this wonderful site, it's lovely to look down memory lane.  And would you believe it,  I too live in Australia, so look out Bob Miller.

Lynda Ross, Australia

28th February 2010

Crista has responded with contact details for both Norma Page and Gloria Rooney Rudisill which have been passed on.

26th February 2010

Pauline Nicol

I went to the Holme School from 1963-1969 and was best friends with Pauline Nicol. I would love to trace her again as I have had no luck with Friends Reunited. Does anybody know where she is now?
She lived in Curtis Lane with her Mum and sister Elaine, her Dad died in the late 60's I think.
We then went to Eggars Grammer in Alton. The last time I saw her was in the 80's when she was living in Battle in Sussex with her husband Guy.

Norma Page ( nee Collins )

24th February 2010

Lane End and Mrs Kentish

Hello, I am doing some Family research. This has led me to your Village. The period I am most concerned with is just before the start of the Second World War, 1937 to 1940. In particular a house called Lane End and a lady called Mrs. Kentish who lived there at that time, I am also interested in any persons who worked for her or who may have resided with her.

I know this is a long shot. I am hoping that your Village has a resident or two who can remember that far back and that you can put me in touch with them.    It is my intention soon to visit the area and it would be helpful if I have somewhere to at least start.

I will be very grateful for any assistance you can give.

Andrew Thorburn

14th February 2010

Linda Warren has responded to the enquiry about Silvers (click here)

There was for many years a shop in West Street Farnham which was called Silvers, a mens outfitters, it was at the bottom of Castle St. next to the Nat West Bank

Linda Warren

8th February 2010

I am trying to reconnect with two childhood friends from Headley... they  were the grandchildren of Bellingers grocery (this was The Store in Arford) and Collins the coffin maker (? builders ? at the Corner House at Arford).

In 1952 they would have still been in Headley  and probably longer than that... their dad was still in Headley in the late 1960s.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Gloria Rooney Rudisill

(Marian Plummer, having seen this note added "I would also like to know where the Bellinger girls are now. I was at school with them; will you let me know if you find anything out about them.")

22nd January 2010

Looking for Tony

My son visited Headley as a teenager, and visited Symon's uncle Tony who owned a mens clothing store called Silver or Silvers.  I am trying to find out if the shope is still there and if Tony is still the owner.  Anyone know how I can get in contact with Tony?

Pauline McCallum

21st January 2010

Irene Horlock responded to Terry Smith's note below:

Penryn  Home was on the main road up to Ludshott Common just after Holly Close and before Carlton Road, It sat just off the road has been knocked down and is now a block of flats 

Irene Horlock

16th January 2010

Penryn Nursery Home, Headley Down, Hants - 1949

I am trying to find out any information on the above Nursery Home between  Ferburary 1949 and April 1949. If there is any records of patients and where they would be kept. Also where this home was situated.
I would be grateful for any info.
Terry R Smith 

28th November 2009

Superior Connections - in response to Ivor Harrison (click here)

I used to know Ivor at Superior Camp - lived next door and would like to know what happened to him and his family. I also knew the Coombes from Headley 

Suzanne Titcomb

28th November 2009

Herbert and Lucy Coombes. In response to Dean Coombes (click here).

Hi Dean, My Grandfather Arthur John Coombes had a brother Herbert Henry Coombes born around 1899 in Headley, who married a Lucy Maria Coombs in Selborne in 1926. Lucy I believe came from the Petersfield area but whose family originally came from Wiltshire. I was wondering if these are the couple referred to. (Nutty and Lucy).

Herbert used to visit my Grandfather from time to time in Portsmouth, until about 1978. One of their sisters, Minnie Coombes married a Russell and they moved to London in 1905. One of their grandsons, Michael Russell lives not far from me in Kent. Two other members of the family, their sister Kate and brother William emigrated to Ontario Canada in the early 1900's and I have been in touch with some of the Coombes clan there. Michael used to regularly visit the Coombes's in Canada. Members of the Coombes family are now spread from St. Johns Newfoundland all across Canada I understand.
I was also aware, (from a photograph my grandfather had), that there was a Miss Coombes, a relative, who graduated through Harvard? University in America in the 1950/60's. I have often wondered who that might have been.

We have a photograph of Herbert's parents, James Coombes and Annie Ayling, with some of their children in front of their house taken in late Victorian times as well as a photograph of James's mother Harriet Belton, born 1828. You are welcome to copies of these if you wish.     

Neil Coombes    

24th November 2009

Ivor Harrison wrote in response to the item from mick Smith (click here)

Hello Mick, got your info from Superior camp. I was brought up at Superior Camp - we lived at 14 Superior Crescent  and we are the Harrisons.  Brother Melv, sisters Jean, Fankie and Rose. My name is Ivor, and I loved the Memories that I had as a child, I was wondering if you remembered my family,

Kind regards, Ivor.

11th November 2009

Michael Cardwell -- policemans son 1956/60 ? Does anyone have any news of Michael ?

Brian Dean


10th November 2009

Hope you remember me. (click here)
I asked about finding family in Headley, Bordon and Whitehill. Just to let you know that I did connect with a lot of family when I went out to Lethbridge in Alberta last July. It was wonderful. I also got to meet again Wendy and Terry Thornhill, it was such a great time. I am planning to go again this year and apparently there will be family from Australia as well as England.

If there is still a chance that anyone would like to get in touch,please tell them that I would love to hear from them.

Thankyou for helping me to find so many people.
               Yours, with so much gratitude, Gail Cam.Thunderbay Ontario,Canada

25th September 2009

Belton family in response to Lynda Barnes (Click Here)

My family originally came from Headley. Mine moved to Battersea, London.

Karen Belton

17th September 2009

Edy Tomkins and The Croft, Stonehill

Alec Cooper has written for help in finding some information about a relative

I have managed to obtain the place of death of a relative, William Edward Tomkins, from the death certificate. He died on 29 Sept 1921 aged 17 with his adoptive parent in attendance whilst living at The Croft, Stonehill, Headley - but I am unable to locate this house.

He was originally from Bethnall Green - fifth of six surviving children living in a two bedroom house. His mother worked in one of the big houses in the area, and he accompanied her - which is probably how he came to be adopted. Evidently his new 'family’ moved to Headley. The 1911 Census gives the details of the adoption by two spinster sisters named Lillian and Hilda Wilson.

Hilda Wilson was recorded at the address of The Croft, Stonehill. Does anyone can remember anything about The Croft or the two sisters?

He is buried in the Churchyard of All Saints. I discovered this whilst searching The Headley Society web site for any clue as to the whereabouts of The Croft. (Jo Smith has been able to confirm this, but there is no further information available about the house from the Headley Society records). The Church register records that "Edy" as they called him was disabled, which confirms the family story of him having a humped back.

I would be grateful for any information

Alec Cooper

September 2009

The reminiscences of Pearl Patricia Rushton have been sent through to the site - and are available to read here with thanks to Sue Hodgkinson and Geoff Rushton.

15th September 2009

Belton family

I am researching my family tree and have managed to go back to 1680. On the 1891 census the address for Stephen & Harriett Belton was Stream, Headley. They had 7 children, James, Elizabeth, Annie, Fanny, Edith, Margaret & Frederick.
There are many other branches of the Belton family in Headley and Bramshott, but by 1901 it looks like they have moved away. Many moving to Teddington, Middx. Does anyone know if there was any reason for mass exodus from the area?
Does anyone have any links with the Belton family?

Lynda Barnes

9th September 2009

WW2 in Headley and District.

The 70th anniversary of the start of WW2 has refreshed my interest in war related events in Headley and district and I am wondering if anyone has researched and catalogued such happenings and published them in book form?
Several occurrences come to mind:  The forced landings of a Typhoon fighter and Airspeed Oxford hospital plane on Ludshott common.  The Wellington bomber that crashed on Weavers Down. The air attack on the Army laundry on Broxhead common.  The crash of a light aircraft (I think it was an Auster) on Reg Thackeray's poultry farm at the top of Tulls Lane. (A wet and windy night but that didn't prevent me and many others from being there to see the resulting inferno. Fortunately the crew had baled out)
The German bomber that aimed to take out the searchlight in the field at the side of Hollywater road with a bomb that narrowly missed the site's living quarters. The first V2 to fall in the area which came down at Forest Mere, near Liphook. 

There must be other events such as these, and I know that such a record  would have limited interest, but there have been several such publications here in West Wales and I'm sure there must be similar books for people like me who are increasingly living in the past!

Denis Payne

6th September 2009

In response to Dean Coombes (click here)

Hi Dean,
I remember Nutty & Lucy well - used to play bingo with them at Beachill working men's club on Saturday nights in the 1960's. They were a couple of characters!

Marian Plummer

5th September 2009

Sue Hodgkinson wrote in with items for three of the earlier items...

In response to Loretta Brown (click here)

Loretta, I have the Memoirs of Pearl Patricia Rushton - her Grandmother's name was Caroline Kemp (nee Hunt), the Memoirs start off with Pearl's life in Selborne.  I have a copy if you would like it.

Responding to Sylvia Pickup (click here)

Sylvia, The name Voller appeared at Superior Camp in Grayshott 1948 - 1956.  I remember a girl called called Dee Dee Voller, she lived next door to the Goodwins.

and for Pat Nightingale (click here)

Whilst doing some research into the history of Superior Camp, I came across a drawing of the layout of the huts and it is signed by you.

I also lived at Superior Camp from 1948 to 1956 and I can remember quite a few of the families.  I do not recall your name though.  What was your address?


Sue Hodgkinson


2nd September 2009

Do any of you remember my grand parents Nutty (Herbert) and Lucy Coombes from Furze Hill Road???

Dean Coombes


30th August 2009

Erie Camp and Dee Cornwall

We lived at  no. 23 Erie Camp from 1958 until 1972 when it was knocked down to make way for Heatherlands, happy days! I remember the Cornwall family so hopefully you remember me Dee, my name in those days was Gatcum

Marian Plummer

20th August 2009

Erie Camp (in response to Irene Horlock's earlier note - click here)

I also remember it, we lived in No 7 ERIE CAMP, and we were with the first lot of families to move into a new house on Heatherland

Dee Hyde (Nee Cornwall)


28th June 2009

Winifred Nichol

My name used to be Margaret Collinson, my nan was Winifred Nichol who used to live at 24 The Triangle, Lindford. Sadly she died in 1977 after she moved to Churchfields Road, Headley. She used to take me as a young child to the Royal Exchange pub in Lindford.

I would very much like to hear from anyone that remembers her or indeed has a photo of her as I have none. Please could someone help me with this. thank you

Margaret Crowley

17th June 2009

Youth Fellowship

Hello Michael,
Thanks for posting the photo of the '52 youth fellowship group.  I emigrated to the states in '52 or perhaps might have been in it.  Oddly the names you mention are the only ones in the photo that I can recall.  Ken Skidmore is my cousin,  John Watts was a classmate and Jim Wade was also a classmate until he went off to grammar school, but I do remember him cycling past my house each day on the way to school.  Jim had a sister named Doreen I believe.

Mickey Rooney (Nicolai)

4th June 2009

Youth Fellowship

Hello again,  I see that Mike has added more to the Youth Fellowship "saga" and I am a little reluctant to add anything further as it may seem that the "pump" is being taken over by former members indulging in personal trips down memory lane!
Having said that, I forward the following in reply to his latest comments.

The first post war trip for the Youth Fellowship was to the Channel Islands in 1948. In August of the following year the leaders organised a holiday in Switzerland which began disastrously when we all had to spend a night in a railway carriage in Boulogne sidings while the Rector returned to London.
The problem being that the multiple passport on which many of us were travelling was incorrectly filled in. Joyce Stevens remained with us to keep us out of mischief!!  He returned the next day with the corrected document and we resumed our journey and had a great time. I attach a photo taken by the Rev. Tudor Jones when we walked from our hotel into the town of Chateaux d'Oex in the Bernese Oberland. (to see the photograph, click here to go to the 'Past Times Gallery')

Denis Payne

... the continuing saga of the Youth Fellowship is interesting... but as Denis suggests, these pages could be swamped... if there is more to contribute on the fellowship, I think we will shortly have enough to justify a separate section to cover those stories... so if you do have more to send in please do and we'll arrange accordingly! ..


1st June 2009

Youth Fellowship holiday 1952 some earlier notes here, and shown on the Past Times page - click here

The photo was taken around 1952, when we went to a large house in the New Forest. It shows those in the fellowship as well as other groups who were staying. In the back row from the left were a group of French girls who had lost their fathers, airmen, in the war.
At the end of the back row the last four were in our party, Mike Adams, our coach driver, Kenny Skidmore, and John Watts. In the middle row at the right end is Jim Wade. Looking along the row I can recognise a number of faces but sadly have forgotten their names.
The front row contains in third and fourth from the left the two leaders of the group,Rev. Tudor-Jones and Joyce Stevens. These are followed by an unknown group which may have included the staff who ran the house, and then another group from Headley, where Hazel Parfect is fifth from the right.
Possibly in 1953 the Fellowship went to Switzerland, this being a joint effort with another Youth group.The following year was a return to the New Forest house named Avon Tyrrell. Mike has provided a picture of the Avon Tyrell trip - shown on the Past Times page - click here

(There are pictures from a later trip to Switzerland - see notes for that trip here)

Michael Adams


29th May 2009

More from Michael Adams

My father when a teacher...

I think he taught for a short period at the Bordon school, probably changing to Headley school in the summer of 1947. He seemed to operate on the principle that he and I were never in the same school at the same time, for I was then moved to Grayshott school. What suggests it was in the summer is that I was definitely in Headley for the long cold winter that year.

On the kind Canadian theme do you remember the morning milk issue? No longer in third pint freezing bottles but made into warming cups of chocolate! This was said to be thanks to Canadians.
When I left Grayshott school at the end of the summer term of 1948 it left it free for my father to move there, possibly for the new autumn term but there may have been a short gap. He stayed there a number of years before moving on to Shottermill school.

Michael Adams

27th May 2009

Denis Payne responded to Mike Adams note:


I remember you and I think your father was a schoolmaster at Headley around that time. He refereed a youth football match in which I took part and which was played on the Rectory field on Nov. 20th 1947, the day of the Queen and Prince Philip's wedding. All schools were closed for the day but of course no TV on which to watch the ceremony.
I took the Youth Fellowship photo using my camera's delayed action and in the original picture I am on the extreme right standing on a chair, but removed myself when I cropped the photo to cut out too much background! I may be wrong but I think the boy next to you is Leonard (Herbie) Hack. The girl immediately behind you is Marie Rice who became my wife but who sadly died 30 years ago.
I think you are right about the camp being a detention centre for those troops who had misbehaved as it was known as the "glasshouse", a wartime term for such establishments.
Until late 1943 I attended Bordon Council School and  the Christmas parties given to us by the Bordon Canadians will forever remain in my memory. With a daughter married to a Canadian for 25 years and living in Vancouver I always feel a special affinity with the people of that nation when we visit.

Denis Payne

25th May 2009

Prison Camp (see also the earlier references here)

This camp gave a party to the local children at Christmas, and was eagerly waited for by them. The food was eye-opening, for in addition to the usual fare was ice cream, something never seen before in their lives. Also we all had a home made present to take home. Once it was a simple wooden block boat painted in primary colours, another time it was a full size wooden scooter also with wooden wheels! Sadly it didn't last long on the rough tracks where we lived.
Who was imprisoned I can't recall, my mother says it was the military prison for misbehaving Canadian forces, while I think at one time it may have held Italian prisoners.

The site was not completely secure from adventurous boys, especially near the sewage settlement ponds. Here could be collected tomato plant seedlings in profusion which were wanted by gardeners. To the disappointment of some the tomatoes were not the spherical type they expected but the pendulous variety. This may be why I have the notion of Italians being involved.That Italians were present could be seen for many years after the war.

The tanks that trained on the common destroyed most of the vegetation, causing considerable erosion. This sandy soil washed down and settled in Fullers Vale pond,reducing its capacity and causing flooding. To prevent this brushwood barriers were built and placed in the gullies to slow down and hold back surges. Where this was not possible structures were built with sandbags, sometimes concrete filled. When the outside had nearly set firm, some had the sandbag cover partly removed and messages inscribed.

Michael Adams

21st May 2009

Past Times Photos (click here)

In the first picture the girl on the far left is thought to be Joan Dowler, my mother's younger sister.
In the third picture (of the Youth Fellowship) I am in the front row, far left. The third boy along I think is Kenneth Skidmore. In the third row on the far right could be Tony Hedgecock.

Michael Adams

8th May 2009

following John Coombes' note in October last year (click here), Mark Watson has contacted us:


I lived in Headley until I was 14 and my family have long associations with the village. My reason for responding to your post is that via my grand father and father I have inherited a sea/travel chest which interests me. It possibly belonged to a Canadian soldier during ww2. It is made from wood of simple construction and originally the following could be seen on the top: Captain D. Woods – Easy Company – Wanted on voyage. I have often wondered what became of Captain Woods and wondered if his family would be interested in its existence. I believe that my grand father acquired the chest whilst working at Bordon camp after he left the Royal Artillery in 1946.


Mark Watson

1st May 2009


 I’m trying to locate an old school friend of mine whom I last had contact with in the late 1960s. I’ve tried “Friends Re-united”, our old school and similar web-sites and also the BT phone number site with no luck, so I would be very grateful for any help you could give me.
His name is Alan Willmott and he would be aged between 66 and 67 years old.
The last address I had for him was:-

The Paddock,

We went to Harrow County School for Boys, starting in 1953. At that time he was living in Woodcock Hill, Kenton, Middlesex.
When he left school he went to work for Kodak.
The last time I saw him was when we were both at Birkbeck College, London University, although not on the same course.

I realise 40 years is a long time and he could be anywhere in the world by now, perhaps the current owners of the property may have some information about him or the previous owners.


John Reeves



28th April 2009

Marian Plummer (Kenward) has passed two notes in for David Wildish and Mickey Rooney which have been passed on to them.

16th March

In response to Mickey Rooney's item from 2nd December last year (click here), Jim Smith writes

I had seen a short biography of a Howard Germen O.B.E and was looking for more info and came across your inquiry.
He claimed he was the Commandant of a Mil Prison, Headley Downs, for POWs. A German General, Kurt Meyer was in residence at the time. I can find no other record of the prison. Seems a bit strange.

Jim Smith

14th March 2009

I just wish to thank you and your pages for helping me connect with some of my family again (see link here). There is to be a family re-union in Lethbridge Alberta in July this year and I plan on being there.

I just wish I had heard from anyone there that remembers me and my children, Alex, Wayne and Kieron Fullick. Some family that I lost touch with are Ian Robertson and his wife Dana, Donald Windle and his wife Cilla.
Anything would be a help if someone knows these people and can help me get in touch.

Thankyou again and I will keep you updated.

Gail Cam

Glenda responded on 16th March

Donald and Cilla Windle live not far from me at Whitehill

Glenda Marston

28th February 2009

Youth Fellowship - Switzerland 1957 - response to George Robins note in December

Hi George, I was on that trip my name is Ron Coombes, the dark haired fellow is Richard Gardner and the girl I think is Ann Hagerty who lived in Scotland, was a relative of someone from Farnham. Weren't we handsome boys!!!

best wishes Ron

25th February 2009

The Hannant Family

Hi, I am researching the Hannant family and wondered if anybody knew anything of the family, as two of the children were born in Headley, The father was Robert Hannant, his wife was Mary Hannant (Irish) and they had 6 sons, Robert, Charlie, William, David, Frederick and Benjamin (the last two boys were born in Headley).

Charlie (my great grandfather) fought in WW1 with the KSLI and was killed in action in 1914. His wife was Edith, and his children Gladys Mary and Charles (who died 11 months old); he signed up at Bordon. Edith died in 1919 and my grandmother Gladys was orphaned, she lived with relatives (not sure if on the Hannant side). She lived in India for a while then was sent home ill, and ended up with family in the Alton area so I am assuming with Hannants. She then went into service in Farnham.

Does anyone know anything or have information I would love to know. Many thanks.

Debbie O'Connor

Jaqui Lever responded

I hope I can help with Debbie O'Connor's Hannat query. I picked the message up when using "google" for Hannant.

I am a Hannant family history researcher and research all Hannant families, registered with the Guild of of Name Studies. I know the family she is looking for and am in contact with other relatives of this family who could help her further. From a family tree point of view I will happily (free of course) provide a family tree for her. Please pass on my details to her.

Jacqui Lever (nee Hannant)

22nd February 2009

The Kemp Family

I am researching my Kemp family tree.  I would like to know if anyone remembers anything about the Kemps.  The Kemps have lived in Headley and Churt since the 1880's. I can trace the Kemps back to the 1600's living in Selborne but what I would really like to know is the memories that people have of the Kemps, as that means more than a date!  Thank you.

Loretta Brown

Myra Treharne wrote in response:

There was a Kemp family living in Standford in Robin Hood cottages where my late mother-in-law lived, there were two daughters; Pam and Lillian - she played alto sax in the Ivy Benson All Girls Band between 1952-1954 and again 1958-1960. The Ivy Benson All Girls were very famous. The Kemps lived on the end of the row of cottages and mum lived in number one.


20th February 2009

The Coombes family

My name is Gail Cam, my maiden name was Wilson. Most of my family are buried in the church yard there.

My mother was Kathleen Wilson nee Coombes, she had several brothers and sisters namely George and his wife Brenda; Bob and his wife Vi; Ron and Jean; John and Valerie; Reena and Sid. The last three live some where in Canada.

I have lost touch with my family and if any one knows anything about them I would love to hear from you. I now live in Thunderbay Ontario Canada.

Thankyou for any help you may have.

Gail Cam

Richard Coombes wrote:

Hello Gail, my name is Richard Coombes and I am the youngest son of John and Valerie Coombes. I currently live in Vancouver, B.C. but most of the family reside in or around Lethbridge, Alberta.

Hope this helps with your search!

Richard Coombes

Gail has also had further contact from other in her family in Canada.

28th February 2009

18th February 2009

Holme School

This site takes me back! I arrived in Headley as a seven-year-old lad in 1954. Lived there for four years (in Belmont House - an army house - Dad was a soldier at Bordon). Sang in the church choir, attended the Holme School, was a member of the local Wolf Cubs and used to play Buddy Holly's 'Oh Boy!' on the jukebox of the village caff (used to be opposite 'The Buttery' - managed by a marvellous black lady).

At the Holme School, the headmaster was Mr. Lee (real name O'Calaghan Lee) and 'our' master was Mr. Wiltshire. As for my school mates, I'll try and remember a few names... Barry and Ray Read, Dennis Ayres, Johnny Burrows, Harvey Naylor, Peter(?) Warman, John Skidmore (his mum was one of the school cooks), 'Hovis' Brown, Dave Hardy, Carol Wiltshire, Beverley (forgotten surname), Rodney Cameron and David Tee (can't remember any more).

Of course it's all changed a bit from the mid-fifties. Went through there recently. Hardly recognised the place!     

Gordon Thompson


17th February 2009


If anyone lost a digital camera on the village green during the snow I have found one. There are pictures of the village during the snow , a little dog and a trip to London.


If you think it's yours please contact Ian via the Headley village web site. 

1st February 2009

Moor House
Does anyone know if Moor House still exists - in the 1881 census my grandmother age 3 and her family lived there.  It must have been pretty large or a bit of a squash, as there were 2 other families living there. Huntingford Bridge was the next place and the Collins' family lived there (Blacksmith).
My grandmother's name was Bethia House, I wonder how long they lived there as in the 1891 census they are living in Shere Surrey.
I am hoping to put some leaves on the bare branches of my tree.

Elizabeth Cargill

Jo Smith responded : Moor House Farm still exists along Frensham Lane.

25th January 2009

Jo Smith was able to respond to Sylvia's enquiry (below)

Valler/Voller appeared as a surname in Headley registers from 1823 (baptism of William).  I believe it may have been more popular in parishes surrounding ours.

I have contact details for others who have enquired about the surname in the past if they would be useful.

24th January 2009

Vallor family

In trying to trace my late (first) husband's family I discovered a large group of the family Vallor.  Is there a Headley historian who might tell me anything about this family. Their occupations etc. It is not too difficult to get lists of names for one's family tree but it is very difficult to find out who these people really were and what their lives were like. Have all the Vallors left the area.?

Any information would feed my insatiable curiosity .  


17th December 2008

Laurel Cottage

Does anyone know if Laurel Cottage still exists? From my recollection it had a well in the garden.

Julie Brutnell

16th December 2008

Youth Fellowship - Switzerland 1957

I would like to share some photographs of a trip to Switzerland with the Youth fellowship in 1957. I borrowed Paul Buck's Agfa 35mm camera and had several boxes of slides. Unfortunately I lent them out and only got a few back.

I have scanned them and they are on Flickr at

George Robins

12th December 2008

Youth Fellowship Christmas Feast - 4th January 1949

I attach a photograph taken 60 years ago in the old Church room. (which I think has long since been demolished, I'm sure this is so as the area is now an estate of modern houses.) click here for the photograph
Centre of picture is the rector, Rev. Tudor Jones and on his right Mrs Stevens. On the rector's left is his wife and next to her is John Calderwood who lived in Headley and was deputy headmaster at Bordon Council School. I dont know the identity of the couple to Mrs Stevens right. I seem to have managed to get in the frame, side on view to the right of the picture.
I can't remember much else about the occasion, for instance who did the catering, but it is a reminder of how much Joyce and the rector contributed to the youth of the village.

Denis Payne


5th December 2008

POW Camp

In response to Mickey Rooney's note (below)

It was on Erie Estate - I used to play there as a child until they were taken down to build Heatherlands

Irene Horlock -


2nd December 2008

The POW Camp

I have seen no mention of the German P.O.W. Camp that existed in Headley in W.W.II  Does anyone else remember it? 

I was to young to remember specific dates but I do remember that it was a rather open secret in town that some of the POW's would visit the Wheatsheaf in the evenings and fraternize with the locals.  This could have been post war and prior to their return home.  We used to play in the empty cells after it was all over and before they were destroyed.

Mickey Rooney (Nicolai) -

24th November 2008

Youth Fellowship Picture

A response from Denis Payne to Colin Noble's note below.

Interesting.  Particularly the identification of Jennifer Souter; I don't remember her, most of the back row were the younger ones, but recall clearly her father who as Colin says was the milkman in Lindford. He must have been one of the last people to deliver from a horse and trap and I clearly remember seeing him often in the village. My father also had a milk round in the area but they were on the best of terms. In fact my father occasionally sold milk to him if he was short. I think he had just a few cows.
I was in touch with Colin a few years ago via email when I saw his name listed on"Friends Reunited" under Bordon school. His father came down from London when Sainsburys took over Passfield Mill in the war as a distribution centre. He and my father used to have long chats when dad was delivering milk to his cottage on the Hollywater Road.  Bob Noble loved the country (unlike most of the other Londoners!) and stayed on, working at Headley Mill.

PS.  The John Coombes (Note of 27th October - click here) who recently contacted you from Canada with an item about the Headley War Memorial, is married to Valerie Cowie, who is in the photo and who Colin mentions.

Denis Payne


24th November 2008

Youth Club

Regarding the photograph of the youth club in the 50's (Provided by Denis Payne and shown on the Past Times page - click here).

I think that I can fill in some missing names.  I think that fifth from the left in the back row is Jennifer Souter, her father was the milkman in Lindford. To her right and next to Val Cowie is Pat Martin.  In the third row, going from right to left and standing next to David Fear is, I think, Ted Knight.  If my memory serves me correctly his family were builders in Lindford.  I last heard of Ted about twenty years ago when he was about to retire to Portugal.

I lived in Bramshott and started off in Headley school before moving to Lindford and joining Bordon school.  I went to Headley youth club on an ad hoc basis, but remember several of the people in the photograph.  Some may remember me, as my father was the miller in Headley Mill and somehow I got to take part in the festival of Britain pageant in 1950.

I note that there is a note from Mickey Rooney, I wonder if that is the same Mickey I knew, we chummed up for a while, but had the odd disagreement.  Does anybody remember Michael May? His father was the village bobby.  Michael is now living in Bournemouth.     

Colin Noble

23rd November 2008

Superior Camp

After Mick Smith's note below, he and Pat have been in correspondence. As a result of that, Pat has provided us with a fascinating article about life in Superior Camp in the post-war years - click here to read it.


9th November 2008

In response to Pat Nightingale's note of 4th June (click here)

I'm Mick Smith and my family and I lived at 7 Superior Camp which was almost the first house on the left as you entered the camp.
My mother is Pat Smith and is still alive and my father was (Little) Joe Smith and he was a boilerman at Connaught Hospital on Bramshott Chase.  I have 2 brothers.  Kevin who is now 59/60 and Dennis who is 56 years.
We moved from the camp to The Mead at Liphook in about 1960 along with the French's, Greens and Hammonds to name a few.  Very recently I spoke to David and Nancy Whittle who used to come to the camp with a mobile grocery van.

I have very good memories of the camp and the freedom I enjoyed as a small child to roam in safety, very different from today.
I would be very interested to see the photos you have of the camp as, despite long searching, I've been unable to locate any showing the camp, the house/huts and the people who lived there and I would dearly love to be able to show them to my sons and granddaughter.

Mick Smith

8th November 2008

I read your article on the pump, and I wondered are you the John Coombes that worked at Lindford garage  with Pat Nash?.

Myra Treharne

(John has confirmed that he was, and is now in correspondence with Myra..)

29th October 2008

Response from Terry Eames:

I note the comments on the war memorial (below). Although it does have a superficial clean every year, we are hoping that the Parish council will fund a more thorough cleaning in the near future. In this country the local councils are responsible for the maintenance of war memorials. Notwithstanding your comments, there is a special Canadian church service and laying of wreathes in Bramshott- close by. This to commemorate the several hundreds of Canadians who are buried there.

Terry Eames

27th October 2008

I was born in Headley and have always visited when I visit England  I have lived away for many years and settled in Canada on the Prairies close to the Rocky mountains,
I joined the Royal Canadian Legion 35years ago and as so many Canadians served in England during the last war, I was asked to take some photo's of the War Memorial (Cenotaph) and the Village to bring back some memories to these men who try to remember Headley. The village remains much the same and from my photo's a lot of them could remember. But it was sad to see the Cenotaph in poor condition I hope that the Royal Legion will have it ready for November 11th. I love to hear or read about Headley it will always be a part of our Family. We drifted all over the world but when we go to visit England we all visit Headley.

John Coombes.
Lethbridge Alberta Canada

22nd October 2008

Cotton Family

Hello my name is David Wildish, first born son of Jane Cotton, a resident as a child of Headley and Alton. Her father was Richard Henry Cotton who owned or ran Beech hill Garage.

Her grandfather was Henry Beckford Cotton whose remains along with his wife Ruth lie in all Saints Church. I would love to hear from anyone who knew Richard [Harry] or his family; so would my mother who is now in her seventies, and her sister Veronica.
I have recently started researching my family history and much of it seems to have begun in or around the Headley area, but I have only sketchy information.

I believe my great great grandfather was a horse dealer some where near by, possibly Headley Down. Also there seems to have been a court case over land involving the Belton /Tilburys.
The only other snippet of information I have is that my grandfather Richard Henry [Harry], prior to marrying his wife Sylvia, had a relationship with a member of the Whittle family - then the local coal merchants. His behaviour as regards to this family caused much ill feeling locally, and indeed caused a rift with his parents that remained unresolved to the time they died.

Thank you

David Wildish
West London

21st September 2008

Phillys Oshley

I found old correspondence between my grandma and Mrs Phillys Oshley who is the wife of the brother from my grandma. (Great Aunt)
Now I tried to contact her, but there was no response. It would be nice to have her new address or to know, what is happened.
Thank you very much for your assistance in advance

Erika Tavernaro



25th August 2008

Courtnage family

I am trying to establish if my Husband's Grandfather, John Courtnage, who I know died in Little Gadddesden and was living in Tooting at the time of his Army enlistment, is related to the Courtnage family from Headley.  He was born around 1877 and had a brother Walter.  His Father's name was Charles.  He was living in Wimbledon at the time of his first marriage.  I have traced a Courtnage family in Headley with a Charles, Walter and John, but I'm not sure if they are linked.


11th July 2008

First Aid Group

I am trying to trace people who joined St. Johns First Aid Group. We used to meet on a Thursday evening at the old school (the Holme) for instruction in First Aid. This would be round about 1963 - I can remember Ann Lamport.

10th July 2008

My name is Deborah Read and I have tracing my family history. I would like to know if there is any person or club that researches the history of your village.
I appears that my great great grandfather was born in Headley and his father before him and I would like to know if anyone knows the family name. He was Richard Coombes and was a mariner. His father was William and he and his brothers seem to be plasterers as was their father George although I do not know for sure where he was born. Richard was born 1840. William born 1820 and George 1781.

Any information would be more than welcome. I look forward to hearing from you.

Please respond to the

3rd July 2008

In response to Edwina Cater's note of 31st December last year

I too was friends with Eileen; we used to spend many an evening going out together. I have lost touch with her - perhaps you have an address.

We used to spend many a evening across at Arford garage when my boyfriend John Field along with Kenny Ayres rented it. It was just across from where Eileen lived. We used to go stock car racing together most weekends. The garage is no longer there and it has been redeveloped. Do you remember a Mrs. Wolfe who lived further down the road?

4th June 2008

Superior Camp

I lived with my family on Superior Camp for several post-war years. After the departure of the Canadian soldiers after the war it was used as temporary council housing until such time as sufficient new council houses were built to house the residents elsewhere. It was then demolished and the land returned to the National Trust. We went to live in Grayshott until my family emigrated to Australia in 1964.
I have several photos of the camp and can give further information to any-one interested.

25th May 2008

Headley CC v Thursley CC Whit Monday 1948

May Bank Holiday 2008 reminds me that it was 60 years ago on Whit Monday (as it then was) 1948 that I played my first game for Headley Cricket Club.

That is of absolutely no interest to anyone other than myself but the report of the game in the Farnham Herald may be as it includes some illustrious names of the past.
It reads as follows;

Monday. Headley won. Scores:
Thursley, 145 (P.Goble 32, D.Williams 29, A.Rapley 12;  F.Kenward 5-39, D.Payne 4-40, K.J.Ridgeway 2-24) and 72-5 (A.Bundy not out 23, E.Winter 21, A.Rapley 14, R.Rapley 11,  F.Courtnage 2-23, J.Coombes 1-2, R.Collings 1-5, D.Sansom 1-7)
Headley 191. (F.Kenward 91, K.J.Ridgeway 28, J.Coombes 19, D.Chesham 15: P.Goble 5-48, A.Bundy 4-24, A.Rapley 2-27, N.Pride 1-10).

It was an all day friendly match commencing at 11am. I think beginners luck was with me that day as I never again took 4 wickets in an innings during a further 8 years with the club!

By the way, if any eagle eyed cricket enthusiast spots a discrepancy between the bowling analysis and number of wickets available in a normal game it was in fact a 12 a side game, something not uncommon for friendlies in those days although I dont see it at all now.
That game was played at Thursley and it was a glorious day, as Bank Holidays seemed to be then!

Denis Payne

9th April 2008

In response to Pam Jones' entry on 6th November last year...

Hello Pam
I lived across the little stream from your mother and recall seeing her on occasion around the Wheatsheaf.  She was older than me (my mother is now 89) and I remember that the family had a large St Bernard and also a goat that they kept in the field in back of the Wheatsheaf.  I lived in Fellmongers cottage, the original of which was torn down.  (It amazes people here in the States that a building that is older than this country could simply be torn down.) 
I believe that your Mr. Tidy owned the bakery in town and I used to stop there on my way to school and buy 6 fresh baked rolls for a half penny.  His first name was Sid and he was quite a fun loving character.  Once when I was in his shop a little old grandmotherly lady stopped in and said to him "How are you today Mr. Tidy", he replied "None of your business how I am, you're not a doctor."  I snickered all the way to school.  My Mother would have known all of the people at the Wheatsheaf.  She lives in the States (details supplied)

Mike Nicolai


8th April 2008

Alice Holt Forest

What a great village website! Well done! Much better than we have in my local villages of Bentley & Binsted (I actually live in Blacknest but that doesn't run to a website!) I run

It would be great if anyone in Headley who regularly visits the Alice Holt Forest could send me any comments, articles, photos etc . The site's been going for just over a year and we'd like more contributions from site users of all ages and interests.
Please contact me at if you would like anything included or call 07887592722

Patrick Butler

Many thanks for the nice comments - the link to is added to the 'Location and Neighbours' menu

24th March 2008

During the WW2 years I spent much time with my Great Grandmother (Goodridge-Reynolds) at Riverside Cottage, adjacent to the Ford at Standford. Although very, very young I still recall fishing with net and jam jar for minnows or anything else which my net captured at the bottom of the garden ! Also fields of army vehicles of all types on the weekly walk into Bordon. As I'm in the process of documenting by way of film all these early times any info by way of old photos and anecdotes about Standford and in particular Riverside Cottage would be very much appreciated.


20th March 2008

Ben, I live adjacent and there has been a spate of work to improve sewage and drainage this last month and there is no pong!  Moved here myself recently and it is great.  Hope that helps.

Frank Bennett

4th March 2008

Hi, I am planning on moving to Arford which looks like a lovely village. However, I am a little concerned about the sewage pumping station on the Hanger at the end of the village. Has this station ever caused anybody in the village to complain about smell?

Ben Walton

26th February 2008

I am currently researching my family history and it has lead me to the village of Headley. I have been speaking to John Owen Smith and he has been most helpful in providing me with information. He recommended sending an entry for your 'Parish Pump' and so here I am.

I am hoping to track down some living members of the Fifield family, particularly descendants of Henry and Keziah Fifield/Bettesworth to see if they may be able to help with furthering my research and even the possibilty of meeting.

Eleanor Larsson

January 2008

My husband and I have just visited your beautiful church in order to place my aunt Alida ashes in her parent's grave. Her mother was also called Alida and was Sir Harry Brittan's second wife. My aunt died at 97 and my grandfather died in 1974 in his 101st year.
In 1938 my grandfather bought a charming cottage called Kirkland (which still exists) in Headley and it belonged to my family until 1974 My grandmother spent the war there and with her great gift for sewing, advised local householders on new ideas for `make and mend', cutting up old skirts to make children's hats and coats. My grandfather participated in local activities in the Headley area, reclaiming a piece of wasteland in Farnham for a beautiful rose garden and helping rescue the Gilbert White's house as a museum at Selborne..
He used to read the lesson at morning service on Christmas Day, a lesson that he knew so well that he hardly needed to glance at the Bible. He read it for the last time at the age of 99 in 1973 in a strong a voice as ever.
The bench by the church porch was carved in memory of my grandmother and I can remember being fascinated as I watched it taking shape.

Alida England (nee Brittain)

(reproduced from an item passed to the Parish Magazine)

26th January 2008

Great pictures of Headley from the air.  They help one realise how much development has taken place in the last 50 years. At least the High Street remains relatively unscathed and it is nice to see that the Rectory field where I began my less than noteworthy cricket career with Headley has not yet disappeared under a layer of bricks and mortar. May it ever remain so.

Denis Payne

25th January 2008

Loe & Clear Family

I am searching for any relatives of the Clear and Loe family who lived at Trottsford farm in 1800's

My husband's father John Clear Loe came to Australia in 1912. His father was John Fuller Loe b. 1832 and his mother was Kate Clear b. 1836 They lived at Trottsford Farm and also Woodbridge Road Guildford. Would like to hear from any relatives of these people.

Joan Loe

20th January 2008


I chanced upon your site recently and thought I would say Hello... I lived in Headley from 1978-1983, aged 9-14. We lived in Hilland Rise. First in Oak Tree Close and later in Phillips Cresent.
The surnames that spring to mind of people living near by are, Meadows, Wig, Wriggly, Perrit and Dyer. I'm still good friends With Richard Dyer. We moved to Hindhead from Headley as a Family and later I moved to Petersfield. I'm now in Guildford.

I thought I could give you an alternative view of the Village, as I do aerial photography as a hobby/sideline. My methods are not the usual...  I use a radio controlled glider [electric powered]. I took a few shots from the Green last year I will endeavour to get some different views for you when I'm able.

One Aerial shot
A view of the Village in 2007  - (before drones !)

Keep up the good work!

Paul Farmer.

31st December 2007

Windridge Cottage

I grew up in Windridge Cottage - it was back in the 60s and early 70s and I had so much fun while we were there. My best friend was Eileen Redmond and we had some great times together. We helped in the village hall when they had dances there for the youth and I also remember Gary Small and his sisters. Wonder what happen to everyone. My parents were Ann and Ray Cater and had three brothers - Les, Chris, and Richard. They are still in England - I now live in the States but I often wonder what happened to my old friends. If anyone knows me please answer back.

love to hear from you

Edwina Cater

This entry was seen by the Redmonds and they are now in touch with Edwina (26th Feb 2008)

15th November 2007

Standford Forge

The picture brought back memories to me of my much mum in law who lived at 1 Robin Hood cottage. We often used the old bridge together, we did our shopping at the shop run by Mr & Mrs Pester and The Miss Reed.
We would go to feed the prize cats in the big old house, that was the old Robin Hood. Then my then brother-in-law Harold Nash had it and built his bungalow on the grounds.
So many memories of Standford - thank you for the pictures.

Myra Treharne (Nash)

7th November 2007

Standford Ford

Thank you for the picture of Standford Ford, the centre of the universe for myself and all the other Standford kids in the summers of the 30s and 40s. The footbridge then was wooden and not the steel and concrete structure of today. On a fine summers day there were always 20 or more of us there catching tiddlers with a jamjar on a string, or wading up to the "coldstream", a small rivulet that joined the river from somewhere at the rear of Hatch Farm. The upstream section seemed to be more popular than downstream towards the roadbridge carrying the B3004. Maybe because that section was deeper, weed filled and less kind to bare feet.
If we were lucky enough to have some pocket money we would go to the village shop, long since closed but in those days run by the Manuels, the Redfords, the Denyers (what a pair of characters they were!) and finally Mr and Mrs Pester and her sister. There to buy Smiths Crisps with the little blue bag of salt, (2 old pence) or sweets (rationed for a time,or ice cream, though unobtainable during the war years.) 

The Canadian Forces stationed locally were frequent visitors to the ford during WW2 and with their trucks, tanks and motor cycles provided entertainment of a different kind.  On recent summer visits to Standford not a single child was to be seen. (Has the Pied Piper been through?) Are there now no young families in the village any more, or in today's over protective society are they afraid to let their children out of their sight? It makes me thankful that I grew up in an age when we were free to roam without fear of harm. What a privileged generation we were.

Denis Payne

6th November 2007

My maternal grandfather, William Moore is buried in Headley Church yard (no  483 on your comprehensive list).

He used to run the Wheatsheaf pub and when he died his wife, Nellie Moore (a nurse and midwife) and their daughter, Joan (my mum) moved away from the village to Nottingham. It was after my own relocation to Alton following my marriage in 1977 that my mum realised how near we were to Headley.  Mum was able to visit his grave and the pub (before it burnt down) and often recounted, how as a small toddler, she had turned on all the beer taps in the bar and flooded the place.

We also made contact with Dorrie Tidy who had known my grandmother. Her father, Mr Tidy had always kept in touch with my gran and on hearing of
my birth, sent me a silver 3d piece to mark the occasion. I still have it today.
My mother is now 88 and very frail and we only have one photo of my grandfather with my gran. He lost contact with his own family when he married my gran (it was his second marriage) and I would love to find out more about him and his family. If you know of anyone in the village who might just have some recollections I would be delighted to speak to them.
I do hope you will be able to help in some way.

Kind regards
Pam Jones (Mrs)


3rd November 2007

I found your website while using google and am hoping you may be able to help me or point me in the right direction.

My Aunt and Uncle, John and Peg Robinson, lived for many years in Fairview Road, Headley Down.
Uncle John passed away back in 1999 but I learned yesterday that Peg passed away on April 29th of this year.

Can you please tell me if there is a local newspaper on line or that I can write to as I would really love to read and have a copy of her obituary/notice of her passing.  I'm assuming as she was a long time resident there would be a mention.

Their full address was Suttles, Fairview Road, Headley Down, Bordon, Hampshire. My dad, John's brother Michael, brought us to England a few times during our childhood and we visited Headley Down.  I last saw John and Peg way back in 1995 when I visited with my own children.

Thank you very much for your time.

Ann Clarke (née Robinson)
Sydney, Australia

29th June 2007

Having been born and bred in Headley I am now living in Cyprus and my husband recently discovered  your website on the internet.  I am particularly interested in several entries on the Village Pump page and would like to contact Denis Payne as he enquired about the Royal Observer Corp, to which my late sister belonged.

His entries were marked "Mail Address supplied".  Does this mean I contact him via your website?

The most interesting entry for me was the enquiry about The Old Bakery as my grandfather was the original baker there.  I have e-mailed Peter and Katie Hunt to see if they would still be interested to have information - their entry was in 2003 and I wondered if they had moved on by now.

It was lovely reading about Headley and we will certainly keep a regular eye on your website from now on.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Best wishes, Josephine Fisher

Details passed on to Denis and the Hunts


6th June 2007


I am William Bundy, I was born in 1923 in the house on the green called school house as you see I am 83 now and have lovely memories of headley, my father was the local policeman for the area and retired there, I now live near Manchester (another story)  congrat`s on the home page and all the items in it a super job.

Bill Bundy

thanks for the kind remarks for the site - does anyone remember Bill?

Charles Clear (linked from 27th Feb 2007)

Jo Smith managed to help with Jan Taylor's enquiry ...

Just had to write to say thank you so much for pointing me in the direction of Bert Cook. After some confirmation of dates, names and place names on my part it seems that we are cousins and he is going to send me a great deal of information on my family history for the Clears.
Can't thank you enough.
Best wishes. Jan


9th April 2007

Glenrose on Church Lane

Hi to all at Headley, what a beautiful place it looks.
I am trying to fill in some of my family tree and have come across a letter from my mother who mentions a relation called Jeanette, who lived at Glenrose, Church Lane headley in the 1970's.
Does anybody know her or her family I think she was a Hannant or her step father was.
It would be great if somebody does know as I've been stuck with filling my tree in for ages.

Carrie Coveney

21st March 2007

Upfold family

Hi, I am doing family research and I wondered if there are any members of the Upfold family still in the area? My great aunt Melinda Golds (nee Ansell) had a daughter called Doris who married a Ivo Leonard Upfold. I believe they had a son called Peter who would probably be around 60ish now. This part of the tree is turning out to be harder to research than the rest. I would love to hear from anyone out there who has information or any members of the family. I have loads of info to share. Thanks for reading this.

Dawn Gardner

27th February 2007

Charles Clear

I am researching my family history, and on the 1851 and 1861 census returns my great, great, great, great grandfather Charles Clear appears to have been born in Hedley Hampshire. Although the writing is not to easy to read it appears that in 1851 he and his wife Ann were living in 132 Berris Valley, Southampton and on the 1861 census at 6 Canterbury Road Poplar London.

I can remember way back in 1962/63 my Grandfather Charley Clear coming to London where I then lived with my parents at the time to visit a solicitor in relation to some money being left to him and his brothers and sisters by a Clear relative who had emigrated to Australia and had apparently been employed by the Squire of Hampshire. I realise that this information is a little sketchy but this is all that I know, if anyone can help me in my search with any information no matter how small I would be most grateful.

Jan Taylor

25th February 2007

The war years in Headley Down

I lived in Headley Down many years ago . We (my mother and sister and I) lived in a little shanty type cottage called Cobbetts in Honeysuckle Lane from about 1941 to the end of the war. We went up to Mrs Diamond's little school which she ran in her house Stonehaven, walking up there with Peter Levin son of a friend of my mother's. I also remember the son of the family that ran the Post Office being there.

Many of the families around us were refugees from London, I surmise. My grandmother who was a writer had a small piece of land (I think it was called Little Wood) where she had built a studio and several little huts for members of the family (complete with outside toilet) Cobbetts was part of this little complex I think.

We used to play in Honeysuckle Lane with the actual 'evacuees', one of whom who seemed dangerously wicked (aged about seven) and was called Leonard. My mother used to warn us against him. We also played in the field across the road where there was an oak tree that we could climb. In summer the grass was full of buttercups and harebells.
We all roamed wild, playing hide and seek in the bracken, joining up for ring games or skipping - or just drifting around in a group.
Across the valley from us was Mr Weaver's bakery, where as well as getting bread you could buy the most wonderful jam puffs.

A favourite outing was to Waggoners Wells.

I am researching this era of my mother's life, so would welcome any personal memories about Headley Down in those years.

Joanna Howard (nee oliver)

2nd February 2007

I am now 53 and lived in Headley between 1960 & 1963, until at 10 years old I was advised by my parents that we we moving to sunny Australia. My family (father Eric, mother Pat - or Paddy - and my younger brother Angus or Gus) moved from Chertsey into Christmas Cottage; about 400 yards beyond the Village Green down Liphook Rd. I think it was just after the 1st intersection on the right heading towards Liphook.

My brother & I went to "The Holme" school and for a while I was in the choir with the church up the hill (turn right at the pub): which also reminds me that when we were riding our bikes up the hill past the Green to the church for choir practice we used to stop off at the pub to get packet of Smiths crisps WITH A LITTLE BLUE BAG OF SALT IN IT....The people here in Australia still don't believe that!!

I remember my best mate at the time was David Mobey (spelling??) who lived on a small farm type of place further down towards Liphook & I seem to remember that there was a small ford down that way where we used go fishing - without any luck - but we told our parents that there were sharks to be had if we used the right bait. David used to have a couple of hay sheds there & a couple of cows so we used to practice being in "Bonanza" & rounded the cattle up on our bikes.

I notice now from Google Earth that all the area across Liphook Rd from Xmas cottage (towards Grayshot )is fully developed whereas in 1963 it was just rolling grasses & meadows.

I also remember one day we were bundled into our brand new Mini (yes it was 1962ish) & mum drove us to Hindhead & spun the car out on that left hand corner near Waggonners Wells ( I think between Grayshot & Hindhead)in the icy winter conditions of Christmas 1962. That was my 1st & only white Christmas & I also remember traipsing all over Headley singing carols with the Church Choir.

By the way...there was an earlier post on this forum about a family called Coombes (see here) and I can recall my first ever girlfriend called Linda Coombes (yeah I know, I was only 10) who used to live in the council estate further up the hill past the pub & church towards Borden.

Those were the days......

Bob Miller
Gosford NSW Australia

27th December 2006

I am emailing you from Australia. I happen to be looking for information about Longmoor Camp on the internet, and came across your email.

I lived in 12 Wilton Quarters from 15th Oct 1946 until Oct 1951. I am now 66 and I am originally from N.Ireland. I go back to Ireland quite often and a couple of times actually stopped in England and went back to Longmoor to see if I could get a look round the place again. I was not allowed to for security reasons. My brother came over to England with me from N.Ireland and he and his wife and I travelled round the area to see just how much we remembered. I went to the camp school for a while and then went on to Liss primary later on. We were able to find out a lot about Liss school, through some ladies who keep all the memorabilia.

My name was Maureen Bell, I do hope I was of some help to your mother, I may even know her.

Maureen Higham

This note relates to enquiries about Wilton Quarters from 5th March 2005, and 29th Sept 2004

18th December 2006

I note that the picture of Headley Church shows the clock at "Ten to Three".

Did the photographer have the final couplet of Rupert Brooke's "The Old Vicarage, Grantchester" in mind at the time?

Denis Payne

Church Clock

8th October 2006

Superior Family

I'm tracing my family tree and have found that my Grandparents and their 5 children lived on Superior Way until 1956 when they suffered a house fire.  It took me a while to find out what 'superior camp' was all about and have now managed to get a hand drawn map of the camp and some of it's surrounding area.  I'd really like more information, especially some photos just to give me a better idea.  I am in contact with 1 of the 5 children (my aunts) but she knows very little of the time there.  They moved to Liss in 1956 as a result of a fire.

How did people end up living in those houses?  Were they allocated by a Council department?  All my searches seem to be pretty fruitless so absolutely anything you know and can share would be appreciated.

David Austen

15th August 2006

Royal Observer Corps (Headley Section)

The present photograph of Headley Church reminds me of the time in the early 50s when I was a member of the Headley Branch of the ROC. Our lookout post for aircraft tracking and recognition was at the top of the church tower and when exercises were held we would man the post round the clock.I can't remember how long each duty watch lasted, something like 4 or 6 hours I think.

Towards the end of my time in the Headley group (1956) our task included practicing the the monitoring of radio active fallout following a nuclear attack, something which thankfully never became a reality. We made it to the top of the tower via a series of wooden steps which I guess remain the means of access today.

I wonder if any of the group are still around.  The only member I can recall is Ted (E.J.) Warner who was the church verger, lived in the school house at the Holme School and died some years ago.

Denis Payne.
Mail Address supplied

29th April 2006


Jo Smith has dug through the records -

There are two houses in Headley called Bracken that I'm aware of: one on The Mount (it was recently renamed Langton House) and the other in Honeysuckle Lane.  I don't know which one would be that of the directories, but if I were a betting man I'd go for The Mount.

In the 1931 directory there's a John Bertram Atherton-Carter living there, and in the 1939 directory it's a Mrs Swindells.  No entry in the 1935 directory, and no sign of his Smallwood family.

29th April 2005

I am searching for a place my Grandmother used to live, perhaps you could advise if I am looking in the right place please..
Her name was Mrs Olive Smallwood, and gave her address a simply Bracken Headley, Hants in the 1930's

Does Bracken Headley come into this area?

Gosford, Australia

16th April 2005

Looking for "Old timers in Headley"

I could write a thousand pages of the way it was in Headley when I grew up there in Fellmongers Cottages(1938-52) but I thought it would be more interesting if we could get some others from that time to chip in.

My mother's maiden name is Smith (Victoria) and lots of Smiths lived in Headley through the years.
My best friends then were Jacky Worman and Sammy Courtenage. I delivered groceries for the little store in Arford, belonged to the ATC, the All Saints choir and thought that Mr Wilshire was the coolest teacher ever.

My sister's name was Sandy and she took part in the 1951 pageant. My cousin Tony still lives in Arford and, on a recent visit, I discovered that a lot of people I went to school with at Holme are still in Headley. So come on, chime in with some "remember when" stories. If you don't I will have to write that thousand pages.

Micky Rooney (not the Micky Rooney!)
Chicago USA



16th April 2005

Ernest Nash, Cricket and the Lych Gate.

Mention of Ernest Nash reminds me of the many times I played cricket with him in the Headley Team. At that time (late 40s and early 50s) he was in the twilight of his career and was playing in the 2ndXI.His eyesight was not as good as it had been and he told me that he believed it was riding a motorcycle for many years that had affected his vision! He was of course a fine cricketer in his younger days and was captain of the Headley team that won the I'Anson cup in 1938.(See "A Century Not Out" by Graham Collyer). I have a photograph of the church Lych Gate dedication service on May 30th 1954, and my father (representing the Parish Council) and Mr Nash took part in the ceremony.

Denis Payne.
Mail Address supplied

5th April 2005

Some memories of Headley and Ferndale Terrace

Thank you for the lovely pictures of Fullers Vale Pond. A place very dear to my heart. My grandparents lived at No. 3 Ferndale Terrace for all of their long married life. My father was brought up here and stayed until the war after which he married and returned throughout our childhood for summer breaks and Christmas hols.
At this time there was an outside loo with no flush and the water for everything was pumped from the ground in their back yard. My grandfather, Ernest Nash was a carpenter and helped make and build the arched gateway for Headley church, he also played cricket for the local team. Somewhere in Headley there is a bench in his memory with inscription. Believe it or not, we still have the cuttings of lilies taken from the pond way before it first dried up in the 70?s . As we do not drive I am sure you will appreciate the value of this walk down memory lane that you have enabled us to do.

My memory can stretch back to the early fifties when I can recall the residents of Ferndale Terrace. My grandparents Mr and Mrs Nash were at No 3 as I have already said. At No 1, the adjoining cottage, was a Mr Swain. He would have been my great uncle, as he was one of my grandmother's many brothers, all of which would have been old Headley folk of times gone by. Chickens were kept on the far side of Mr Swain's garden. My grandfather would take us to feed them and to collect warm fresh eggs with the feathers still intact.
These we would have for breakfast or would be baked in the next cake. My grandfather somehow became the owner of a large white duck, by the name of Sam. This duck followed him everywhere, knew the sound of his van and met him up the drive every time he returned home. He would waddle in and eat cheese off the scullery floor. He loved our grandfather like a faithful old dog would have and lived to be a very old bird who eventually died on my grandfather's lap.

The other side would have been the Coombes family. My grandmother would check on her during thunderstorms as I strongly recall her shutting herself away in the cupboard under the stairs until the storm would pass. Next door to them would have been the Whites and in the big detached house on the corner of the drive, a Mrs Baggs lived. This elderly lady was a bit of a hoarder, I remember her storing magazines and newspapers from floor to ceiling in her kitchen scullery. She also housed a very old and well kept car in her garage, it had been there for decades.

A Ms Siddle lived in a bungalow off Pond Road. We would visit this lovely dwelling as my grandfather used to look after the property for her when she was away and do a little gardening for her. I absolutely adored this place, I still can smell the pine trees and picture her rockery and Rhododendrons.
As a very small child I recall walking up to the top of Pond Road with bucket and spade in the hope of finding sand to play in. My grandmother would find fir cones for the fire and at Christmas would collect holly to decorate the cottage with. My grandfather would find a small Christmas tree for the front room to bring back home (this is probably illegal now) No 3 had no cooker or oven as we now know them. All her baking would be done on the big black grange , she never weighed a thing and everything was perfect. I can also recall her bathing us as very small children in a tin bath, the water was taken from the outside pump and heated up on the grange in pans and poured in using a white enamel jug trimmed with blue. We would have pots under our beds at night as my sister and I were afraid of the huge black spiders which inhabited the outside loo.

When my father, Peter was a small boy, he used to pump the wind into the organ at Headley church, just another memory of historic value for whoever it might interest. My grandparents used to keep the bank grass cut short for quicker walking access to Fullers Vale, I remember sitting on the grass steps going down to the road, making daisy chains as we watch the traffic going by down in the vale. Sometimes in the school holidays a bakers van would pull up outside the cottage and we would have jam cream buns like I have never had since.
I would love to sit on the black iron wrought bench that circled around a huge tree in the centre of the village as my grandmother shopped around for our visit and we would take the green double decker bus out for further trips. We would watch our grandfather play cricket on the green and visit the Swain family graves in the local churchyard. I used to love the smell of the flowers and damp freshly cut grass all brightly lit up in the summer sunshine.
A similar scent will still throw my memories back to such treasured days in Headley.

Lucky you who all live there, never take it for granted.

Wendy Buckingham(nee Nash)
Mail Address supplied

5th March 2005

In reply to the whereabouts of Wilton Quarters Longmoor Camp (item from 29th September 2004). They were situated near the NAFI - sometimes called Coronation Street because of the similar appearance.

I was stationed there as civilian ambulance driver from 1962 to 1974 based in the medical centre. Wilton Quarters was near the school and NAFI shop and Phillips Cottages. I live in Liphook which is near Longmoor camp. I do not know whether the houses are still there - the army used a lot of houses for training for Northern Ireland. Longmoor Camp is still in use and remains the same. I hope this will help you Good luck, yours sincerley


4th January 2005

Isitfair Update
The group has been very active over the last few months, we have marched in London, visited the house of Commons at the invitation of Caroline Spelman MP to discuss how Council Tax could be reformed and now we are to go to Brussels. On 17th January two of our members will appear in Public before the Chairman, Nino Gemelli, of the Commission for Petitions. Press releases and further information available from the website at

Christine Melsom

1st October 2004

Thanks to Jo Smith and Adrian Bird we have been able to provide Mr Bettey with a contact 'phone number who may be able to help with Longmoor Camp history. We hope she is able to get the information she is looking for.

29th September 2004

Could you please answer a question for me please, I am trying to find 22 Wilton Quarters - I have been looking on the website but there is nothing.
My mother is now an old lady and wishes to return to the area and show us where we used to live. My dad used to be based in Longmore Camp, could you please advise me where I can get any information.
This would mean a lot to my mother.

Kind regards Mrs D Bettey


6th June 2004

D-Day, 6th June 1944.

The commemoration of D-Day brings back memories of that event to someone who at that time was a 12 year old schoolboy living in Standford.

Cycling to Whitehill that morning to catch the bus to school in Petersfield, the sky was literally full of aircraft, from Thunderbolts, Lightnings and Mustangs to the medium bombers, Mitchells and Bostons, and the "heavies" B17 Fortresses, Lancasters Halifaxes and Stirlings.

There was little doubt in my mind what was afoot because for some weeks previously the fields along the footpath from Standford to Headley had steadily filled with all the paraphernalia of war: Tanks, trucks, guns, amphibious vehicles and stores. For the next few days the local roads were choked as this vast assembly moved out and headed for the coast. Some troops even had time to pause and wash their trucks in the fords at Standford and Headley Mill! ( A regular occurrence throughout the war, what would the environmentalists say about that today?)

Exciting times for a 12 year old, but a deadly serious and tragic event for so many.
Thankfulness today, that but for their sacrifice the ensuing years would have been so very different.

Denis Payne

If this prompts any further thoughts and memories of D-Day and the build-up, please let us know.


7th May 2004

Moore Motors

Now that Tonard Motors has closed down, you are probably considering who will be looking after your cars in the future.
I have opened up a vehicle repair workshop at Midlands Farm Headley (commonly known as Luffs Farm), opposite the farm shop.

I worked a Tonard Motors for almost 18 years and I have also employed Alan who worked there for over 20 years. One of us is bound to be familiar with your car.
We are providing service and repairs to all makes of cars and light commercials, including arrangement of MOTs, tyres, exhausts and batteries. Loan cars will be available with prior notice.

Our opening hours are 08:30 - 17:30, Monday to Friday.

We will strive to provide the same standard of service that you have been accustomed to with Tonard Motors. We hope that you can be of assistance in the future.

Nick Moore

1st May 2004

Headley Fine Foods

Hello can I tell you a bit about the new village shop.

Headley Fine Foods is the new village delicatessen that will open on 28th May 2004.
We, Ann & Roger Sherburn-Hall have lived in Headley for four years,and are the new Proprietors of Headley Fine Foods. We are very excited about our new venture and are looking forward to serving the needs of the residents of Headley. We shall be offering a host of food products ranging from freshly baked bread, hot cornish pasties, scrummy cheesecake, ham on the bone, smoked salmon, pates,salads to take-away and eat in. We shall be serving freshly ground coffee and local ice-cream.We have been working very hard in our shop and we  have been delighted to see people pop in to see what is happening. You can taste some of our organic soup at the WI meeting on Friday 30th April (see poster in shop window for details). We are looking forward to meeting lots of new people!. Look forward to seeing you on the 28th May.

Ann Sherburn-Hall

14th April 2004

Memories circa 1942-1945

Have just come across your excellent website! My brother Dennis and I were evacuated to an address at Headley Down and were choirboys at All Saints Church and we knew Katie Warner and her family very well.

Visited you about 20 years ago and was shocked at the state of Fullers Vale Pond - congratulations on its renovation!! - look out for migrating frogs/toads now across the road in the spring! we used to ice-skate on the pond would you believe?

Good luck for the future - take care.

Ray Shepherd

26th March 2004

The folk at Merton Priory claim a shared history with Headley from ancient times, and send info from time to time.

Just to let everyone at Headley know that Merton Priory will be hosting  the K-Bis Theatre School again on Tuesday 5th April. They are performing at 3.00pm and 7.15pm T.S.Eliot's play "Murder in the Cathedral."

I do hope that this year we will be able to welcome people from Headley  to one of these performances.

Thank you. 

S. Fairbank.
Friend of Merton Priory

25th March 2004

The Parish Plan

As a member of the Steering Group working on producing a Parish Plan for the future, I am leading a working party on Transport. This will cover Buses, Taxis, minibuses, Road safety,Speeding traffic, Traffic calming, Lorries, Lighting, effects of A3 - now and in the future, and any other matter related to Transport.
I seek as many views as I can gather on these subjects,and would be happy to have them either on-line- or phone 01428 713622. If you have a large written contribution, then I will send you my address. The plan is to let the authorities know what we want, so please don't be shy. 

Terry Eamey

17th February 2004

TETRA in Headley - The final decision on the planning application for the TETRA mast at Beech Hill Road, Headley, has been deferred to the next full council meeting. This will be on Wednesday the 25th of February at the EHDC offices, Penns Place, Petersfield at 6.30 pm. It is likely that the BBC and Meridian News will be there and we need a large attendance to show the council the level of local opposition.
For more information visit

Mike Daborn

14th February 2004


Do you walk your dog on the footpaths in Headley? Or go for a ramble in the local area now and again? If so, we need a few more volunteers to join our team of footpath walkers.

All we ask you to do is monitor a footpath a couple of times a year and report back any problems such as fallen branches, broken stiles or missing signposts, etc so that we can pass the information on to the Hampshire Rights of Way Department.

The Department relies on our feedback to know where to allocate their work gangs so this is a small, but vital task to ensure that our footpaths stay in good repair.

If you would like to help, please ring Tanya at the Parish Office on 01428 713132.

31st January 2004

I noticed you have a place called bowcott hill. My grandfather was named Herbert Ernest Bowcott and came from Worcestershire. I am wondering why it got its name - I would be very grateful for any information.

Joseph Bowcott

13th November 2003

Bramshott and Headley Ancestors

I am researching my Family History, and I have found connections in The 2 Villages.

Gilbert Harrison was a Miller In Bramshott he Married Emma Woods.

Through parents names I have found also, Bicknal, Pink and Channell in the family from around that time is anything known of Gilbert and Emma Harrison of Bramshott Mill and the other names?


12th November 2003

Phone Masts

You may or may not be aware that the District Council has received a planning application to install TETRA antennae on top of the existing mobile phone mast in Beech Hill Road, Headley. Current opinion is that this is detrimental to our health and ESPECIALLY TO THAT OF CHILDREN. This week Meridian Tonight is highlighting the health and safety aspects regarding TETRA in our area. On current evidence it is possible that Holme Primary school which is 1.25 km away may be affected. I am therefore writing to you to highlight this problem. For further information please visit which has a section on Hants and also . We are starting a campaign so please feel free to email me if you require any further information.
We also have a website SHAAFT Save Headley and Arford from Tetra

Yours sincerely
Judy Gervais

28th May 2003

Headley Grange

Will be in town from Canada with a group of 3 historians looking to take pictures of Headley Grange. Does anyone have the address? I hear it is on Gentle's Lane?

Jamie Jarovi

30th April 2003

The Old Bakery, Arford

Would anyone who lived in Arford and remembers our house, the Old Bakery, when it was just The Bakery - we have recently extended and found the old ovens buried in the garden walls - unfortunately in too poor condition to rescue, but confirmed early drawings that showed the Bakery at the back of the house.

We have one picture that shows the house in c1903 with the shop at the front, and a grocers sign - it would seem that what is now our sitting room was a grocers shop.

The previous owner, now deceased, recalled the Bakery in the 50's, but we do not know much about it before then, nor when it ceased to be a bakery.

If anyone knows anything about the house, we would love to hear.

Peter and Katie Hunt

22nd February 2003

Anyone old enough to remember the Congregational Church that stood high on a bank above the road leading down into Arford, and its last minister, the Rev.F.W.Funnell, may be interested to learn that Mr Funnell's daughter Daphne, (Mrs R.J.George) died recently in Pembrokeshire at the age of 73. She had been a lay preacher in West Wales churches and chapels for many years.

Denis Payne

25th January 2003

In 1979 my great-aunt Lottie, Charlotte Edmonds, who was in her nineties, was living in The White House, Headley, with her daughter. I know that Lottie is no longer with us, but I should be delighted to renew acquaintence with any of my cousins or to hear from anybody who knew the family.
Tom Staunton

15th January 2003

I lived in Headley from 1938 to 1952 and attended the Holme School on the village green.
My wife and I plan a trip to Headley next summer and would appreciate any input on a nice place to stay. I note that the Holly Bush has rooms and I remember it from my childhood but know nothing of what it would be like now. Can anyone recommend it or ???
Headley was the world's BEST place to grow up!
Chicago US

9th January 2003

My husband's family came from Guildford and I am trying to find some of his relatives.

His father John Clear Loe came to Australia in 1912, his wife was Mary Aline Murray, his children were John, Kate, James & Thomas.

Would like to hear from any people that knew the Loe's. I have a fair lot of information on the family. I do know Kate Clear married Thomas Fuller Loe and they were connected to the church where W H Laverty was Rector.

Joan Loe

30th December 2002

I am doing some family history research for a friend and have found that a Susannah Trigg(s) was born in Headley circa 1820.

She married a chap called John Moss from Bramshott. I should be extremely pleased to hear from anyone who might know of the Trigg(s) family during that era.

Many thanks.
Pam Hodge


Tuesday 26th November 2002

I attempted to respond to the post by Chris Morris but it seems the e-mail is no longer valid.

I am 40 now, my family lived in Headley about 30 years ago. We knew a Morris family. I think four kids. Older sister (Amanda I think), a boy (you?) and twin little sisters.

My family is Canadian. I have two older sisters (also twins Karen & Lisa) and one younger sister (Krista) who would have been just a baby when we were in England. What I rember most about the Morris family is I sort of had a crush on Amanda & they had bloody great big dog. Oh yeah and the fair on the village green.

I now live on the Pacific coast of Canada in Victoria BC. Hello to any and all Headlians who might remember our family. I have very good memories of our time there.

Grant Colby

PS Mom & Dad are still well. I'd be happy to pass along e-mail addresses to anyone who is interested. or

30th September 2002 :

I lived in Headley from 64 to 72, I was 3ish to 10ish, went to school in greyshott, lived in east mount for this time, hade great fun growing up there, have lots of fond memories. one of my best friends was the son of the owners of the local supermarket, ( isnt it terrible how you forget names). love to all there still.

john ( johnny) alle
< >


28th July 2002:

Today we found Barrie Denton because of your posting. Thank you so much for enabling our family to reconnect. Thank you, thank you.

Carole-Anne Bowers

25th May 2002:

Hi ! We are a family who has emigrated(!?)to the village of Headley from the outskirts of Manchester just 3 weeks ago...although we are still searching through packing boxes we are managing to settle-in, with the help of our very kind and friendly neighbours on the lane. We have been visitors to the area for some years, having close family ties in the South, however, we are hoping to find some new friends for our 10 year old son... we plan to seek out the local junior organisations where he can make some new friends, but if anyone out there has children around his age, it would be nice to hear from you to give him some words of encouragement !

Jan,Tim and Nathan

7th April 2002:

I would like to contact any siblings/cousins etc of my father, Frank Thomas Fullick - also known as Frank (Tom) Gardiner.

Jenny Crawford, Sydney, Australia

30th October 2001:

Diana Bumstead has moved to Burton-on-Trent near her son, and would be glad to keep in touch with old friends around Headley.. eMail for contact details

16th October 2001:

Nothing "exciting" to say about Headley, except I remember the days when the little school by the green was actually a school; when you could drive both ways through the ford by the mill - and remember seeing some washing their cars on a Saturday the ford!
I went to school in Lindford, at Weyford, then later at Mill Chase (for a brief period). I was in the 1st Lindford Cubs and Scouts. The scouts were great. We had an Army cook and the Chief Researcher of the Forestry Commission leading us.
My Mum still lives in the village and is an active member of the local Hell's Grannies (WI) and the Quasimodo Chorus (Arford bells).

Me? I gave it all up for a girl, and am now sitting in an office in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago.

Chris Morris

July 2001:
Carole-Anne Bowers from Canada is looking for Barrie Leyland Denton, formerly of Peartree Farm, Lindford.
Barrie is her mother's half brother, and they have not been in touch since 1977