Headley Bowling Club

Welcome to Headley Bowling Club

We welcome our members and all visitors to the 2022 season, here at our Bowling Green off Mill Lane in Headley. Let us hope that we all have a great season bowling in fantastic weather.

Headley Bowling Club

We welcome applications to become new members and we can be contacted by emailing us at headley-bowls@headley-village.com or by ringing Membership Secretary, Daphne Milton on 01428 609877

Each weekend we play friendly games against other bowling clubs from around the area, normally one day at home the other playing away.

On Thursday afternoons we hold a very sociable “roll-up” which enables players to practice without involving formal competition. This is a great time to get to know the other club members.

Wednesday evenings enable the club members to play in organised teams, against each other, in our internal league.

Tuesday evenings we normally field two teams, in the Three Counties League.

Throughout the season members play in internal competitions, against each other, with finals held on Saturday/Sunday 10/11 September where they have an opportunity to win a trophy and have their names added to our “hall of fame” board.