Headley Horticultural Society

Our speaker in February certainly tested the audience’s horticultural knowledge with his presentation “Gardening with Flair”. John Negus is well known to the Society. A local gardening journalist who lives in Farnham, John has often been booked for a talk in the early part of the year in the hope that the journey to us will not be too hazardous in the winter weather, and he has always proved to be both entertaining and informative.

Having divided the members into Team “A” and Team “B” each picture on the screen elicited the questions “what is it?” and “has anyone got one?” Needless to say, many of the Latin names were not on the tips of our tongues but plenty of the plants were familiar and were growing in local gardens. John’s pictures ranged from show gardens at Chelsea to a neighbour’s clematis growing on a house he spotted whilst walking to the post box!

After a break for tea we were treated to slides of wild-flower pictures and again, were quizzed as to what they were and where could we find them. The range of wild plants was really incredible and John’s enthusiasm for them was obvious, and it was well past 10 o’clock before the meeting was finally drawn to a close.

This was the last of our evening talks for the time being.

Due to the present circumstances with the Coronavirus it has been decided to cancel all our events until the end of July. It is not sensible to leave outings for July in the diary as members are cancelling already and if we want to reclaim deposits we must act now.

The summer show will still be within the danger period and it is only fair to contact the judges in time.

I am really disappointed to have to take this action but at least the summer is coming and hopefully we can all spend beautiful days working in our gardens; albeit alone.


115 years ago in 1905: At the Summer Flower Show on the Rectory Field there was a Military Tournament by the (King's Royal) Irish Hussars.