Headley Horticultural Society

September is usually a turning point in the year for the Society, the last of the shows earlier in the month, the Member’s Evening in August and the last of the outings in July. Now would be the start of our “winter” programme with three talks and the AGM before the Christmas break. It is also the time when the committee can have a rest after the exhaustion of putting on the shows and the worry of arranging the outings; the only thing to consider now is the new schedule for the new year.

Will we even have to do that this year? Maybe the classes for the shows can be “recycled” for “2021 and perhaps this year’s speakers will still be available; we will have to wait and see.
We cannot even be sure that any events will take place next year, but in this respect we are in the same boat as everyone else; so ever-positive we will be ready to start up again as soon as is possible. The hall is booked well in advance and the judges for the shows are all lined up, speakers will be contacted, and outings decided nearer the time. So all we have to do is put our feet up and browse through all those seed catalogues that are beginning to drop through our letterboxes and start planning which wonderful flowers and vegetables will be growing in our gardens and on our allotments next year, and maybe pick out a winner or two for one of the shows. As all gardeners know, “next year will be the best!”

Jennifer Mitchell