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Posted by Daphne Milton on 13th April 2021

The draw for the 100 Club for March was drawn by Anne Holman yesterday and the results are as follows:
1st is No. 50 - Cliff Hope
2nd is No. 21 - Richard Boucher
3rd is No. 54 - Don Stephens

Posted by John Milton 27th March 2021

The green will be open for play from 26th April under Bowls England guidelines.Further details to follow.

Posted by Sylvia Burrows 11 January 2021

The Hundred Club draw for December was drawn by Anne yesterday and the results are as follows:-
1st No 48 V Robinault
2nd No 3 S Moss
3rd No32 J Weston
4th No 1 Alan Pascoe

9th December 2020

Annual General Meeting 2021

Headley Bowling Club Management Committee met on the 7th December ( via "Zoom") and it was agreed that we will postpone January's 2021 AGM in the hope that COVID 19 rules will be relaxed and perhaps we can meet in February. The Committee we will meet again in January to discuss the way forward.

If members have any nominations for the 2021 Committee that you would like to put forward please let Sylvia Burrows kno

Posted by Sylvia Burrows 8 December 2020
November's 100 Club draw was made last night results as follows
1st No 2 P Osland
2nd No 59 Ann Pascoe
3rd No 41 T Soar
4th No 3 S Moss

Message from Headley Bowls President Don Stephens 11th November 2020


I have decided to stand down as an officer of the Bowling Club at our next AGM.

By then I will have been your President for a total of 18 years. In that time I have been immensely proud and privileged to represent everyone as members, and friends!.
Over those years we have together helped to develop Headley Bowling Club into the welcoming home it is today, and ensure a sound basis going forward.
Good bowling