Explore Headley -The Workshop

The buildings on the left at the bottom of Long Cross Hill, just before the T-Junction, have been part of a builder’s yard for at least a hundred years.  At one time they were owned by Mr Henry Knight (1805–1903) who, as a boy of ten, remembered standing outside the Royal Anchor at Liphook watching the prisoners from the Battle of Waterloo.  It was he who climbed on the roof of the Church when it caught fire in 1836, trying to put out the flames, but the shingles of the spire all burnt away, and the rod holding the weather-vane fell into the gallery and set it alight.  There is a drawing of the Church as it was before the fire in Macmillan’s edition of White’s Selborne (1875).  It is the work of Professor de la Motte, Mrs Laverty’s father.
The next builder was Mr Chuck, undertaker and for very many years Churchwarden.  He was followed by the Collings family, and then Robert Moodie had his upholstery workshop there.  The buildings now form private accommodation.