Explore Headley - Longcross House

Longcross House
looking up Longcross Hill

Before World War II, this was a very shabby building, the first floor and roof of corrugated iron.  On the western gable end the words ‘Headley Restaurant’ were discernible.   Then for a short time the first floor was the meeting room of the Headley Working Men’s Club.  The ground floor room on the roadside was a greengrocer’s shop, run by Sid Tidey and his sister, Mrs Radford.  Their family formerly owned the bakehouse near The Crown.  Since conversion to a private house it has changed hands frequently.
The scrubland on the to the right of the house was once a gravel-pit, one of several in the village.  The sloping site opposite, now completely developed, was an open field until the 1960s.