Explore Headley - Abbeydore

The original house was built by the two daughters of the Rev W.H. Laverty in 1926, in anticipation of the time he would retire.  They let it for two years, but he died on 27th December 1928 after only a few days’ illness.  He had prepared and signed the December Parish Magazine and so completed 56 years of faithful service in Headley. 
His daughters with their mother moved into the new house, and after their deaths it remained a private house until it was bought by the owners of Ludshott Manor.  They added an extension twice the size of the original, turned it into a Nursing Home and gave it the name Ludshott Court.  This closed in 1999, and was demolished in September 2000 for redevelopment and is now replaced with the houses in Abbeydore Close.