Explore Headley - Arford Lodge

Now a separate dwelling, this was once the stable and carriage block of the main house (Arford House).  It is L-shaped and lower than the house, so there are two storeys on the north and south sides, but three on the long east side standing on the valley floor.
The Nursery wing was on the top floor, cellars were built against the hillside; the nineteenth century porch partially masks the wide cambered arch to the carriage doorway.
As you continue up the hill, notice on the right the steps at the end of the Brae footpath. 
In Arford House garden, opposite the Village Hall, there used to be an unusual cypress tree, which sadly died a few years ago.  It was one of the few deciduous conifers, turning a rich copper colour in Autumn, and in Spring was a bright, fresh green.