Explore Headley - Chapel Howe

The site of the former Congregational Chapel, which was very active at the end of the nineteenth century and into the first four decades of the twentieth.

An extension to the original Chapel provided a recreation room with a billiard table, and a warm welcome was given to soldiers far from home and family.  The room was also used occasionally as an extra class-room when medical inspections were held at the School, and more space was needed.  Unfortunately it became increasingly difficult to find enough money to pay the resident Minister and to keep the Manse and Chapel buildings in good repair, so they were sold. 
For some time the Chapel was used as his waiting-room by the local Doctor, but when he retired the Chapel was demolished.

building the steps at chapel howe
The photograph above shows the steps just after construction.
Frederick Oscar Parfect is the foreman on the right—he was also a well-digger.