Explore Headley - The Old Bakehouse

Originally the Post Office, it was run as a bakery by Robert Tidey, and Josie Fisher remembers her grandfather, in his tall white hat and apron, leaning over a huge wooden trough and kneading the dough with his hands.  It was left to prove overnight and then baked in the big oven in the wall, long before most people were up.  Every year Mr Tidey baked a harvest loaf in the form of a sheaf and presented it to the Church. 
Mr Amey followed him as the village baker, but thirty years ago the building became a private house and was very much altered, with metal-framed windows, cement rendering, and modern roof tiles.  A face-lift, in effect, concealing its genuine age.

The pictures here show a sketch from the 1930's and a shot from 2014 - the bakery gone and converted to a house, and the cottage absorbed as an extension to The Crown. 

Crown and Bakehousecrown and bakehouse










The link here to a Frith view from 1931.

On the left, at the bottom of the hill just below Arford House, there was a pipe in the wall where villagers had to go with their buckets to fetch water before piped water was laid on.  Some would carry two buckets on a yoke over their shoulders.