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Holly Bush
The Holly Bush

No-one knows exactly when the public house moved across to the other side of the road, but it must have been between Cobbett’s visit and 1855, when a Tithe map shows it in its current location.  The present very obviously Victorian building was probably added to an existing very much older one.  Part of this can be seen behind the porch at the north end.  There was also a blacksmith’s and a turf house on this site in days gone by.

Inside, the house has undergone extensive alterations; walls have been taken down between a series of small rooms, formerly the domestic offices of the landlord, and the whole has been decorated and filled with Victoriana, in keeping with the architectural style of the building.  The attractive enamelled roundels of birds in the windows have aroused much interest, but are of no great age nor historical significance, in the expert opinion of the late Harold Thomson of Petersfield, a stained-glass artist who examined them in 1990.